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Holly (peachylee20) The cabin of Mr. Kyle Chrisle rests here, on the outskirts of pack territory, plotted in the middle of the forest. The house is surrounded by trees and there's a small creek a bit away. Kyle does not take permanent residence in this home, but he visits it often when he wants time alone.

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Holly (peachylee20) Kyle had let Auraya drive to her house to grab something more comfortable to wear instead of her incredibly formal dress. Things like that were amazingly appropriate for places like Lupe De Luna, but Kyle knew his cabin wasn't nearly as formal. Or as nice smelling... Kyle was still in his suit, but the thing was becoming increasingly more uncomfortable as they drove, and he planned to change as soon as they were inside. He'd already removed his bow-tie, tossing it in the cup holder and undoing the top two bottons on his dress shirt. It relieved him slightly, but the suit still itched him.

Kyle had taken the wheel from there, directing his massive Jeep through a dirt trail that led to the cabin. The ride was a bit bumpy and certainly very dark since night had fallen and the forest provided cover from any moonlight that might have been shining above the treetops. The Jeeps headlights were all that navigated them through the woods, and they finally reached the cabin. Solar lights were already shining on the outside, illuminating the walkway and the steps that led up to the porch.

Kyle smiled at Auraya and let himself out of the car, once again walking around the hood so he could open her door for her. The cab lights ignited, and Kyle let Auraya get out before slamming the door behind her. "And here's my magnificent home," He said, grinning, spreading his arms wide and gesturing to the small but homey looking cabin, nestled between trees. "You go on inside, and I'm going to park the Jeep around the house, okay?" he said, raising his eyebrows to make sure that was okay.

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Rebecca May | 74 comments Auraya had got back into the car outside her house to find that Kyle had taken off his bow tie - it lay discarded over the cup holder - and the top two buttons of his shirt were undone to reveal just a bit of the smooth skin over his muscled chest. Auraya had wished she was still driving, so she'd have an excuse to look anywhere else. She herself was still wearing a dress, but a much more casual one this time. It was a nice dark shade of brown, hugging her torso tightly and showing some of her modest cleavage. It was off the shoulder too, the fanning sleeves covering the rose tattoo on her arm. From the waist the dress flowed out, no longer tight, the layer of chiffon making it look floaty. Auraya's pale golden hair was now free of it's fancy up-do, falling in golden waves over her shoulders.

Auraya's curiosity had grown throughout the bumpy ride in the woods, wanting to see the kind of place Kyle lived in. She nodded and smiled at him dazzlingly at his suggestion. "All right," she replied, climbing out of the car. He kept his headlights on the walkway for her, and her petite - more practical - black heels clicked on the path. She climbed the steps, holding her skirt in one hand so as not to step on it. Finally looking up at the house properly, her mouth fell open just a little.

It looked beautiful. Auraya pushed the door open gently and went inside. She had expected... well, she hadn't known what she'd expected, but it wasn't this. The wood in the place certainly made the "cabin" seem light and natural, but the soft glow of the lamps gave the place an aura of cosiness, as if inviting everyone who entered just to curl up in front of a fireplace and go to sleep. Auraya dumped her dark handbag on the floor next to the door and was slipping of her small heels as Kyle came in behind her. She turned and raised an eyebrow at him accusingly. "A cabin? Hardly," Auraya said. "Sure, it's a little small, but..." she gestured with an elegant manicured hand, not sure how to describe what she felt. The place was so Kyle - which unnerved her a little, if only because she felt so welcome there.

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Holly (peachylee20) Kyle smiled as Auraya stepped up to the porch, her beautiful dark brown dress flowing along her length like she was some sort of woodland creature. Kyle took a moment to appreciate how nice she looked in her new dress. He thought it was still a bit too fancy for his old cabin, but he liked the way it looked on her. He smiled to himself as he thought, My sweatpants won't look that good... But those are what I'm wearing!
He'd waited until she'd gotten to the door to move the Jeep, steering it around to the back of the cabin, and parking it under a small oning that he'd built onto the house a year or so earlier. It provided good protection to his beloved car, and he jumped out of the drivers seat quickly, walking back to the front of the house in the dark of the forest.

In his mind, he wondered how odd it might be to be a woman, taken to a wood cabin in the middle of nowhere. Kyle supposed he'd be worried about his safety, honestly. But Auraya didn't seem concerned as she went inside, closing the door behind her. Of course, Kyle knew she didn't have to be, since he had nothing sinister in mind, but he made a mental note to tell his sister not to do that sort of thing.

He made his way up the porch, swinging the Jeep's keys on his finger and opened the door, coming into the spacious living room. Auraya hadn't walked that far in, and Kyle found her slipping her heels off a few feet from the door. She turned on him, and Kyle's eyebrows rose, a smile on his lips. At her words he laughed lightly. "I told you it was livable. And what else are you supposed to call a house that sits in the middle of the woods?" he asked, smiling as he unbuttoned his suit jacket. "Make yourself at home. I'm going to go upstairs and change out of this stupid thing," he said gesturing to his suit.

Kyle passed her with a grin on his face and started up the wooden, steep staircase at the corner of the room, heading up to his room and flicking on the lights when he reached the top. Once there he wasted no time tearing his suit off, ripping one of the buttons from the jacket as he went. He'd have to ask Leena to sew it back on later. Fishing in his dresser for his favorite pair of worn out jeans, he threw them on, and got out a black, button up shirt.
He started buttoning it at the top as he walked back down the stairs. He'd come into view of Auraya before the shirt was completely fastened, so, without Kyle meaning to, he gave her a glimpse of his muscular chest and stomach. "What kind of movies do you like? I've got those." he said, pointing to a shelf that took up half a wall, stocked with dvds of all kinds.

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Rebecca May | 74 comments Auraya laughed along with Kyle as he replied to her question. "You did tell me it was liveable," she conceded. "But this is a great deal more than liveable." At his question, she but her ruby lip beneath her perfect white teeth. "Oh, I don't know!" she said, throwing her hands up in mock exasperation. "A secluded house?" she suggested lamely. Auraya shrugged and twirled a strand of golden hair around one finger, and sighed. "Well, fine. I don't know how else you could have described it. But it was misleading nonetheless," she said defiantly, grinning at Kyle. She suddenly wondered if he thought it strange that she'd agreed to come to his house so easily. She'd been to other men's houses before, but of course that had always led to certain... predictable events. In fact, Auraya's beauty ensured that some of them only just made it to their cars. But she could sense that Kyle was different - different in a confusing, disarming, beautiful way that the mind behind the beautiful face was still trying to make sense of, and still not quite managing. But Kyle seemed happy she was here, in any case.

"Thanks," Auraya replied, her eyebrows rising slightly in surprise as he called his suit a 'stupid thing'. Waiting until Kyle was safely out of earshot, she murmured; "I thought it looked quite dapper, actually," before moving over to seat herself on one if the couches. She adjusted the soft off-the-shoulder sleeve and looked at her reflection in the mirror. Auraya was, of course, pleased with what she saw, and made sure that she had her best seductive smiled on her face ready for when Kyle returned. Though the smile almost gave way to a very different expression as she turned her golden head to see Kyle coming down the stairs, still buttoning the shirt over his muscular chest. Again Auraya found herself idly wondering what it would be like to trail her fingers over that warm skin, over those muscles... It was again a very strange thought for her, because many of the men she'd been with always seemed to like her digging her long nails into them, instead of touching them softly, though for the life of her she couldn't imagine why.

Auraya shook her head slightly, trying to pull away from her thoughts. Though she'd thought she'd liked men controlling her, meeting Kyle had made her obscurely ashamed of that part of her past. After her father had died and her mother gone rogue, Auraya had sought comfort and forgetfulness in the touch of men who did not care about her. She'd know she was beautiful, and used it to make sure that she didn't feel alone without her parents. And all she'd really achieved was making herself feel more alone than ever. Until she met Kyle.

She heard Kyle speaking and turned a little to look at the movies he indicated. "You pick," she replied, the slight sultry smile on her face, hoping he hadn't noticed her brief silence. "I haven't seen a lot of films, so I wouldn't know what I like." Leaning back a little into the couch, she lifted a foot to critically check the silver nail paint on her toe nails, a move more calculated to make the soft satin and chiffon of the brown dress slide up little, showing a smooth expanse of the pale skin of her lower leg.

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Holly (peachylee20) As he was upstairs, Kyle had straightened the pillows on his bed and picked a few things up from the floor. It wasn't like he was expecting the pair of them to wind up in the bedroom anytime that night, but he had no idea to know how the course of the night would go. Auraya would possibly decided to stay the night, and even if he wasn't in the bed with her, he sure wasn't going to make her sleep on the couch. So, after he'd made his bedroom presentable he went back downstairs, trying to shove away the image of being curled up in a bed with Auraya tucked against him, sleeping.

Kyle came downstairs to see Auraya lounging on the couch, and he walked around it, settling himself beside her as she spoke. He bit his lip and glanced at his dvd collection. His eyes wandered back to Auraya as she lifted her leg, causing the draping fabric of her dress to slid up on her thigh slightly. He smiled at her, knowing that she'd meant to do it. "You're going to laugh at me, but... One of my favorite movies is Aladin. Like the Disney one." He said, blushing slightly.

He rose from the couch and went over to to the shelf, taking Aladin from the Disney pile. He had quite a few Disney and Pixar- and even Tim Burton- movies, but Aladin was by far his favorite. He cracked the case and grabbed the romote, looking over at Auraya. "I can't imagine you'd be hungry, but would you like something to drink? I have most anything." He said.

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Rebecca May | 74 comments ((All goods. :) I was just prattling on on my iPod last night - I had no idea how long my post was until I got on my laptop this morning!))

Auraya had wondered what had taken Kyle so long when he went upstairs, but at least that had given her time to compose herself. In any case, the fact that his shirt was still unbuttoned while he came down the stairs pretty much made up for it. She smiled at the thought as she lifted her leg, seeing him glance at the smooth curve of her leg she revealed. But he only smiled, and continued talking to her. Either he knew her too well already, and knew that she was so alluring on purpose, or she was losing her charms. It was probably the first option - at least she hoped it was, considering she'd still seen Kyle's eyes flicker to the skin she'd left bare for a moment, before putting her foot back on the floor again.

Auraya's eyebrow rose as Kyle blushed - actually blushed - but she didn't laugh at him. If she was being honest it was kind of sweet, actually, especially the colour it brought to his cheeks. She had a suspicion she may have preferred some kind of action movie, but Auraya didn't really mind. And besides, somehow Disney seemed more appropriate for this quiet evening in a cabin in the woods. "I'm not going to laugh at you," Auraya admonished Kyle, smiling at him with all her charm. "I haven't seen it - haven't seen all that many movies ever, actually - but I'm sure it's great."

