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message 1: by Apsana (new)

Apsana | 30 comments Mod
We are going to finish The Dawn of the Aspects in June, and we plan to read the Vol'Jin novel in July. Anyone want to suggest a book for August?

message 2: by Willy (new)

Willy (hota) | 12 comments The Shattering!? That might be a good one for everyone to get the background on Garrosh coming into warchief. Even though I have relive the my Tauren sadness

message 3: by Boyya (new)

Boyya | 7 comments Finish the War of the Ancients, we still need to do book 3.

message 4: by Apsana (new)

Apsana | 30 comments Mod
We are finishing Book 3 now.

message 5: by Scott (new)

Scott Kostohryz | 2 comments Arthas is one of my favorite Warcraft Novels. Its fills in the lore gaps of Warcraft three pretty well.

message 6: by Apsana (new)

Apsana | 30 comments Mod
How about The Shattering for August and Arthas for September? Anybody interested in coming on the podcast to talk about those books? If you suggested it, you get first dibs. :-) You need an external microphone and an opinion to come on the cast.

message 7: by Willy (new)

Willy (hota) | 12 comments I would love to come back on and talk about any of them! but dibs the Shattering :)

message 8: by Deacon (new)

Deacon (Deacon_binder) | 9 comments I really can't wait to see what they are going to do with Vol'jin. We are headed into a messy civil war that may take us through the next xpac

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

Great, I'm not too late too read Vol'jin with you guys. War of the ancients was fantastic, I was reading on the train even if I only had to go a couple of stops!

message 10: by Apsana (new)

Apsana | 30 comments Mod
Got my Vol'Jin book in the mail yesterday! Holding back starting cause I want to read it on vacation. It is hard to wait though!

message 11: by Apsana (new)

Apsana | 30 comments Mod

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