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Full Moon Rising (Riley Jenson Guardian #1)
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I am slowing making my way through this series of books and I am loving it! Just the right amount of action, sex and fantasy. It's full to the brim with mythical creatures and sexy time. I thought it would be a good book for this group!

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Mirandia Berthold (mrsbert) | 54 comments I have this book sitting on my shelf and has been for awhile. Someone gave it to me, maybe I should give it a go!

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Mirandia wrote: "I have this book sitting on my shelf and has been for awhile. Someone gave it to me, maybe I should give it a go!"

Definitely should! I wasn't sure about it when I first picked it up but the librarian wouldn't shut up about it so I gave it a go and now I'm hooked. Thinking about starting her other series too!

message 4: by Jesi (last edited Aug 27, 2014 03:23AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jesi love this series!!(eg, shifters,hot sex, asskicking heroine. oh and vampires!! ) does anyone know any more like it?

Nicholas | 5 comments I enjoyed the series a good deal but I haven't been able to get into any of her offshoots. Even the ones that take place in the same world.

Jesi yeah just diddnt do it for me. I'm about to start reading Janine frost- night huntress.. reviews look pretty good so I'm hopefully, have u tried the psy changeling series?

Nicholas | 5 comments I have not. Trying to finish the VF book while reading the other six books I'm reading is tough. It's not like grad school starts up again next week... Oh wait... >.<

Helen | 83 comments Does anyone else feel that this book has TOO much sex in it?

Jesi I think there is definitely a lot of sex but I don't think it takes it off course from the story line and get messed up. but not to much sex.

Nicholas | 5 comments If anything I think it has the right amount. I think maybe a later book has more sex than this, but the characters are enjoyable and the world is interesting.

message 11: by Jesi (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jesi definitely!!

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Kay (darlinbooks) | 6 comments OK, I can't let this thread go by without adding my two cents! Yes, there is a lot of plot and sex in this series, but I found it SUPER RAPEY. I've only read the first book, but there was enough in it to make me never go back to the series/author again.

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I wrote a long ranty review about it here. If you've read the series and those things didn't bother you, I get it. But they REALLY stuck out for me.

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