She watched as Kyle stood up away from her, getting ready to put the disk into the player. He looked back at her, and she laughed at his comment. "Oh, now why wouldn't I be hungry?" she said, a beautiful look of mock puzzlement on her pale face. Auraya laughed again, and then replied properly. "Apple juice would be nice, if you have it." Seeing Kyle's look, she shrugged. "I had enough alcohol at the restaurant, and apple juice is as good as anything." Auraya in fact just wanted Kyle to come and sit back down next to her. She'd felt the heat radiating from him when he'd sat next to her before. And the wolf inside of her - in fact, not just the wolf, all of her being - had just wanted to curl up close to him.

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Holly (peachylee20) Before rising from the couch, Kyle's mouth dropped open at his girlfriends- NO! She's not your girlfriend- words. She'd never seen Aladin?! He shook his head. "Auraya! Aladin is a classic. It's... You'll love it." He said, smiling before he rose to start the dvd.

Kyle crouched down and clicked the dvd player open, sliding the dvd disk in carefully and letting the tray close with a plastic click. The machine started turning the disk and before long, preview movies came up to the tv sreen. It was the best tv in the world. A big, boxy thing, with less than amazing picture quality, but it was still nice and working, and not all the small. Kyle stood again and looked over at Auraya.

As he waited for her answer, he noticed that the low lights in the cabin made her skin look beautiful, and her hair was just begging for him to pull his fingers through. He bet that it was just as soft to touch as it looked to be. Auraya had the same smooth smile on her face, and her eyes sparkled. Kyle could tell she was happy, really. He was too, knowing that he probably couldn't be in better condition than he was. He had a nice, expensive meal in his stomach, a secluded cabin with no one to bother them, and a beautiful girl louging on his couch. Nothing really could be that much better, he didn't think.

He smiled at her words, winking. She was funny. Of all things, she was funny. He nodded and patted his stomach. "I'm stuffed, and you're smaller than I am, so you have to be too." he said, grinning and dropping the remote on the coffee table before walking into the kitchen. "Press start if you want- I have the whole thing memorized anyway!" he called, pouring her drink into a plastic cup. Of course, it wasn't as nice as their crystal wine glasses at Lupe De Luna, but Kyle favored plastic glasses, really. They didn't break as easily, and Kyle had a habit of dropping things when he washed the dishes.

He went back into the living room and passed her her drink, settling down beside her again, quite close. Draping one arms across the back of the couch he used the other to gesture for her to lean into him. He had declined to kiss her the night they'd met, but he wasn't shy. And he wanted Auraya close to him. He just hoped she wouldn't refuse. Kyle knew he was handsome and everything, but he wasn't sure he was handsome enough to really deserve a girl like the one in front of him now, with her flowing hair and her silky skin and incredible smile.

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Rebecca May | 74 comments Auraya shrugged prettily as Kyle's mouth dropped open in surprise. "Mum and Dad didn't really watch movies," she said defensively, stopping talking when Kyle smiled dazzlingly, charmingly, oh-so-happily at her. He really was remarkably handsome. Auraya let her eyes wander over Kyle's profile as he knelt to put the DVD into the player. She didn't see any harm to it - his back was turned, so he wouldn't realize how entranced Auraya was by him. Still confused, but entranced all the same.

Kyle turned to look back at her, and Auraya was struck by the deep colour of his eyes in the low lighting of the cabin. They were deep, like the colour of the ocean, and she found herself staring into them as if hypnotized, feeling she could never look away. She shook herself mentally, remembering that she was supposed to be the entrancing one - not the one being entranced. Auraya answered his question with the request for juice. She poked her tongue out at him as he pointed out she was smaller than him, and he grinned before moving through to the kitchen. It surprised her, actually - she'd never felt comfortable enough with someone to cheekily poke her tongue out at them, aside from her parents.

She laughed softly as she heard him say he'd memorised the film, and compliantly clicked the play button on the remote. Kyle came back in, and Auraya took the drink from him, thanking him with a soft smile. She took a sip of the cool, sweet flavour, feeling the apple juice spread through her, before setting it down carefully on the floor next to the couch - far enough away that she wouldn't knock it over if she forgot it and stood up.

Something jerked deep inside her as she felt Kyle's arm go around the back of the couch behind her golden head, and gestured for her to lean closer. Auraya was so not used to this... this comfortableness. Her other relationships had always been so wild that she didn't know how to react any differently. Oh, stop being such a baby, she told herself crossly, and tucked her legs up on the couch beneath herself and her skirt. Then she carefully shifted a little closer to Kyle, and lay her head down on his shoulder. The smooth muscles of his shoulder were warm on her cheek, and her golden locks tumbled down Kyle's arm.

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Holly (peachylee20) The house was completely silent aside from the noise coming from the movie, and Kyle's banter with Auraya. Kyle noticed that they seemed so comfortable, even though Kyle felt as if he had to try extra hard around her. Not because he really needed to, but because he felt like she deserved it. Out of any of the girls he'd dated, she was definitely worth it. But yet it did feel comfortable to be with her, like they'd been spending much more time together than two short evenings. It was amazing. All of this passed through Kyle's mind as he walked back to the couch, and once he'd settled down and silently asked her into his arms, his mind went carefully quiet in hesitation.

Kyle had hoped his silent request had been okay. He'd never had trouble with girls really, in terms of saying or doing the right thing. He was charming enough to not fish for words very often at all. But with Auraya he wanted everything to be perfect. And that made him second guess his actions every so and so. He hoped she wouldn't reject him because he wasn't really sure what he'd do otherwise. Obviously sitting on complete opposite sides of the couch didn't really sound like that much fun to him. They were both old enough to have nothing separating them if they wished it to be so.

Kyle grinned to himself as Auraya brought her legs up on the comfortable couch, settling her dress around her so the way she sat could still be considered lady-like. Part of the fabric rested against his own leg and he dropped his beckoning hand to run his finger over the soft brown fabric there. Aladin was now playing, but Kyle wasn't looking at the television. His eyes were watching the top of Auraya's head, coming to rest gently on his shoulder. He shifted his weight slightly, making the position more comfortable for both of them. He raised his hand again to brush his fingertips along her soft hair, smoothing a slightly ruffled spot. His heart was hammering in his chest, but his breathing was soft and comforting as they sat. He decided nothing needed to be said then, and he averted his eyes toward the screen, watching the first song break out among the cartoon characters. He resisted the urge to sing along and instead settled on letting his arm slip from the back of the couch to rest around her.

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Rebecca May | 74 comments Auraya was suddenly very aware of the silence throughout Kyle's house - aside from the quiet music of the movie playing on the T.V. screen. The cabin in the woods was far away from the big highways, so no traffic disturbed the silence. Suddenly she wondered how many girls Kyle had dated before. She of course had no right to be jealous - considering the number of flirtations and other relationships she'd been in with men, no matter how much she regretted them now. But she still wondered, even as she tucked her legs up underneath her and began to move closer to Kyle.

Auraya enjoyed the feel of the smooth satin and chiffon against her soft skin as she shifted, and was pleased that she'd chosen an off the shoulder gown - Auraya enjoyed the feeling of her silky hair falling over her shoulders. She almost jumped as she felt Kyle's finger very softly as he traced the deep brown fabric falling over his own leg. Auraya wondered what it would be like to trace his warm, muscled leg with her own fingers, but pushed the thought out of her mind.

Auraya felt Kyle shift next to him, and she was surprised and pleased when Kyle smoothed her hair with his hand. Her scalp tingled where he had touched it, and she wanted nothing more than to run her own hands through his dark hair. She caught her breath as she felt Kyle's arm go around her shoulders, drawing her slightly closer to his warmth. Another riot of emotions went through her at his comfortable touch, and it took her a moment to realize what was confusing her.
She felt safe. Safe within his arms. A feeling she hadn't felt for years now, so much so it was almost strange to her. Auraya couldn't help herself shifting closer to his warmth, and she hesitantly lay her pale, slender hand on his chest, feeling his strong heartbeat. Auraya had always known she was strong, and able to look after herself, no matter what. But with a flash of insight in the quiet cabin, she realized that perhaps it might be nice to have someone who cared enough to try and be strong for her.

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Holly (peachylee20) Aladin was now singing, running through his village with his loaf of bread. It was Kyle's favorite song from the whole movie, but he couldn't find the will to pay attention to the tv screen. His eyes were downcast, resting on Auraya's light hair and the contours of her face. Kyle found himself focusing on the way her thick, long lashes batted down over her eyes as the shine from the screen and lights above fell over her face. It was a beautiful sight. She wasn't playing with her alluring smile, and she wasn't flirting with her eyes. She was calm and it made Kyle believe they were even more comfortable together.

In fact, the closer Kyle watched her from his view inches above, he saw a bit of emotion peeking through her calm expression. She seemed troubled. Confused. He bit his lip as he wondered if it was something he did to make her eyes seem so different, or her mouth curl into a thoughtful twist. Kyle cleared his throat as Auraya rested her hand on his chest, and he lifted his own hand, placing it atop hers gently. Her fingers were cold so he held her hand, smiling. So maybe it wasn't him?
Auraya confused him. More than any other girl he'd met. And there were many of those. She was a riot of untold emotions and moods. She was sensual and thoughtful and smart all at the same time, and even though she could control her expressions well, there was still a slight sparkle in her eyes that really conveyed what she was thinking. Kyle had to look hard for it, but it was there.

Resting his cheek upon her soft hair he closed his eyes peacefully, thinking about her, and what she might have been thinking about. He didn't want to upset her, but he wasn't that alarmed that her silent dis-ease was because of him. "Auraya..." He said, thinking of the words to say.

((Can she lift her head at his word? I want him to kiss her. :) ))

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Rebecca May | 74 comments ((Haha, sure thing. :) ))

Auraya smiled softly at the youthful innocence of the movie Kyle had chosen for them to watch. It wasn't the most exciting movie ever - even if Aladdin was running through the town. Yet there was something appealing about the movie, Auraya had to admit. In the position she was in now she could feel the lights falling gently on her face. She closed her eyes for a moment, feeling her long lashes brush against her pale cheek. She could hear both her and Kyle's quiet breathing, rising and falling in the silence of the cabin.

