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message 1: by Trisha, lives on coffee (new) - rated it 4 stars

Trisha | 31438 comments Alexa and I are continuing with book #3 in the Nightshade series!

Feel free to join in!

Alexa | 932 comments I am SOOO excited considering where Wolfsbane left off!! (view spoiler)

message 3: by Trisha, lives on coffee (new) - rated it 4 stars

Trisha | 31438 comments I KNOW!!!! So excited!!!! I'm hoping for a good book!!! :D

I recently read Treachery....

did you read that?

Alexa | 932 comments ooh! I have it on my kindle, I'll read it the day before this one!! thanks for reminding me, for some weird reason I've completely forgotten stuff, I seriously need to make a shelf for my series continuations lol!

message 5: by Trisha, lives on coffee (new) - rated it 4 stars

Trisha | 31438 comments lol My series thread in here is the the ONLY way I can keep track! LOL! I would forget ALL of them (and I have!) until I had it here!

although I didn't love Treachery,
it was a GREAT reminder of what's going on with the series and where we left it! I loved it for that!

Alexa | 932 comments I haven't used mine much, I should! Smart! :D

Aw hopefully this is going to be a good "ending"!

Snakeroot is going to be in another series I've heard, it's going to be called Nightshade Legacy..but it picks up from where Aftermath (Nightshade 3.5) left off so I'm not reading that synopsis in case it spoils Bloodrose! :P

message 7: by Trisha, lives on coffee (new) - rated it 4 stars

Trisha | 31438 comments wow! I can't believe we're almost done with this one too!!! how exciting! :D lol I didn't even look how long the series was!!

message 8: by Trisha, lives on coffee (last edited Jun 04, 2013 10:09AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Trisha | 31438 comments well...if this is the end. I guess we should read aftermath right after too! right? is it at the end of the 3rd book or do we need to buy it too?? lol

Alexa | 932 comments right!! I think we might have to buy it
- not sure.. If so, I'll buy it when we've read this =)

message 10: by Trisha, lives on coffee (new) - rated it 4 stars

Trisha | 31438 comments wow, are we ready to finish this series?!?!? Pretty excited :D

message 11: by Alexa (last edited Jun 21, 2013 09:52PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Alexa | 932 comments YEES :D!!
I'm going to read Treachery soon and then start this.

31 chapters + epilogue, shall we check in after 10? or 5? :)

Alexa | 932 comments I just finished Treachery!

I've started this one now, I'm on chapter 1 and I'm already annoyed. What does she think she's doing? (view spoiler) I'm sick and tired of this love-lust-triangle thing. It should've ended in book 1. urgh.

message 13: by Alexa (last edited Jun 22, 2013 05:12AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Alexa | 932 comments uhm chapter 2, (view spoiler) what is this?? a game? I'm loving everything else so far but I'm so worried the love triangle is really going to ruin this book for me.

message 14: by Trisha, lives on coffee (new) - rated it 4 stars

Trisha | 31438 comments Ugh, I'm so sorry I didn't see these posts earlier!! I don't know why it didn't show in my notifications :(

So I love that Chapter one gave us some backstory to remind us what happened! I love that!

But yeah...WHAT IS SHE DOING WITH REN!?!?!? AHHHH!!!!!
My mouth dropped open when she started kissing him.

Honestly, I don't know how she can after he attacked her and almost raped her. I know he said he wouldn't but wow, I can't imagine being physical as soon as she's around him again!!!

I just started Chapter 2 and they've just started fighting in the meeting and she's just broken them up!
I'm taking this one to read in bed. I'll update more tomorrow

I do love it so far. The moment with Adne and Ren was so touching.

OH, What did you think of Treachery!!?!?!? Do you feel like you understand her brother better?? I'm still mad at him :(

Alexa | 932 comments ah don't worry!! Goodreads has done that to me in the past LOL.

Treachery was okay, I mean I sort of get WHY he did it. Must've been horrible what he went through (his wolf being taken from him) but I still don't fully get how he COULD do it...I'm mad at him for it too!

I hope this book picks up though. Don't get me wrong, it's really good but I don't feel like it's engaging. Once I put it down, I reluctantly pick it up..but I haven't lost all hope!! fingers crossed.

message 16: by Trisha, lives on coffee (new) - rated it 4 stars

Trisha | 31438 comments okay, I'm 5 chapters in and getting ready to pick it back up.

Ugh, I can't tell if the love triangle is going to continue but it sounds like maybe??

well, here goes.

Alexa | 932 comments yay, I'll do the same!! but I'm 7 chapters in, I'll update if there's anything worth mentioning :)

Alexa | 932 comments Trishaaa, what do you think about Logan? I think he might be up to something..not sure what though. I have a hard time believing he left the Keepers JUST because he has failed his father and has nothing left. But that's just me second guessing everyone lol!!

message 19: by Trisha, lives on coffee (new) - rated it 4 stars

Trisha | 31438 comments YES! I agree, I noticed Logan keeps repeating everything they are saying. like when they said a part of their plan, he always resaid it...I'm wondering if he is doing what they said Ansel did - that spell that transmits what they say...or if he's somehow recording it to then send to the other side.
Logan is way sketchy! I can't believe they had him in the room while they strategized.....

message 20: by Trisha, lives on coffee (new) - rated it 4 stars

Trisha | 31438 comments so I just finished chapter 8

what do you think of Ansel??
Think gardening will fix him??

and what do you think of Calla and her idea of Ren and her idea of Shay?

