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message 1: by Aumee (new)

Aumee | 39 comments Hi guys!! I got this notice and i thought some of you writers out there might be interested. Check it out

As we anxiously wait for the February issue of Monsoon Letters to come out, need I remind you that there is a March issue itching to be written upon.

The turnout was fairly good this time around and everyone who has submitted his/her work will automatically be notified about his/her entry in the Monsoon Letters website. We will upload the works you have given us along with your name and then send you a special password so that you can log in, upload pictures, edit your bio-data and reedit your work if need be. For those of you whose works didn't make it to this issue, these will be reconsidered in the next one :)

The March issue is all about women. And empowerment of course. We are on the lookout for translations, poetry, musings, photo-stories, drawings and more. The International Women's Day is here people, so get to work! The deadline is February 20th, so please, either post your work in the relevant thread, or email them at: or

And now for a special announcement: Monsoon Letters is about to launch Cafe Monsoon; a get-together of artists, writers and musicians at a certain time every month at a certain location.

Anyone and everyone is invited, and we will only be charged a minimal fee of Tk. 20/= which will go into our Trust Fund. Artists are encouraged to bring in their works to display to the crowds, musicians are welcome to come and perform, poets and writers are invited to read out their write-ups.

The opening of Cafe Monsoon is on the 15th of February at 6:00 p.m. at House # 80, Road # 23/A, Banani. Directions: Take the straight road opposite of Banani Bazaar, keep on going straight and keep a lookout on your left.

Also, Monsoon Letters is starting a book club, which will also hold its first meeting on the 15th at the same venue at around 5:00 p.m.. The Book of the Month for February is "A Golden Age" by Tahmima Anam.. so happy reading!

message 2: by Russell (last edited Jan 24, 2008 07:13AM) (new)

Russell John (russelljohn) | 40 comments Mod
Cool initiative... best of luck!

Do you have a website already? If not I can help developing it, as well as help with the domain registration and hosting issues.

message 3: by Aumee (new)

Aumee | 39 comments no no no!
amar idea ba kichu na
ei notice amake ek jon pataise
so i thought amader group er jodi keu intrested thake...tai post korsi.

message 4: by Russell (new)

Russell John (russelljohn) | 40 comments Mod
Oh, so you're not a part of this book club?

message 5: by Aumee (new)

Aumee | 39 comments no, not yet.
hobo bhabtesi...but hoi nai ekhono.

message 6: by Russell (new)

Russell John (russelljohn) | 40 comments Mod
Okay, go head and find out how they run the club... then we can have our own someday ;)

I mean to say, when the number of member increases in this group, we can turn this into a real life group... of book readers and enthusiasts... we can all meet once a month, talk about new books, fight on who's a better author, an so on... I think I would be really nice.

Anyway, what do you think?

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