Auraya's heart skipped a beat as Kyle's warm fingers encircled her slender, cold ones, still resting against the warm muscles of his chest. His soft touch confused her further, though she liked it - perhaps more than any feeling or touch she'd ever had before. Her hazel gaze flickered up towards his face, seeing he was smiling gently.

She felt his cheek rest on top of her golden head, and heard Kyle say her name, quietly. "Mmm?" she replied a little sleepily, turning her head to look up at him.

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Holly (peachylee20) ((No, it's totally okay. :) My posts are kinda crappy! :O ))

Kyle was so incredibly peaceful. His cabin had more charm than he had remembered it having, but that might have been from his efforts to get it looking good a few days earlier. He'd planned on asking Auraya to come for the night the moment he'd driven home from the club, the promise of a proper date on the horizon. And now that he was here, her in his arms, he wanted nothing more than to give in to what he'd wanted to do since meeting her.

He'd held back. He hadn't wanted her to think he was only interested in the her looks, no matter the fact that that was why he'd approached her in the bar. He hadn't wanted to go too far only to never see her again. He had wanted this; a nice dinner, and nice movie, and nice, comfortable night together, like two adults should have. And now the urge to kiss her was almost beyond Kyle's will to ignore. She lifted her head and his eyes fell to her lips. Before he could think about anything, he leaned forward, tilting his head to the side and pressed his lips to hers softly- almost hesitantly. But he'd done it nonetheless, and it felt amazing. Sparks erupted in him at once, nearly making him shudder, although he didn't. They weren't passable at all! It felt like fireworks erupting in his stomach. He'd never felt that way from kissing any other person... He'd never felt like he might have found his mate. His eyes fluttered closed, and he raised his hand to cup her soft cheek, tilting her chin up ever so slightly so he'd have a better position.

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Rebecca May | 74 comments ((No they're not!!! :O I just hope this next one won't annoy you or anything.))

Auraya couldn't deny how comfortable, how peaceful she felt, sitting there in a soft brown dress in Kyle's warm embrace. And she couldn't deny what she wanted him to do next, though she hated herself for thinking it.

She was surprised when Kyle said her name, and she tilted her head to look at his handsome face with her hazel eyes. The night had been perfect so far - the beautiful meal, the conversation, Kyle... everything. Yet Auraya was still surprised when Kyle leaned down to kiss her, ever so gently. His lips were soft against hers, different to what she'd ever felt before... and far, far better. It felt like rainbows were spreading from the warmth of his mouth, fire was rushing in her veins, and his touch was soft, oh so soft... She'd never felt anything like it, not in all her time of seducing others. It was that thought, and Kyle's warm hand cupping her chin beautifully, gently, that caused Auraya's memories to come rushing back.

Memories rushed through her mind like a flood... the pain of her fathers death, her mothers desertion, and most importantly the number of men she'd been with, the number of men that had used her, that had meant nothing to her. It made Auraya feel ashamed of herself, a shame that extinguished everything else. How could she have this? How could she deserve this? Deserve him?

"No!" she cried softly, pulling away from Kyle's lips and pushing herself away from him a little. Auraya was embarrassed to find that her beautiful hazel eyes were swimming with tears, and one was sliding down her pale cheeks. But for once she didn't care about being strong. She closed her eyes, and more tears spilled from beneath her eyelids. Opening her eyes and seeing Kyle's pained expression, Auraya wanted nothing more than to go back to him, to kiss his frown away, and tell him it wasn't his fault. What he'd given her tonight had been so beautiful...which was precisely the reason she couldn't have it. Auraya didn't want Kyle sullied by touching her - he deserved someone better, someone pure. "It's not you. It's me," Auraya said softly, feeling her heart contract with pain and shame. "I don't deserve this. I don't deserve you." She steeled herself, to tell Kyle what she knew she had too.

"When Dad died two years ago, Mum went insane with grief. She went Rogue, and left me alone. So I tried to forget them, to make myself feel less alone, by sleeping with other men." Auraya hadn't meant it to come out so baldly, but it had, and she had to continue, despite knowing that all she would see in Kyle's eyes when she looked up was condemnation. "They all used me, just as I thought I was using them. But none of them cared, none of them were like you, none of them were gentle..." she broke off a sob, trying to halt the rising tide of shame, and of panic at the thought of Kyle leaving her. When she was in his arms, kissing him, it felt like her soul belonged there. "I don't...can't deserve you, after what I did," Auraya finished in a whisper. Tears were still sliding down her face, and she buried her face in her hands, not able to look back into Kyle's face. Her head went forward until her hands were in her lap, her golden hair falling over her knees. Auraya didn't want to see the disgust in his eyes, to know for sure that she'd destroyed the only chance she'd ever have of having someone who cared about her.

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Holly (peachylee20) She was amazing. She was beautiful. She was everything Kyle had really imagined wanting. All those girls he'd dated, all the one night stands and phone numbers that were thrown away... They meant nothing. Nothing to Kyle from the age he turned sixteen. Nothing to his heart or soul. There'd been a couple girls who got an effort out of him, but not one of them added up to what was happening right then. Kissing Auraya was like speeding down the highway at midnight with all the windows rolled down. Exhilarating and free. What a rush it was. But it was also like taking a hot shower, or curling up in bed after a hard day. Comfortable and warm and just what he'd been waiting for.
Kissing her was real.

Kyle expected her to wrap her arms around his neck, or lean into him, causing him to fall back against the arm of the couch. He expected a warm embrace of his affection. And at first, that was what he got. He could feel Auraya responding gently to him, but it ended just as quick as it came. To his surprise, Auraya ripped her lips from his, ripping through the silence in the cabin with the one word that Kyle didn't want to hear. She made space between them and Kyle pulled his hands back to himself, letting them fall, rejected, into his lap. Her face was so obviously showing the hurt she felt, and Kyle's mirrored pain- both from Auraya's rejection and from seeing her in such a state.

Teaes glittered in Auraya's eyes, and Kyle wanted so badly to reach put and comfort her, but he couldn't find the bravery. His confidence had been knocked down many levels, the father Auraya seated herself from him. Reaching out was the last thing he could do.
It's not you, it's me That was what Kyle got. A chichè phrase and a shake of the head. He bit his lips and decided to let it pass. He'd hurt her. Someway, somehow he had hurt her. As she went on, he shook his own head, averting his blue eyes to his lap in a torrent of emotion.

Then the floodgates opened. Auraya started spilling her secrets, and Kyle lifted his chin to see her tears flowing more freely down her beautiful, sad face. Her voice was full of pain, of sadness, and even of shame, and Kyle shook his head once more, rising from the couch. He didn't move away and he didn't stand defiantly. He fell to one kneee in front of her, kneeling as if she was a queen and he was her trusted knight. Her voice grew weaker with each word, and by the time she was done, she was only talking to him in the faintest of whispers. Kyle, despite his own feeling of fear to touch her, reached out and clasped both of her hands in both of his. "Auraya. Shh, it's okay. It's okay. I'm so sorry about... About your parents. I'm so sorry. But, listen, I'm not so gentle. I'm not so pure. Auraya, I've slept with other girls also. There's no reason you should feel like this, beautiful. Please stop crying. I'm sorry for kissing you." he said, his voice pleading for her to understand.

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Kissing Kyle was the best thing Auraya had ever felt. It was warm, and soft and gentle, yet at the same time it was passionate and exhilarating. It made it all the harder, all the more heartbreaking to tear herself away from him, as Auraya knew she must. As she did, Auraya saw Kyle's hands fall quickly into his lap, a rejection so potent on his face - just seeing it made Auraya feel like her heart was ripping itself out of her chest. His handsome face was tight with pain, his posture stiff. She heard the words come out of her mouth, and knew as Kyle bit his lip how cliche that must sound. But there was no other way to describe it, and Kyle's blue eyes looked away from her, just as she'd known they would.

Auraya was surprised to hear herself spilling her deepest pain to a man she'd only known for the better part of the week. But she'd felt such a connection to him, even when they weren't kissing each other - and that thought just made the soft tears come even faster. As she spoke, Kyle stood, and she just knew inside of her that he was going to turn and walk away from her. But instead, Auraya's voice faltered as he came to kneel in front of her. She finished speaking, and sat miserably, waiting for him to speak to her.

Auraya's hazel eyes flickered upwards, her gaze locking with Kyle's in shock as his warm fingers curled around her own. She listened to him speak, a few tears still making their way down her cheeks. "Don't say that," she said softly as Kyle apologized - and she meant for him not to say any of those things. It wasn't his fault that her parents were gone. And pain ripped through her to hear - to even think - about him being with other girls. And he was gentle, of course he was - at least with her. But most importantly, she didn't want Kyle to apologize for kissing her.

She leaned forward and wrapped her arms around Kyle's neck, burying her pale face in his shoulder. A few more tears leaked out of the corners of her eyes to stain his shirt, and she tried not to start weeping fully again. "Don't apologize," she said softly. "Kissing you was... like nothing I've ever felt before." Which was of course why she'd reacted this way. After another moment Auraya leaned back and wiped her eyes. "I'm sorry, I don't usually cry, I just... I'm ashamed of what I've done, now more than ever." She didn't know how to explain how she felt. Her next words came hesitantly. "You don't have to, but...would you...could you kiss me again?" It sounded strange to her ears, but she kept going. "Just...slowly, please. I'm not used to this," Auraya said apologetically. She closed her eyes and waited for Kyle to kiss her, if he chose to do so. But at least now she knew she'd given him the option to walk away, to decide that she wasn't worthy of him.

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Holly (peachylee20) Looking up at Auraya and into her beautiful hazel eyes, Kyle bit his lip worriedly. Her face was so troubled, so sad, and Kyle had no idea what to do. He knew his words were true, and he knew they weren't exactly the wrong thing to say, but he wasn't entirely sure about how much it would calm her. He watched the tears slid down her face, and felt so much sadness for her in his heart. And he had no idea if he could really fix it.

He searched her face, looking for any sign of changing emotion, but his view was taken away as she leaned forward. Her slender arms slid around his neck and his own arms moved around her waist lovingly, gently. He didn't care if she completely ruined his shirt. This was as close as they'd ever been to each other, and it was so nice. He could smell her perfume, and the smell was sweet and alluring. He just hoped he could offer her some sort of comfort in his arms.

Hearing her words, Kyle closed in eyes in bliss. She'd liked kissing him. She'd really liked it. Nothing was more relieving to hear at that moment. Her voice seemed stronger and when she leaned away, and he helped her wipe away some remaining tears, gently stroking his thumb over her soft face. After he'd finished, he shook his own head at her words, smiling. "Don't be sorry, love." He said gently, before she went on.
At her words he smiled, nodding before she was even finished. He could barely wait for the explosion of their kiss again, but he stayed put until she finished speaking. Slowly, just like she said, he lifted his face, moving to his knees on the floor in front of her. He met her lips with easy longing, gentleness with each motion. His arms were still wrapped around her waist and he subtly tightened them, kissing her from below with quiet zeal.