Alexa | 932 comments Aw, Tess is a cute woman. I can't stop smiling LOL, I'm so glad she's one of the few that has hope for Ansel. I'm so happy Bryn is by his side!!! What a loving girl :)
Hahahah gardening might fix him, well - gardening + two lovely people by his side = a slowly recovering Ansel. what do ya think? I really hope he isn't up to something or still has something to do with Logan

Calla is annoying me but that's just because I WANT her to end up with Shay but then we've got Ren and he's making me feel so conflicted. I honestly don't know how Calla is going to choose one of them, I mean, the way she's going back and forth between the second she's crazily attracted to Shay and wants to go to his room, the other second her old feelings for Ren are coming back. Can I just get one thing clear: the girl is in a heck of a mess. Good luck to her, seeing how both are determined to have her....god alpha males...
What do you think? :)

LOL the ending of chapter 9!!

Alexa | 932 comments well it looks like she's starting to doubt her relationship with Shay....great.
But I kinda agree with Silas' question, I think you've read the chapter but to be safe: (view spoiler) we'll see

message 23: by Alexa (last edited Jun 23, 2013 12:57PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Alexa | 932 comments oh and I'm SOOO anticipating their first meeting with the Keepers in this book, come on!! I'm really wondering what Emile and the other Keeper's are/have been up to.

gosh, they are SO rude to Silas!! poor guy, so mean, Connor especially!

message 24: by Alexa (last edited Jun 23, 2013 01:20PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Alexa | 932 comments CHAPTER 14: (view spoiler)


Alexa | 932 comments as much as I want to continue after that ending OMG, I'm done for today. Stopped at Part III - FIRE. I'll have something to look forward to tomorrow when I pick it back up :)!

message 26: by Trisha, lives on coffee (new) - rated it 4 stars

Trisha | 31438 comments CH 11: Did we know about the pictures or is this the first reveal...I feel like I didn't already know but they were so laid back about it

OMG in the paintings?!?!? Those horrible horrible paintings he had down the hallway. that's why everyone hated them!!

oh and the scene in the shower with Ren...ugh! He's making it tough for me to fight for Shay!!! :D

I agree. it will be tough for a scion and a guardian. I think I still hope..but I'm not sure. Ren is making a compelling argument I'm torn!!!! I never thought I would be but I am

Alexa | 932 comments EXACTLY!! I don't remember any pictures being mentioned, I was also wondering why they were so laid-back....

LOL Trisha! I'm torn too, can't wait to see how it ends!!

message 28: by Trisha, lives on coffee (new) - rated it 4 stars

Trisha | 31438 comments okay, lol I was thinking maybe I didn't remember them mentioning it.
I still dislike Logan :(

I'm getting ready to start ch 14 :)

message 29: by Trisha, lives on coffee (new) - rated it 4 stars

Trisha | 31438 comments chapeter 18 : at the end, I love seeing Ren (view spoiler)

ugh okay done with chapter 20. although I'm glad the boys talked...(view spoiler)

message 30: by Trisha, lives on coffee (new) - rated it 4 stars

Trisha | 31438 comments end of ch 22 (view spoiler)

and OMG ch 24: Sabine (view spoiler)

ch 25: oh my god I'm speechless.... omg omg omg no

message 31: by Trisha, lives on coffee (new) - rated it 4 stars

Trisha | 31438 comments wow and I'm done

I can't wait to see what you think!

message 32: by Alexa (last edited Jun 24, 2013 02:50AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Alexa | 932 comments WOW :D so good! soooooo goooooood!! what a great ending to the series, not going to lie but i'm a bit weirded out....they're just wolves now LOL!

I love Sabine for what she did for Ansel, I think that was one of the biggest highlights in the book..

REN OMG, WHY?!?! I think that was a very rude way of the author to get the love-triangle over with :( UGH eventhough she had chosen Shay but still! and the worst thing is that I didn't even see it coming so it caught me off guard, I fell off my chair not kidding


but..............what happens to Lumine now?? O_O she just left the room and that's the last thing we know about her. And Logan.... hmmm.

Sucks we didn't get to see MORE of Shay's parents but ah what a lovely happily ever after. Loved the conclusion to the trilogy! woop.

Alexa | 932 comments I just finished AFTERMATH and THE ENDING OMG (view spoiler)

But the novella overall was okay, it has just made me wonder even more about Ariadne..and what is their connection?! her and (view spoiler)? why did he mention her mum? hmm
well we'll get answers in Snakeroot. Although I thought Bloodrose was a great conclusion, idk if I'm happy that (view spoiler)...

message 34: by Trisha, lives on coffee (new) - rated it 4 stars

Trisha | 31438 comments wow, okay. Done with Aftermath now too!!

I'm not sure I loved how it ended either. I would have liked to have seen Ren get a HEA too! I think we knew that she wasn't going to pick Ren, but I would have loved thinking there was a future for him.

I'm not sure how I feel about her then going back on Killing REN! Aftermath is so confusing!!!!! Why kill him and then not really kill him.

I can't imagine him being alone is his HEA :( Ren was so wonderful in this book, it was hard to choose between them.

this one, by far, was my favorite of the whole series!!!

so, do you think you will read Snakeroot (Nightshade Legacy, #1) by Andrea Cremer then??

Alexa | 932 comments I know...I can't believe she actually pulled off something like that, how could she even kill him? He was a main character as much as Shay was ugh
sad stuff :(
And now going back on him? And even if she did, isn't he a wolf now anyway? Bosque and Adne?? whaaaaat. so many new questions.

I think so Trisha!! So many months left so we'll see. I'll let you know if I do because I'd love to buddy read it :)
thank you for a great series buddy reads!!!

message 36: by Trisha, lives on coffee (new) - rated it 4 stars

Trisha | 31438 comments Yes, keep me posted!
and thank you! What a great series to share :D

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