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message 1: by Leigh (last edited Jun 06, 2013 09:49PM) (new) - added it

Leigh | 6313 comments Our group read lead for Murphy's Law is Andrea. Thank you Andrea for a super nomination of this book.

As usual please note that we discuss all aspects of the books we read - the plots, the characters, the settings and so on - on our discussions threads. Hence the discussion threads will contain spoilers from the start. If you haven't finished the book yet be careful not to read others' posts until the end.

If you haven't picked a book from this month's selections, here is the Goodreads summary of Murphy's Law.

Molly Murphy always knew she'd end up in trouble, just as her mother predicted. So, when she commits murder in self-defense, she flees her cherished Ireland, and her identity, for the anonymous shores of America. When she arrives in new York and sees the welcoming promise of freedom in the Statue of Liberty, Molly begins to breathe easier. But when a man is murdered on Ellis Island, a man Molly was seen arguing with, she becomes a prime suspect in the crime.

Using her Irish charm and sharp wit, Molly escapes Ellis Island and sets out to find the wily killer on her own. Pounding the notorious streets of Hell's Kitchen and the Lower East Side, Molly make sit her desperate mission to clear her name before her deadly past comes back to haunt her new future.

Murphy's Law (Molly Murphy Mysteries #1) by Rhys Bowen

Andrea Corley | 1300 comments I will be back this evening with some conversation starters! I can't wait! This was such a good book in it's own terms! It's book one of a series, and I know I will certainly continue on with this series!

message 3: by Karen (new)

Karen I am looking forward to it. I will decide which one to read by what is posted.

Wendy Kalthoff (wkalthoff) | 32 comments I loved it!

Kirsten  (kmcripn) | 6435 comments I finished the book. My review is at It was a nice read. Though, I prefer her Lady Georgiana series.

The main character is a nice strong woman. We need more of those. I like the descriptions of arriving to America from Ireland and having to get used to things like electricity and gas.

Though, I also felt the ending was a little abrupt. Anyone else get that? But, I will look forward to reading Book #2 in the series.

Madonna | 1 comments While I, too, felt the ending was abrupt, I accept that since it is the first in a series, and with her telling the truth of her situation, I felt the "first" part of her story was over and to go on with her story would be entering the "second" part.
I liked Molly because she is a strong character, even though that gets her in trouble in this era. She might not be as interesting if she weren't strong. Her strength is appropriate, I feel, given her circumstances and situation.
I also enjoyed reading about the steerage crossing to America and the processing through Ellis Island. Bowen does a good job of integrating history with the story.

Theresa Sivelle (hiking1957) | 43 comments I really enjoyed this one and will be looking for the next one. It will be interesting to see how her business goes and whether she tells the rest of the truth to her suitor. I love that it had some history and I really loved the readers accent.

Laurel (goodreadscomboddy_l) | 117 comments I just finished Murphy's Law (Molly Murphy Mysteries #1) by Rhys Bowen . I loved it, and will read the next one, for sure. Here is my review:

Andrea Corley | 1300 comments It's such a great book isn't it Laurel? And I soooo wasn't expecting it to be!

Laurel (goodreadscomboddy_l) | 117 comments Andrea wrote: "It's such a great book isn't it Laurel? And I soooo wasn't expecting it to be!"

I was so thrilled with you, I was pleasantly surprised. I think it is going to be great fun following Molly's adventures.

Andrea Corley | 1300 comments I'm trying to get my hands on the 2nd book now!

Laurel (goodreadscomboddy_l) | 117 comments Andrea wrote: "I'm trying to get my hands on the 2nd book now!"
Let me know if you get it!

Andrea Corley | 1300 comments I've searched all over the place for some substance questions, but found none, so here goes nothing!

This book has won the following awards:
2001 Agatha - Best Novel
2001 RT Reviewers' Choice -- Historical Mystery

What is your favorite part about the book?

What is your least favorite part about the book?

Do you think there is anything that Molly could do differently to keep the attention away from her? In her shoes, how would you react?

As this is Book #1 in the Molly Murphy series, will you be continuing the series?

That should get us started for now!

Kirsten  (kmcripn) | 6435 comments Did you guys know she's written a prequel to this? I got it FREE for my Kindle!

Theresa Sivelle (hiking1957) | 43 comments Kirsten wrote: "Did you guys know she's written a prequel to this? I got it FREE for my Kindle!"

Thanks Kirsten for the info. I went to amazon and sure enough there it was for free. :-)

message 16: by Nell (new) - rated it 3 stars

Nell I read this book several years ago and am up to the 9th in this series. The series gives a fascinating perspective on NYC at the turn of the century. It is however my least favorite of Rhys Bowen's series because the endings seem contrived and often depend on improbable events, e.g., a chance meeting. They are well-written and I am still reading them but my favorite is Lady Georgiana. I also liked her Evan Evans series but she is no longer writing that one.

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