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Auraya saw Kyle bite his lip, and wondered why. He had nothing to be worried about - he had done nothing wrong, it was all her. Then she looked into his eyes with hers, and saw the deep sadness there, and realized that he wasn't worried about himself - he was worried about her. She felt a wave of gratitude for Kyle, and she leaned forward to wrap her arms around him.

She felt Kyle's hands and arms move around her waist, and from among her sadness and tears, she still had enough sense left to appreciate the beautiful, safe feeling of his warmth as he hugged her gently. Auraya could feel him breathing. She could feel and hear Kyle sigh quietly as she told him exactly how she'd felt when he kissed her. Still she leaned away, and wiped away the last of her tears.

Auraya's eyes closed as Kyle's thumb stroked across her cheek, removing the last remnants of her tears. She shivered slightly at the wonderful feeling, his gentleness still strange for her, but she didn't pull away. Her eyelids flickered open to see him smiling, and a small smile of her own sparked in return. Auraya couldn't believe he was calling her "love"... but it sounded beautiful to her ears. Her heart jumped within her chest as he nodded, his lips moving forward to meet hers. She closed her eyes again, her breathing quickening a little in anticipation before Kyle's mouth closed over hers.

Auraya kissed him back, slowly. He was gentle, as she'd known he would be, but she could also feel his longing for her, and she responded in kind as warmth spread from her lips to the rest of her body, his arms tightening a little around her waist. Auraya had been telling the truth when she told Kyle it was like nothing she'd ever felt before. His kiss put everything else she'd ever felt to shame. Auraya slid of the couch, the brown fabric of her dress shifting and sighing softly as she moved to kneel in front of him, still maintaining the contact with his lips. Her pale golden hair fell like a soft waterfall over one shoulder. Auraya didn't know what to do next, but she went with her instinct, and gently brought her hand up to brush against Kyle's cheek, her fingers tingling as they trailed over his soft skin.

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Holly (peachylee20) And suddenly, there it was again. The wonderful warmth of her lips on his. The fireworks in his chest and the soul connection. It hit him all at once and his wolf jumped for joy, rousing his excitement even further. His eyes had already closed, and he was sure that if Auraya's face was the last thing he saw that day, he'd wake happy for anything to come. Her closeness gave him an odd sense of strength, but it also knocked him down to his knees, surrendering everything to her. It was beautiful, the way she moved and the way sh tilted her head to kiss him. It was beautiful, the way her lips roused new feelings within him. It was like nothing he'd ever seen before. Just like her.

He felt her moving from the couch and he slid back slightly too, but he did it slowly, as not to break their liplock. Goodness, it was amazing. She slid down to the floor in front of him and he pulled her closer to him, running a hand through her effortlessly smooth hair. Her own fingers reached up to graze his cheek, and his skin was shocked with sensation as she did so, making him lean into her gently. He pulled his lips away and to hers, talking in between each kiss he peppered her with, his eyes staying shut the whole time. "You're gorgeous- Kiss- and no man deserves you- Kiss- whether he's good- Kiss- or not." he said in whispered, bringing his hands up to cup her face on either side, overcome with the want to be ever closer to her. He hadn't wanted sex before. But now he feared her leaving. He then resolved to never deny anything she wanted, but he would ask for her to stay the night, if only to sleep side by side together and nothing else.

He pulled away to ask that very thing, his face never looming than a few inches from hers. "Sleep here. Sleep with me. I don't mean sex. Not if you don't want. Just... I have a bed, and it's warm and you're so warm, Auraya." he was babbling, but he didn't care. "I'm sure that Leena has some pjs in here somewhere." he finished lamely, his eyes never leaving hers.

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Rebecca May | 74 comments Auraya felt a thrill go through her body as Kyle's soft lips connected with hers. It seemed like her soul and her heart were both flying out of her, away from her. It seemed like they no longer belonged with her. She responded to his kiss gently, slowly, and all the while she knew that every other kiss she'd ever had felt nothing like this. Even were all her other kisses combined into one, they would be meaningless, soulless, nothing to Kyle's embrace, and the touch of his lips on hers.

She felt Kyle shifted a little away, making room for her. His hands ran through her golden hair, and she broke the kiss momentarily as she tilted her head back slightly, prolonging the touch of his fingers. Auraya's lips returned to his in a moment, but Kyle's lips began to move down her throat, in between telling her the most beautiful things she'd ever heard. His lips were hot on the pale skin of her throat, and she gasped slightly at the feeling, her fingers going around the back of his head, trailing through his dark hair.

Auraya laughed at Kyle's very cute babbling, and silenced him with another kiss, her hand resting on his warm cheek, gazing at him adoringly with her hazel eyes. "You are just as warm... Kyle," she said, loving saying his name. "I would like nothing better than to stay, and there's no need for me to borrow pyjamas." Auraya stood, moved a little way, and motioned for Kyle to look away. She slipped out of her soft brown dress, and pulled a short satin white night gown out of her bag. She put it on - she always kept spare clothes with her, of all sorts. She believed in being prepared for anything, after her mother had left her. "You can look now," she said to Kyle, turning to face him.

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Kyle could spend all day kissing her. And even though she'd told him slowly, Kyle felt himself getting a little carried away. She'd bent her head back, exposing her inviting pale throat and Kyle couldn't help but tilt his head to kiss each inch, moving down her neck and then up again, meeting her lips slowly and surely. It was as if every good thing in life added up to this. This kiss. And it was amazing. He smiled at her and when she laughed he couldn't resist joining her softly, his deep laugh mingling with her higher one. But it was over soon, for Auraya kissed him again, briefly, but still just as passionately as before. He searched her beautiful face once more, but this time he only found happiness. He smiled at her compliment and watched her rise from their spot. His hands rested on the floor behind him, supporting his weight until Auraya bid him to turn around.

He swiveled on the hardwood floor, his back to her now. Just for good measure, he shut his eyes. How was it that he could be doing one of those most adult things, with an adult woman, and still feel as happy as a kid in a candy shop? He grinned to himself as he heard the sound of fabric rustling, and chewed on the inside of his cheek to distract him from thinking about what Auraya might have been changing into. Not the time for fantasies. Not when Auraya's sweet voice was calling him too turn around.

He rose from the floor before doing so, turning on his bare heel to see Auraya standing in a short little nightgown that floated along her thighs beautifully. He grinned and nodded his approval- not that she needed it- and walked towards her, putting his arms around her waist. The fabric of the nightgown was silky feelings, soft and airy to the touch. He liked it all the more better. Instead of kissing her again, he looked at her from above and nestled her in his arms contentedly. "Tell me what you want to do? I mean... The movie's kind of boring and everything, and," he smiled wickedly. "I don't think either of us care about watching it anymore." He said happily, his eyes sparkling in delight. "Do you want to go upstairs?" He asked, his eyebrows raised. He wondered if he was being too forward. Of course he didn't really mean that they should go upstairs for anything but to sleep, but if he was being truly honest with himself- he wouldn't object to anything Auraya might suggest they do.

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Rebecca May | 74 comments Auraya shivered again, with pleasure and still the tiniest amount of confusion, as Kyle's warm lips travelled down over the soft skin of her throat. Her breathing was coming quicker now, and she was beginning to get used to Kyle's gentle touch - and she liked it. More than anything she had ever felt. She loved the sound of Kyle's deep laugh as it joined with hers in the quiet of his beautiful cabin. She could have listened to that sound forever.

Still, she got up and moved over to her bag. Auraya looked back at Kyle, seeing his reclining posture, and grinned. He was so masculine, and just seeing Kyle sitting like that made her want to run her hands over every muscle he had, to feel his warm skin shifting under her fingers. Auraya pushed away the thought and motioned at Kyle to look away before she changed. "And no peeking," she added, grinning at him.

Kyle got up and came over to her as she told him he could turn around. "Well, what do you think?" Auraya asked, the alluring smile returning to her face as she struck a casual pose. She loved this white chemise - it was tight fitting, soft to the touch, mid thigh length, and modest enough. Kyle's arms went around her waist, and her skin tingled with little sparks as the warmth if his strong arms slid over the satin fabric at her waist. Auraya put her arms around his neck and looked up at him, tilting her head to one side as she considered, grinning wickedly back at him. "No, you're right - I couldn't care less about the movie right now. Why don't you show me you room?" she suggested. Auraya stepped back, and quickly fished a small toilet bag out from amongst her possessions. Then she held out her other hand for Kyle to take.

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As Kyle stood, his arms wrapped around Auraya's slender waist, he smiled at her lovingly. He hadn't known her for long. He hadn't even spent more than seventy four hours in her company total, but he could already feel an uncontrollable surge of emotion for her. Not something heated, and not something cold. Just adoration. Just the feeling that he could be with her forever and never care about anyone else again. Perhaps it was selfish, but he couldn't find himself to care very much about anything but the shine in Auraya's beautiful eyes, or the smile on her face.

"What do I think? I like it." he said, smiling at her, nodding his approval once more. The fabric hugged her closely, and it made her skin look a bit darker. That along with the lowlights in the cabin. Her creamy hair looked like silk, spilling over one of her flawless shoulders. Kyle couldn't take his eyes off of her.
He knew his words sounded odd. He was babbling. And her answer sounded much more smooth. She stepped away from him and Kyle watched her bring a little bag out of her purse. Kyle saw a brush and some toothpaste, so he figured it was bathroom stuff. The only bathroom in the cabin was on the second floor, beside his bedroom. He nodded and smiled at her words, claiming her hand warmly in his own before moving them both up the staircase.

He let her go before her and followed her up the dark stairs, coming to the second floor of the cabin. It was right up at the roof and the walls tilted up to a point at the top. He had a desk and a cozy looking bed pushed into a nook, and he was glad he'd picked things up earlier. The room smelled faintly of coffee beans, but Kyle could never tell why. There was no door to the room, and the stairs led directly into the room, with no hallways in between. "This is my room... I think I was seventeen last time I slept in here, so most of my stuff is kind of at the other house." he told her, leaning against the desk as she surveyed everything.

