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Gabby It just came out a few days ago. If any of you haven't seen it, here's the link:
I'm getting more and more excited for it to come out. I feel that it's going to be a lot better than the first. It even mentions the Prophecy(not sure how that's going to play out). But anyway, let me know what you think.

Anna I also think it's gonna be better than the first movie which sucked. Just the fact that they put the Prophecy situation in it makes the film having so much more potential in my opinion. Also, I really like the fact that we'll get to see Clarisse in it. Overall, I think they're doing a really good job with the second movie. Ok, we all know that when a book is being made into a movie it can't be as good, but at least this one is not going to be as bad as the first one.

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The first one was awful! But I finally got around to watching the trailer and I think this one will be a lot better than the first. :)

Hannah The first movie was way different than the book. I'm really hoping this one will be better. the trailer looked really good. the only part I didn't like was that Annabeth's hair is blond now. I mean she looks nice with blonde hair but they could made her a blond in the first movie too.

notyourfriend I have been re reading the book and comparing it to the trailer. I think there may be some real hope for this new movie. They are following the storyline MUCH better.

Justin Allen it looks good

Jess I just think it's impressive they're attempting another movie three years after the first, with the actors now MUCH much older than they're supposed to be, especially after the first was received so badly. I hope it's good!

Kaelyn oh my God! It looks way better than the first one! Annabeth has blond hair!!!!!! And Mr.D is in it!!!! And Clarrise is in it!!!!!

Celestina A few things, I am not the only one exited about Annabeth having blond hair! The only thing is, in the book Grover gets taken by the cyclops, in the tralier you see Percy talking to him about leaving to go find the flese.
I know this isent about the tralier but I saw an interveiw that some news did with Logan(he plays Percy) and he said that there was going to be a giant cyclops at the end. All I could say is well, dugh. Oh and there is going to be caniverous sheep to so watch out. Unless they cut that out to!

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