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Rebecca May | 74 comments Auraya couldn't believe that she'd only spent two evenings in Kyle's company. It felt like she'd known him forever, as she looked into his deep blue-green eyes, seeing something in them that she couldn't quite fathom, but she loved it anyway. She leaned into him slightly, her pale gold hair spilling over his chest. She smiled alluringly with her curving, ruby red lips as Kyle told her he liked it. She pretended to pout. "Only like it?" she asked, pulling away from him and doing a little pirouette, like a young girl showing off new clothes. Grinning at him, she picked up her toilet bag, closing her eyes briefly as his warm hand took hers once again.

She padded up the stairs behind him, her feet making no noise on the wood, the soft satin rustling against her silky skin as she moved. Auraya looked up, smiling in surprise as she saw the tilt of the roof, the bed tucked away cosily at the back behind some drawn back black curtains. There was an upper level as well, with what looked like a small lounge room, a desk, and a nice dark green carpet on the floor. Auraya loved Kyle's bedroom - it was a nice size, but the lights were warm, and it just seemed so cosy, with the golden lights spilling down over the two of them. She turned to Kyle, wrapping her arms around his neck, and kissed him gently on the lips. "It's beautiful up here. I love it." Looking at the toilet bag she'd put on the desk when she'd went to wrap her arms around him, she stepped back and picked it up. "Will you give me a moment?" Auraya asked Kyle, before blowing him a kiss and stepping into the bathroom.

Auraya quickly brushed her teeth in the bathroom and took a moment to calm herself, while she brushed her pale gold hair. Wiping the small amount of make-up off her face, she appraised her image, then nodded once approvingly and stepped back out into the bedroom.

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Kyle drug his bare foot over a ruff spot in the carpet, smiling at Auraya. There was only a small lamp illuminating the room, and it's soft glow cast an orange tinged glint over everything, but Kyle thought Auraya looked even more beautiful there. Her cornsilk colored hair took on a copper sort of shade as it flowed over her shoulders. He'd been thinking about her twirl on the way upstairs, and how the silken fabric of her nightgown had flowed out a little along her soft thigh. It had definitely been a sight to see, but Kyle knew that if he kept her downstairs any longer they'd never get around to anything else. She was just too temptingly eyecatching.

Auraya seemed to have liked the room by the look on her face. Kyle liked it too, really. He liked the whole house, to be honest, since he'd helped build it. Auraya stepped towards him and he wasted no time wrapping his strong arms around her waist, loving the feeling of her own arms sliding up around his neck. Their lips met softly, and Kyle savored the taste of her lipgloss before she pulled back, complimenting his little room. "Thank you," he told her lovingly, his voice soft and his gaze full of love.

Auraya went into the bathroom and Kyle couldn't find anything to do with the time besides pace and straighten the blankets on his bed. She didn't take that long, and Kyle smiled as she came out, looking nice a refreshed. Kyle met her gaze and saw something different in the looks of her face. He thought as she joined him, what was different. No make-up. It clicked in his mind and he smiled approvingly. She was still just as beautiful- if not more- without her make-up. He smiled and took her hand, leading her to the bed. As they sat down on the edge of it, Kyle stood and cracked the window open half-way, letting the cool night air blow smoothly into the room. "Do you mind if I change here? I can do it in the bathroom, but..." He said.

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Auraya smiled into Kyle's eyes, seeing the warmth and affection shining from them as he spoke to her. "You're welcome," she replied softly, before turning and slipping into the bathroom. Auraya was almost nervous to go back out there - not that she was scared of going out without her make-up on or anything, but she just wondered how different it would feel to be in bed with Kyle - even if it wasn't sex. It was just something else she wasn't used to. Auraya took a deep breath. She'd just have to deal with it, and deep down she knew if was what she wanted.

Auraya stepped out of the bathroom, a casual smile on her face, which widened as she saw that Kyle had straightened up the room and was now gazing at him approvingly. The warmth of his hand encircled her fingers as she allowed Kyle to lead her towards the bed, her stomach doing little flip-flops all the way. Auraya sat down on the bed, brushing aside the dark curtain, and her smile grew more sultry at his comment, and she raised an elegant eyebrow. "Why, of course not," she replied. Auraya reclined backwards against the pillows, feeling her back sink into the soft fabric. She crossed her white thighs underneath the short satin night gown, confident in her appearance, waiting to see what Kyle would do next. And all the while she wanted nothing more than for him to draw her into his arms, and to fall asleep in the safety of his embrace.

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Kyle watched slowly for her reaction, standing a few feet from the bed. He didn't want to start stripping in the middle of the room without her... Permission. She scooted herself up the bed and reclied againist the pillows, crossing her ankles and striking the most sexy pose Kyle had ever seen in his life. It was so- so so- hard not to just crawl into bed and let her take his clothes off herself. Control, control!

Kyle grinned and shook his head at her, finally moving over to the dresser to take his favorite pair of grey sweatpants out of the bottom drawer. Throwing them on the bed he shamelessly unbuttoned his shirt, tossing it in the hamper in the corner. He glanced at her beautiful form while he unziped his pants and stepped out of them, his green boxers only visable for a moment, before he slid his sweatpants over his muscular legs. "Are you tired?" he asked, crawling into the bed beside her, settling down on the comfortable matress with a relieving sigh.

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Auraya saw Kyle watching her, and smiled slowly, pleased that after everything that had happened tonight she hadn't lost her allure... even by weeping on his shoulder. She let her hazel eyes trail appreciatively over the strong muscles rippling under his skin as Kyle unbuttoned his shirt, thinking it was a much better view than the one she'd had as he came down the stairway before.

As Kyle changed from his pants into something more comfortable, Auraya twisted her long, pale legs and slid beneath the soft duvet, loving the feel of the sheets over her skin. She drew the duvet up to her middle, holding the fabric beneath her breasts as she shifted to lie in a better position on the pillow. Auraya smiled softly at Kyle's relieved sigh as he slipped into the bed beside her, and she shivered for a brief moment as cold air wafted over her legs. A moment later, Kyle's warmth enveloped her as she shifted closer to him, snuggling up against him. Her golden hair fell over his broad chest, and she sighed quietly, feeling her breasts rise and fall against his side beneath the white satin. "I'm a little tired," she admitted to him. "Are you?" she asked, her eyelids fluttering closed for a moment, before she opened them again and fixed them on the handsome contours of his face, which she reached up to trace with one pale finger.

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Kyle watched Auraya sink underneath the blankets on the bed as he changed, and wondered if laying down in his bed was anymore comfortable with her in the bed. He bet so. He also wondered if Auraya thought he was as handsome as he thought her beautiful. He was shirtless now, and the comfortable fabric of his sweatpants brushed along his legs as he got into the bed with her, settling himself under the covers beside Auraya. It was more comfortable. He held his arms out slightly as Auraya snuggled into him, and let his arms drop gently around her, sighing again in ease. He heard her soft voice as he pulled his fingers through her beautiful head of hair, feeling it fan over his chest like so many down feathers, soft and gentle, and sweet-smelling. "I am pretty tired." he said, reaching up to flip a switch by his bed. The lamp went out and they were left in complete darkness, the soft sound of their mingling breath the only thing in the room. "Goodnight beautiful." he said, kissing her forehead before gently urging her to turn over in his arms, so she was tucked against him, her satin clad back keeping his chest warm.

Kyle was asleep before long, despite his eagerness to experience laying in the dark with her. His dreams were fuzzy and brief, and the slight breeze coming through the window kept his body well under the covers and pressed close to Auraya's warm heat. He didn't know if he'd ever slept better than then...


In the morning, an annoyingly bright ray of sunshine bolted through the window, rudely awakening Kyle. His blue eyes groglely opened and he lifted his hand to rub his face. It was resting on Auraya's thigh and as he lifted it, he ran it up her curving side, just for the kicks. He looked at her face with a happy, sleepy grin on his face, brushing a daring strad of light hair away from her sleeping face. He didn't want to wake her up, but he couldn't help the sneeze that came to him, quickly turning away so he didn't sneeze all over her. The mattress shook with his motion.

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Auraya smiled gently as she felt Kyle sigh, his strong forearms going around her slender waist as she snuggled closer to his body, her head resting on his shoulder and her hair spilling down over his warm chest. It was the most wonderful thing she'd ever felt, lying there on a soft mattress, under a warm duvet, in the arms of a man who cared for her - and for once in her life, Auraya knew that for certain. Because, unlike so many others, Kyle was content to simply lie in a bed with her...nothing else. Kyle's fingers trailed through her pale golden hair, and she kissed his shoulder gently, pressing her lips to his warm skin as he turned to put out the light. The room was plunged into darkness, and Auraya felt Kyle's lips press against her forehead. She was glad the light was off now, so he couldn't see her blush as Kyle called her beautiful - something she'd never blushed at before. She complied as he turned her over in his arms, feeling his chest pressed against her satin-clad back. "Goodnight, handsome," Auraya replied sleepily, before she fell into sleep, more quickly and comfortably than she ever had before.


Auraya's hazel eyes fluttered open as she felt the warm sunlight hit the side of her face. Her eyes opened and she frowned slightly, seeing her surroundings had changed, before she remembered where she was, and relaxed again. At the same time she felt Kyle's warm hand run seductively over her length, moving softly up her curving side under the silky soft fabric of the white satin covering her. Her eyes drifted closed again in the sunlight before Kyle noticed she was awake, and she shifted subtly underneath his hand, trying to get closer to his touch. Kyle brushed a strand of creamy hair away from her pale face, and then his hand left her skin suddenly as he sneezed explosively, shaking the mattress. Auraya sat up, the duvet falling away from her slender torso to sit around her waist, and her golden hair fell over her shoulders like a rain of pale sunlight. "Good morning to you too," she said, laughing and poking Kyle in the side, albeit gently. As Kyle looked at her she shrugged innocently, fluttering her eyelashes and reclining back against the pillows once again. Auraya teasingly moved her leg so it shifted up and down against the soft fabric of his sweat pants.

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Holly (peachylee20) Kyle turned his head back to Auraya after his shameful sneeze was over. He knew that there was no way she could've slept through that, unless she was just a really heavy sleeper. Which, Kyle had never slept with her before, so for all he knew, she was. He wouldn't have slept through it, and he could sleep through a lot. Having a baby sister trained you to sleep through most of anything. After he sneezed once more, he finally sighed and laid back down into the mattress, once again turning toward Auraya.

He settled his dark head on the soft pillow again, laying eyes back on his sleeping partner, expecting to watch Auraya wake up. But instead of that- before he even knew she'd awoken-, she suddenly sat up, almost too quickly for him to follow. He raised his head in surprise to see her sitting up in bed, her skin shimmering in the sunlight as she looked at him with happiness shining in her beautiful hazel eyes. She was even more beautiful when she first woke up.

He smiled sleepily at her and laughed lightly at her words, jerking away from her poke. He shook his head lovingly as she settled down into the bed, reclining like a queen.
He wasted no time turning over and pressing his weight carefully against her, meeting his lips with hers in a soft embrace. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her as close as he could, smiling all the while. He lingered there for a bit, contented to kiss her all day long, but he knew they both had to come up for air sooner or later. He begrudgingly took his mouth from hers and kissed along her jawline, enjoying their embrace. "Good morning," he said, lifted his head to look at her.

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Rebecca May | 74 comments Auraya smiled sleepily, amused and happy in the morning sunlight as Kyle sneezed again loudly, before sighing and settling back onto the pillows, the soft mattress sinking slightly with his weight. The wolf inside her had always meant she slept lightly, but besides that she thought Kyle's sneeze would have woken up anyone. Auraya sat up, her back sinking into the pillows, and she giggled as Kyle jerked when she poked him, putting on her best innocent face.

Auraya ran a finger through his dark hair, before Kyle turned over and his body weight pressed against her. This she had felt before, but unlike all the others Auraya could tell that Kyle was being careful not to crush her with his body, and she welcomed his soft lips. She pressed her lips to his warmth as tingles rushed from her lips to everywhere else in her body, and Kyle's strong forearms went around her slender waist, shifting against the white satin. Auraya pressed herself to him, lifting her hands to move through the soft hair at his neck. She gasped when Kyle left her lips, shivering with pleasure at his kiss moved along her jawline.

Auraya smiled radiantly as Kyle pulled away and looked up at her, her hazel eyes filled with light, and she reach a finger out to run lightly over his cheek. "Good morning," she replied, and then looked out the window at the woods. It really was quite peaceful here, in Kyle's cabin, with the birds singing their tiny hearts out all around them. "We should probably get up." Auraya's tone was reluctant, but she knew they probably should... before she was persuaded to stay there all day. "What do you want to do today? Assuming you weren't just planning on kicking me out of the house," Auraya said, a sexy smile on her face. She was sure no-one - and definitely not Kyle - would have just made her leave if they'd spent the night in bed with her, in whatever sense of the phrase.

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Holly (peachylee20) Kyle couldn't believe his setting. Laying in that cabin, with Auraya tucked in his arms, running her hands through his messy hair as they kissed, so close, and so... Good. It was good. Kyle couldn't think of another word, and maybe 'good' made it seem like something less. But this... It was good. She was good. He kissed her slowly, wanting to put all that he felt into it. All the goodness of the day, and how she made him feel. It was great to be there, snuggled up beside her, kissing like he'd never kissed anyone before.

When he broke away to kiss her jawline she gasped and Kyle wanted to assume it was with pleasure, and since she didn't pull away, he went on, shifting his weight only slightly so he had a better aim at her neck. He stayed that way for a moment, savoring the feeling of her silken skin on his lips, resisting the smile that tugged at his heart. He pulled away to speak though, and loved the smile that played on Auraya's face. She looked completely happy- done with all the masks she'd worn for past lovers. He smiled back, resting against her gently.

She lifted a hand to run over his cheek and he leaned into her touch lovingly, letting his eyes close briefly before she pulled away and turned to look out of the small, four-pane window. All that was in sight was trees and the bright sunshine, and the birds that were curious as to why there was noise in their forest. They sang anyway, composing their songs with expert chirps. Kyle sighed contentedly and rested against the pillow again trying to ingrain the memory of being there with her in his mind.

Auraya finally broke the silence, and Kyle mockingly groaned hugging her closer to him. "Why should we get out of bed?" he asked, planting another kiss under her ear, grinning.
She smiled and went on and Kyle reluctantly nodded, grinned at her. "Auraya! Never." he said, his tone light. "Well... I don't know, we could-" He was cut off.

Just then his cell phone rang and he groaned, turning his bare, top half to reach down and get it from the floor. "Hello?" He answered. "I have plans. No, like legit, real plans..." He stopped and groaned. "Leena... Okay fine!" he shook his head and ended the call, shoving his phone under the pillow and looking back at Auraya apologetically. "I guess our plans were made for us. At least for me... You don't have to endure her if you don't want to." he said, sitting up and throwing the covers off of him. He had to start his day.
"My sister is coming over whether I like it or not, and nothing I say can sway her mind." he said, grinning half-heartedly. "I don't want you to leave, but she's... Overbearing, to say the least. I'll take you home if you'd rather not meet her." He said.

God, please don't go home, don't go home. He thought silently.

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Rebecca May | 74 comments Auraya mouthed Kyle's lips gently as he kissed her, amazed that she could feel all the love that he was putting into his slow, beautiful, gentle kiss. She was even more amazed to realize that she felt completely comfortable there in bed with him - no hiding what she felt, or playing along with what he wanted like a submissive puppet. Auraya was so happy she couldn't believe, her breath fluting in and out in little gasps of pleasure as Kyle's soft, warm lips kissed the silken skin of her jaw and throat.

Auraya noticed Kyle's eyes close as her slender fingers trailed across his cheek, and she grinned, her heart seeming to jump within her chest as Kyle hugged her closer to him, pinning her to his strong, warm body. She didn't feel threatened, as she would have with any other man. In fact she felt safe, and it was a beautiful moment for Auraya. She intercepted his lips on the way to her jaw, and kissed him gently, before pulling back, her hazel eyes sparkling. "I don't know, why should we get out of bed?" she teased, shifting herself against his body. Auraya was quietly pleased he hadn't even thought of making her leave.

The annoying buzz of a cell phone cut through their joking, but Auraya was compensated by the full view of Kyle's bare muscled chest as he reached for the phone. She listened curiously, her interest peaked as she heard the name 'Leena'. She listened as Kyle spoke, and tried not to laugh, shivering as the blankets were thrown back, cool air alighting upon her pale legs. "Hey, that's cold!" Auraya protested, smiling and flicking the covers back over her legs. "No, I'd like to meet her - at least, far more than going home and doing nothing all day," she replied, gratified by his expression that was all but begging her not to leave.

Auraya flipped back the covers herself now, shivering briefly at the cold air, and moved over to her bag, rooting around. "I didn't really bring anything except the brown dress to wear," she said apologetically, looking at Kyle. "I didn't exactly expect to stay here long term," Auraya said, wincing at how weird that sounded.

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Holly (peachylee20) Kyle could think of nothing better than to be in bed with such a beautiful girl. His heart pounded in his chest, giving a drumbeat of sorts to their kisses. Kyle was as close to her as he could get, and yet he couldn't help but wish that there was some way he could get closer. His stroked her bare arm, slid his hands over her curving waist, hugged her close to him as they kissed. Her skin was warm and inviting and Kyle couldn't help but admire her with every touch, every glance, every kiss. It was something he'd never bothered with before. Get in, get out, be done. Not with Auraya. Never with Auraya. She might've been the only person Kyle had ever cared to really delight. The only person he he wanted to make feel wanted.

And knowing that she cared to have him beside her like this was something that made Kyle happier than he could remember being in awhile. The first thing she'd said to him was that she would consider keeping him around if he proved interesting enough. Kyle supposed he had been, since they'd gotten this far. He smiled as he peppered her neck with kisses.

After he'd hung up on his amazingly annoying sister and thrown the covers away from himself he grinned at Auraya, winking. "I'm sorry. I wish we didn't even have to get up." he said truthfully, letting his eyes wander down the length of her long, smooth looking legs before he moved on, grabbing real jeans and taking his sweats off. He slowly stepped into his jeans, fastening them around his waist and reaching for a shirt, looking at Auraya the whole time. "Really?" He asked, smiling. "I think she'll like you," He said. "Leena likes most people."

He pulled his shirt over his head as Auraya got out of the bed, walking over to her purse. Kyle watched her back, and raised a dark eyebrow when she turned to look at him. He shook his head. "No, that's okay. You can wear one of my smaller teeshirts, and I'll go get you a pair of Leena's jeans from downstairs, okay?" He said, repressing a small flinch at her next words. Of course she hadn't. To be truthful, he hadn't either... But he was so glad she'd decided to stay with him.

He left the room with a smile on his face, tromping down to the living room to lean over the trunk in the corner of the living room. He pulled out a pair of fresh jeans that looked small enough to fit Auraya. He wasted no time getting back upstairs to give them to her.

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Rebecca May | 74 comments Auraya couldn't believe that so much had changed in a few short days. Before now she could have sworn that all men were domineering, and would only want to take advantage of her. And she hadn't much cared either. And now, as Kyle's warm hands slid over her arms, her curving waist, as his lips moved over her neck... she cared. She really cared about Kyle; if only because he was the only man to treat her like an intelligent human being that had a mind, not just a body.

Auraya winked back at Kyle after the phone call was over, seeing his eyes wander over her pale bare legs. "Me too," she replied. She watched unashamedly as Kyle dressed, then shrugged at his comment, flipping her pale golden hair out of her eyes and reluctantly climbing out of the warm bed, moving over to her purse. "I'm sure she'll either want to chat and gossip with me, or she'll not like me at all. That is the prerogative for little sisters when they meet their brothers girlfriend, right?" Auraya asked, smiling so Kyle would know she was joking...mostly, anyway.

She nodded as Kyle told her what she could wear, smiling her rather sexy smile at the thought of wearing one of Kyle's shirts. Auraya was glad he hadn't taken offence at the fact she hadn't expected to stay the night, and waited patiently for him as Kyle went to get her some clothes. She looked around his room, sighing quietly, then moved over and made the bed while she waited. It was the least she could do. She turned when she'd finished to see Kyle coming back into the room, holding out a pair of jeans. "Thank you," she said, taking them from him and slipping them on under her satin nightgown. "I'm actually looking forward to meeting Leena," she told Kyle as he moved over to find her a tee-shirt. Auraya moved over and wrapped her arms around his waist from behind, kissing his neck above the hem of the tee-shirt he was wearing.

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Holly (peachylee20) Kyle smiled and laughed lightly at Auraya's words. "I do suppose, lovely," he said, his voice filled with humor and happiness. He knew Leena, and she would be much different from Auraya's jokes. Leena knew that Kyle had a long list of girls he'd dated from the past, but she also knew that none of them stayed around very long. The fact that Auraya was still there, during the day, meant something entirely different from his past girlfriends. And Leena was observant.

He stopped to look at her. Wait. She'd said girlfriend. His girlfriend. He smiled and decided he wouldn't say anything about it, even though he thought it was kind of a big deal. He went downstairs singing silently in his mind 'Auraya is my girlfriend. Na na na!'.

When Kyle went back upstairs to give Auraya the jeans, he was surprised to find the bed made. He'd never had the habit of doing that when he awoke, but he was thankful that Auraya had. He mirrored her thanks with a gesture to the bed before Auraya shimmied into her jeans, the satin fabric of her nightgown shifting along her slender stomach. He grinned at her words, shaking his head. "I bet she'll be eager to meet you too," he said, going to the dresser and pulling open the drawer.

He was busy fishing around in his endless amount of teeshirts when Auraya wrapped her arms around his waist. He smiled and stopped what he was doing, closing his eyes in pleasure as she pecked along his neck. He sighed happily, turning in her arms with a moss green teeshirt in hand. One he never wore anymore, for it was too small. "This should be good for you," he said, leaning to meet her lips with his own. Instead of handing her the shirt and letting her change he tossed it over his shoulder and hesitantly lifted the edges of her nightgown, stopping only once it hovered above her belly button. He wanted to make sure it was okay before he took it off of her.

Outside Leena stepped out of the thick woods, trampling along the woods floor to the house. She hadn't saved up enough money for her own car yet, and Kyle had the Jeep, so walking it was. That was okay, really. The walk from the pack house to this house wasn't that far. She opened the front door without knocking and went to the kitchen taking a jug of tea from the fridge and making herself a glass. She knew Kyle was still in his room, and she didn't mind waiting for him to come down. She settled on the couch, flipping on the television to find that Aladin was waiting to be played. She clicked the play button and sipped her tea patiently for her brother.

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Rebecca May | 74 comments Auraya laughed and shrugged her shoulders at Kyle's words, hearing the happiness in Kyle's voice. It was a happiness that matched hers, which was shining out through her hazel eyes. He didn't seem insulted by her insinuation that Leena was a chatterbox. He moved to go downstairs, but looked back at her with something like surprise at her words. Auraya knew from his expression that Kyle was thinking about how she'd said she was his "girlfriend". She held her breath, waiting for him to protest at the phrase, but instead he just smiled at her charmingly and moved away. Auraya let her breath out slowly, letting a beautiful smile spread over her beautiful face as she made the bed. She was his girlfriend. And Auraya would do whatever she could to keep it that way.

She nodded politely in acknowledgement, shrugging slightly as Kyle gestured towards the bed. She slipped into the jeans, which fit her pretty well, seeing Kyle's eyes flicker to the skin she left bare as she changed. Kyle felt warm against her chest when Auraya wrapped her arms around him, his movements stopping for a moment as she kissed his neck. He swivelled in her arms, and she looked at the shirt he held out. Not a colour she usually wore, but it would set off her hair nicely. She reached to take it from him, but instead Kyle slung it over one shoulder.

Auraya looked at him, a sensual smile on her face, her eyes bright with a question that was answered as his hands shifted over her waist, the soft sating fabric sighing over her pale skin. Auraya hesitated, wondering if she should tell him she didn't wear a bra to bed, or let him figure it out for himself. And then she heard the T.V. start up quietly downstairs, and knew Kyle's sister must be here. To cover her hesitation Auraya pulled Kyle's head down gently so she could kiss him long and slow, and then pulled back, her face still close to his, smiling softly. "Not so eager, stud," she said jokingly, raising an eyebrow at him and flicking him gently on the cheek with the edge of the green shirt.

She pulled away from him a little reluctantly and moved over to her small bag, pulling out a lacy scarlet bra to match her underwear. Auraya didn't bother going into the bathroom to change, just faced away from Kyle as she removed the nightgown and slipped on the bra. Then she turned, allowing Kyle a full view of her in tight jeans and a red lacy bra. "Now, pass me that shirt, would you?" she asked, knowing Kyle would probably would probably be too distracted to even think about giving her her shirt right away.

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Holly (peachylee20) The wolf inside of him howled faintly, quietly, and Kyle found himself feeling more and more aroused by Auraya's bare shoulders and sensual lips. He'd been so good, so pure. And he knew it was what they needed, really. But he still felt as if he wanted to take all of her clothes off, not just her nightgown. He didn't know what had really gotten into him. He supposed it was just that his sister was coming and he probably wouldn't have the chance to be alone with Auraya until that night. These were his last few moments with her before they were both hit by the Leena Bomb. He was still delighted that she'd called herself his girlfriend. Nothing had ever sounded better.

Kyle suspected that he was surprising her by not letting her take his shirt. He was surprising himself, really, but he felt such a need to touch her one last time before he had to greet his baby sister. Her skin was soft and silky under his fingertips and shots of sparks and tingles shot down his arms like lightening. He, unlike Auraya, had been too oblivious to anything else but her to hear the T.V. turn on. She was too interesting. He nearly thought he was going to get away with taking her nightgown off of her, as his lips met hers. He sank deep in the kiss, tilting his head to kiss her better. His hand slid beneath the fabric of her nightgown, slowly grazing along her soft waist and lower back. She pulled away after a long moment and Kyle regretfully took his hands away from her, running one through his hair and letting the other grab the shirt off of his shoulder. She flicked him gently and moved away and he licked his lips, giving her a pitiful look.

He watched her from where he stood, finally hearing his favorite movie from downstairs. She was here. Great. It wasn't that he hated his sister or anything like that. He just didn't want her over today.
Auraya wiped his mind in a moment, lifting her nightgown over her head. Her back was to him, and he concentrated on the soft skin and feminine muscles along her back, wanting so bad to lead her back to the bed. He had more self control than that though, and he let her snap the bra around her slender torso before she turned around. He grinned wolfishly, grazing over every inch of her skin with his eyes eagerly. He crossed the floor to her, leaning down to kiss her softly. "You are beautiful," He told her gently, calming his mind. This was not about what he could get out of Auraya. It was about what he could give her.

He grinned and unfolded the shirt, gentling tugging it over her head. "I suppose you're ready for this?" he asked, sighing, knowing they couldn't stay in their room any longer.

Downstairs, Leena sipped her tea, rolling her eyes at the thought of what Kyle could be doing upstairs. She still had no idea that Auraya was in the house at all.

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Rebecca May | 74 comments ((Teehee. The Leena Bomb... :D))

Auraya knew how much she was probably teasing Kyle right now, and though she enjoyed doing it, she also regretted it; if only because after what they'd shared last night she wanted to be doing far more than just teasing him. But she also knew it really wasn't the time, with Kyle's little sister coming over, so Auraya made do with her feminine wiles for the moment. There would be time enough for... other things. Later.

Kyle's gentle touch on her silky skin felt like... it was nothing Auraya had ever felt before. His fingers glided beneath the satin nightgown, his hands warm and gentle, sending tingles of passion all through her. She could feel Kyle's head tilting so he could kiss her better from above, and her tongue flickered out across his lips, deepening the kiss as his hands moved around to her back, before she regretfully and teasingly pulled away. As she walked away a little Auraya looked back at Kyle, seeing his tongue flicker over his lips where her own tongue had been before, and she smiled sexily at the longing expression on his face. She shrugged at him apologetically before turning to take off the nightgown. It just wasn't the time yet... much as she would have liked it to be. And Auraya was sure he'd feel more than compensated when the time came.

Turning around, Auraya didn't even need to pose before Kyle's warm eyes were following all the soft contours of her beautiful body, a sparklingly happy yet charming smile on his face. She in turn took a moment to admire his handsome features, before he crossed the room to her. His kiss was gentle - the thing that she most loved about Kyle, that set him apart from everyone else - and she leaned into it before he pulled away. "I know," she replied softly, smiling. "But it's still nice to hear it from you." And for once she was telling the truth. To hear it from anyone else would have only felt tiresome, but from Kyle the words were beautiful.

Auraya grinned at Kyles words after he put the shirt on her. "I guess so," she replied, holding out her hand for him to take. "Come on, we'll face her together," Auraya said, her hazel eyes sparkling, and led the way down the stairs to where Kyle's little sister was waiting in the lounge.

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Holly (peachylee20) ((To hear it from anyone else would have only felt tiresone, but from Kyle the words were beautiful. - wonderful writing, Becca. <3 ))

Downstairs, Leena was chewing on the inside of her cheek as she stood to adjust the air conditioner. It was becoming slightly warm in the cabin, and Leena didn't care to feel the Summer heat while she was inside. Her drink was cool and refreshing and the movie a nice time-killer. But really Leena was just sitting thoughtfully, wondering why in the world Kyle wouldn't have sensed her arrival and came down to meet her. She mentally shrugged and tapped her foot to the music as she stayed patiently waiting.

And above the ceiling, Kyle was busy admiring Auraya. How her feminine curves twisted around slyly. How she smiled, and how she spoke. Each word was like a song to him, and he smiled, because he was sure she knew... She knew what a hook she had on him. He was hers. Owned. At he didn't find he had a problem with that at all.
Touching her was better. So much better. Most brothers would've been conscious of the fact that they're baby sister was in the other room, but Kyle couldn't find he had much of an issue with that either. Which was either really fine or really mean.
He smiled at her, and he knew she could see how happy he was. He could see her happiness too, and that made his day.

Kyle knew that the fact that Auraya left his embrace was a bittersweet one. He knew what was in store, and he was excited for that, to be honest. She was a garden, yet open to him. And one day... Maybe soon... He'd admire every petal of every flower.
But until then he just grinned like an idiot.

Kyle shook his head and laughed at Auraya's words. Of course she knew. He lifted his shoulders in a lame shrug, not knowing what else to say. There was a beautiful moment of complete silence between the two of them and Kyle just sighed happily before he tugged his teeshirt over Auraya's head.

Afterwards he took her head and led her downstairs, intertwining his fingers within hers as they descended the wooden staircase. Kyle could see the back of Leena's died head when he stepped down to the landing. He cleared his throat and allowed Auraya to step in front of him. "Hey Leena," he said.

At his words, his sister turned in her seat and smiled. Her eyes fell upon Auraya and her brow furrowed. "Hi. I didn't know he had company," She said lamely, rising from the couch to meet them.

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Rebecca May | 74 comments ((<3 Thank you. :) ))

Auraya could still hear the soft sound of the television drifting up the stairs of the little house in the woods, but she couldn't really bring herself to care. Especially not when she was in a warm room with Kyle, teasingly turning so that he couldn't see her change into her bra. It was only her vague sense of propriety that kept her from throwing away all her inhibitions and doing everything she knew both she and Kyle very much wanted to do. Later, she thought, silently smiling at the thought before turning to see Kyle's grinning face. The t-shirt fit her well, and she inhaled the vaguely masculine scent - Kyle's scent - coming from the shirt. She loved being reminded she was wearing one of Kyle's own shirts. It felt to her like something couple's would do.

Auraya could feel the happiness flowing between the two of them in the early morning sunlight, as she took Kyle's hand, letting him lead her down the stairs. Their fingers intertwined, the feeling seeming wonderfully, strangely familiar to her. Everything that had happened in the last few days was new to her - and Auraya was loving every minute of it. She mentally braced herself as Kyle greeted his sister, and the girl stood from the couch.

Only a supreme effort kept Auraya from blushing furiously at Leena's words. She knew what it must look like, a girl as beautiful as she was coming down from Kyle's bedroom... and it was a mark of how much she cared about Kyle that she even thought about being embarrassed in front of his little sister. Auraya stepped forward, reluctantly extricating her hand from Kyle's to offer it to Leena to shake. "Hello, I'm Auraya d'Arc," she said, flashing one of her winning smiles to cover her nervousness, and suddenly hoped Leena wouldn't notice Auraya was wearing her jeans. "I'm sorry to intrude on your plans with your brother," she said.

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Holly (peachylee20) Kyle held hope that his little sister would like Auraya. In fact, he found he wanted that nearly as bad as he wanted to stay locked in his room with Auraya all day. And that in itself was enough to frighten Kyle slightly. He'd never cared if his family or friends liked his past girls or not. He didn't really care if he had liked them either.
But like everything else, it was different with her.

So one would be correct in assuming Kyle was almost just as nervous as Auraya as his baby sister rose from the couch, crossing the wooden floor to meet them somewhere in the middle of the stairs and the couch. Kyle's one hand was holding that of Auraya's, and his other was trying not to fidgit nervously. Leena 'secretly' looked her up and down to size her image up, and bit her lip toughtfully. This was all done in seconds, and most girls didn't notice it. But Kyle thought Auraya would. His lovely girlfriend held her hand out and introduced herself with that shinning smile Kyle had come to love. He grinned and nodded and waited patiently for Leena to either yes or no Auraya.

Leena was surprised. There was a another random girl. She was used to that one. But what she wasn't used to was the odd look on both their faces! Kyle was pleading with her through his gaze to give the girl a fighting chance, and Leena decided she was in a good enough mood to do so. So, Leena stood and joined them, taking in the appearance of the girl (Which was breath-takingly beautiful) in a second, before she held her hand out. Leena smiled too, and shooo her hand gently. "Hi! That's a great name..." she said dropping her hand and glancing at her brother before Auraya spoke again.
She shook her head in answer and in unison with Kyle. "No, we didn't really have plans. I was just hanging out for a bit, I guess. I'll probably just go after lunch though, so..." she said, smiling pleasantly, but finding no other words.

Kyle broke the silence a second later and smiled at his sister. "Auraya, this is Leena, my baby sister. Leena, this is my girlfriend," he said. By that, Leena would know he was serious about Auraya.
"Lunch? You know it's your turn to cook, right?" He said, grinning at the younger girl.
"I know, butthead," she said like a child, smiling at the pair of them.

Kyle grinned as Leena left to the kitchen. "I think she likes you."

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Rebecca May | 74 comments Auraya hadn't realized until now how truly different today was from everything she'd ever done, ever been through. Not only had she woken up - clothed - in the arms of a man that she actually cared about, here she was wearing one of his shirts and about to meet his little sister. And Auraya didn't think that Kyle knew how much that meant to her. Even those men who she'd thought had meant something, for a little while, had never let her meet their families. Auraya took a deep breath, and followed Kyle down the stairs.

As the girl stood up from the couch, Auraya noticed the all-too-familiar flicker as Leena's vision moved quickly up and down her body, appraising her critically. Auraya decided not to make anything of it - she was well used to being sized up by people, and she supposed it was only Leena's right as a sister to get a good look at the woman who'd just come out of her brothers bedroom. She nodded politely as Leena's words as she shook the girls hand, quickly looking her over in turn. Leena's handshake was strong and she was quite pretty. Of course, that was only to be expected, if Kyle's looks ran in the family...

Kyle introduced the two of them, and Auraya's heart did a little flip inside her as he called her his girlfriend. Nice to know he felt the same way she did. "Pleased to meet you," Auraya said, smiling reassuringly in Kyle's direction. She fell silent as the two siblings bantered with each other, and her ruby mouth fell open slightly at Leena's last exchange. She turned to Kyle with a magnificently raised eyebrow as the younger girl went into the kitchen. Auraya was glad Leena liked her, but she had other things on her mind. "Butthead?" she asked, her face completely straight. But Auraya couldn't keep her dignity together any more, and she doubled over with a loud peal of laughter, hands pressed to her stomach as she laughed. Through her giggles she sent something that might just have passed for an apologetic look in Kyle's direction, and eventually stopped laughing, gasping a little. "Maybe you should have warned me about that one," Auraya reprimanded him jokingly, trying to get her normal confident and flirtatious demeanour back.

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Holly (peachylee20) ((UGH! I forgot that I hadn't replied to this yet! Did I forget something else too?! I'll have to check!))

Leena stepped into the kitchen, her shoes clicking on the floor as she took bread from the cabinet and sat it on the middle island. She could hear Kyle's girlfriend laughing from the living room, and she smiled to herself. Maybe the girl had more to her than looks. Leena decided she wouldn't be judgmental of the girl, seeing as Kyle thought highly enough of her to introduce the girl to his baby sister. Leena took the lunch meat from the fridge and fixed her and Kyle's lunch plates quickly. She considered going back and asking Auraya how she wanted her food, but she decided not to, simply making a plate and hoping that she liked it.
She took everything to the table and set out their glasses too, leaving out a jug of fruit juice and sweet tea.

In the living room, Kyle raised his own eyebrow toward Auraya, a silly smile playing along his lips. He smiled wider when she spoke, and lifted his shoulders in a shrug. "Yeah!" he simply said, laughing along with her, although more at her reaction to the encounter than to the word. It was cute. They laughed for a long moment, simply being happy with each other while Leena clinked around in the kitchen. It really was going to be a wonderful day, Kyle could tell. He grinned and nodded. "Other words you might hear today are poopyhead, meanie, and 'it's not fair'." He said taking her hand.

He led her into the kitchen to see Leena putting their plates on the circular table in the far side of the room. He smiled, saying "Thank you sister" as they all sat down.
"No problem," said Leena, "I hope you like your food, Auraya. I didn't know what you might eat," She said, pouring her a large glass of tea.

Kyle eagerly took a bite from his sandwich, seeing as lunch was his breakfast today, and he was fairly hungry. Pouring his own glass of tea he nodded. "Leena, guess where we ate last night?"
Kyle grinned mysteriously, glancing at Auraya. "You tell her!"

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Rebecca May | 74 comments The sound of Kyle's laughter sounded wonderful to Auraya, as she watched the smile playing across his sensual lips. His good looks were really very distracting, no matter how many times she told herself she was supposed to be the distracting one. Auraya's eyebrow rose even higher - if that was possible - as Kyle decided to warn her about the other things she might hear today. She lowered her eyebrow and shook her head sadly as Kyle took her hand. "You poor man," she replied. On an impulse she leaned forward and took his earlobe between her teeth, biting very gently, after making sure they weren't visible from the kitchen. Letting go, she whispered into his ear; "It's okay, I promise I won't ever call you anything like that, stud." Only then did Auraya step back and allow her new boyfriend to lead her into the kitchen.

Auraya sat down at the circular table with graceful poise, nodding her thanks to Leena as she did. "I'm not all that fussy," she replied. "Though I'm sure my looks have implied I am, on more than one occasion," she said, giving an apologetic shrug and tossing her pale golden hair over one shoulder. She winked at Kyle, remembering how their first night together she'd told him she'd only keep him around if he was interesting. Sitting back comfortably in the chair Auraya took a bit of her lunch, and sipped appreciatively at the tea before Kyle glanced at her.

She grinned, and looked at Leena. "If I'd known it was going to give him such a big head, I'd never have let him take me there," she teased. "He took me to Lupe de Luna," Auraya clarified at Leena's questioning glance, and then waited for her reaction.

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Holly (peachylee20) ((AH! I forgot about this. :O ))

Kyle had been having so much fun watching how Auraya reacted with the way he and Leena battered with each other that he forgot how, frankly, sexy she was. He grinned down at her as she leaned up to bite his ear. He'd always thought such a thing was a bit odd, but coming from Auraya it was the most stirringly beautiful thing ever. He nearly turned around and dragged her right back to the bedroom, but dadgum, his sister.

Once in the kitchen, Kyle tugged a little on his ear, trying to get the tingles that were shooting down his neck to cease.

Leena watched Auraya carefully, and decided she wasn't that bad. Taking a thoughtful bite from her lunch she grinned and pretended not to notice Auraya's wink. She watched them and giggled slightly at the way they talked with each other. It seemed so friendly.
Auraya finally gave up their location of dinner, and she gave an impressed expression to the pair. "Wow! Why don't you ever take me there, Kyle?" She asked.

"'Cuz, she's pretty," he said, pointing at Auraya with a silly grin along his lips.

Leena stuck her tongue out at him and grinned. "How was the food? I've heard that the restaurant looks better than the food tastes."

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Auraya had to stop herself holding a hand to her heart as Kyle's charming grin flashed across his handsome face, and her heart did a couple of little somersaults in response. Still she leaned forward to take his ear between her teeth and whisper too him, trying not to smile triumphantly. She knew the effect she must be having on him, but unfortunately there were other things to think about at the moment. Auraya tossed her pale golden hair and followed Kyle through to the kitchen, smiling prettily as she noticed her boyfriend touch where she'd bitten him.

The golden-haired woman turned her attention back to the sister as she sat down, noticing that Leena was watching her and Kyle closely. Auraya didn't have a problem with it; she was used to being watched. She laughed at Leena's excessively impressed expression, and took another demure bite of her food. Her smile widened as Kyle called her pretty. "Flatterer," she chided gently, but still unable to stop smiling.

"The food was actually amazing," Auraya replied to Leena's question, tugging on the bottom of Kyle's t-shirt to straighten it over her slender torso. "But the restaurant looked... beautiful. You know, your brother looked quite good himself," Auraya mused, suppressing a grin as she shot a look at Kyle with her emerald eyes. "Did you help him choose the outfit?" she asked Leena, taking a sip from her drink. It was strange not to see lipstick or lip-gloss coming off on the rim, but Auraya shrugged mentally, supposing she looked good enough without it.

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