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Antonia (adf7793) Dagger had just gotten off of patrol and decided to head to the pack house for a quick lunch. Lucas had started to ask him to meet him somewhere through the link then just stopped mid request with a never mind. It was unlike his cousin...it worried Dagger, but not enough for him to go looking for Lucas himself. He sent a few scouts out to where he believe Lucas was, but Dagger needed to start on paperwork. That was one thing their alpha always forgot...the paperwork. So as beta it fell to Dagger to pick up that duty. Which he didn't mind.

Most people believed that Dagger was just a mindless brute, that actually couldn't be further from the truth. He just didn't talk to people outside his pack much. Why would he? His pack was his life, defending them was his duty...duty was truly the only thing that mattered to him at the moment. Maybe when...if he ever found his mate things would be different. Finding your mate was something that rarely happened anymore. Walking into the kitchen he pulled out the needed requirements for a sandwich, he was hopeless when it came to cooking. He could burn the house down using the microwave...yeah it was that bad.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Now while, Katherine had her own house, she much rather preferred to be at the pack house. She liked the hustle and bustle of the wolves as they ran through, grabbing a nap on the couch, or a sandwich before racing back out on patrol again or whatever it was that they had to do. Naturally with her love of companionship and being around her pack, she was often found at the pack house. Which was why she had been stretched out along the couch watching TV in the theater. Upon hearing the sound of a door though, followed by the shuffled movements of someone in the kitchen her curiosity got the best of her.

Rolling off the couch and onto her feet, Katherine headed out of the room and off towards the kitchen, curious as to what might be being made. Entering the open top of the line kitchen area to find Dagger? There went her hopes of food. Everyone knew Dagger didn't cook. Looking over the counter she wrinkled her nose and leaned against the wood of the doorway. "A sandwich? That's hardly enough to keep kid weres full, let alone were's as big as you Dagger." Smiling she stepped up to the counter and waved her hands at him, shooing him away as if his very presence in the kitchen was a danger to the entire house.

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Antonia (adf7793) Dagger heard her coming long before she made her presence known to him, of course he knew it was Kat. She normally came into the kitchen if someone else was in it, she could eat almost if not as much as he could. However, Dagger could never figure out where she put it all, the girl was nearly the size of his pinky. That and he was used to the sounds of her footsteps, she was around the pack house all the time. Which wasn't surprising as she had become like a little sister to Lucas over the years. She had even become like family to him, though that weren't as close as she and the alpha were. "If you're hoping for something good to eat, the wrong person is in the kitchen." He chuckled lightly, it was an unofficial house rule that he wasn't allowed in the kitchen. No one ever tried to stop him...not that they could really, he was well built.

"Hey! I could attempted to make something else, but a sandwich is probably my safest bet. I chose to starve so that others may live, I'm a giver Kat...you know that." A giver? Hardly. Unless it was punishments, he usually dealt them out as beta when Lucas couldn't get around it. That didn't mean that Dagger was a bad guy, he just took his title seriously.

He snorted as she tried to shoo him from the kitchen, and chose to sit in one of the chairs in front of the counter instead. Out of everyone, besides Lucas, Kat was probably the one he didn't argue with. He didn't know why, it had always just been that way. "Are you going to cook for me?" He raised his brow in surprise, he was trying not to get his hopes up.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay "Oh yes, you're the most giving person I know." Smirking slightly she pulled open the fridge and took out a can of root beer. Cracking it open she took a sip before smiling as he moved from the counter and over towards one of the chairs at the counter. Setting her drink down on the counter she was probably one of the few wolves in the pack who wasn't fearful of Dagger. Even if he was the beta wolf and even if she hadn't been as close as she was to Lucas, she just wasn't scared of Dagger. In fact it took a lot to scare her, and for all his brawn and seriousness, Dagger wasn't scary. Stronger, yes. Intimidating to her? No.

"Of course I'm going to cook for you, can't let the Beta go hungry. Our pack needs you to run smoothly." Smiling she shrugged before leaning across the counter slightly and smiled at him, "So what are you hungry for?" Unlike Dagger, Katherine was a good cook. Since she was cooking she was glad she'd worn comfortable jean shorts and a plain faded blue t-shirt, that would make it a lot easier to cook. Looking across the counter at Dagger she was only reminded of how short and small she was compared to most of the wolves in the pack. Taking another drink of her root beer she paused and then furrowed her brows, "So what's new with Lucas? Is there something happening?" Curiosity laced her voice, especially since it was Lucas. He was practically her brother.

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Antonia (adf7793) "Even though you're being sarcastic, I'm sort of pleased with your comment, Kat." Dagger grinned over at her, her opinions had been of the few that he actually considered worthy of thought. Most she-wolves avoided him because he was intimidating to them, or never left him alone because he was the beta among other things. Kat wasn't even phased by him, it was rather refreshing to him. That's why he liked when she was around, it was just two people hanging out, and he didn't have to walk on eggshells around her.

Honestly Dagger was pleasantly surprised, Katherine's cooking was like heaven on Earth...at least he thought so. "I'm sure the pack would be fine without me, but if being Beta gets you to cook for me more, I'll have to play that card more often," He flashed her a teasing grin, "I'm good with anything you want to make, you know I'm not picky." It was true, beggars can't be choosers and Dagger would eat anything. He was a growing werewolf, food in general was his type, and as much as he worked out he had to eat more than usual to keep up his strength.

When she asked about Lucas, he simply sighed and raked his hand through his hair. His cousin had gone AWOL, and Dagger hadn't heard back from the scouts yet. He knew Lucas was okay though, they would be able to feel if their alpha was in danger. "He's had a group of sentinels following around that caster girl, not Legion but her twin. Ever since she came back to town...it's like he's obsessed...I think that--" Dagger didn't finish the sentence, werewolves and casters, he didn't like the thought much.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Since she figured he wouldn't care what she made, Katherine pushed away from the counter and instead, started to move around the kitchen. Taking out a few mixing bowls and spoons as she smirked, "Only in part. Being sarcastic that is." She was only being half sarcastic with her giver comment, as Dagger really was a giver. He was the beta and she knew the did a lot of the tasks that Lucas got too busy to do, or didn't want to do. Like paperwork or punishing pack members. It must've been hard on Dagger, after all the guy may have been the beta, but with his strict love of the rules...well it made a lot of the other wolves somewhat wary around Dagger.

"Glad to know you won't care. That means pancakes." Why pancakes? Because they were easy to make, they tasted good, and it was never a bad time for pancakes. At least that was what Katherine thought anyway. "And you know I couldn't care less if you were Beta or not." Shrugging she pulled out a box of blueberries from the fridge along with strawberries and soon the fruits were accompanied by a bad of M&M's. Starting to make pancake mix she listened to Dagger talk about the sentinels following the twin caster girl. Lynx? Wasn't that her name?

She didn't pause, finishing Dagger's sentence for him. "Mates." Trailing off slightly she paused, for a moment the sound of the spoon mixing the pancake batter the only thing that could be heard aside from their breathing before Katherine started speaking again. "Well it could be worse. I mean it's not horrible if they are. At least Lucas is happy." There wasn't a doubt in her mind that it would cause some strife, but if the Alpha was happy, most wolves would be okay with it. Or at least make themselves okay with it. The idea wasn't exactly a good thing....but it could be an 'okay' thing.

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Antonia (adf7793) He smiled when she informed him that she was only being partly teasing with her comment. Once again his spirits were picked up with a simple sentence from her. His job was stressful, it was true, and at times he hated it. But Dagger knew that it wasn't a position that most wolves could do...properly anyways. Everyone wanted the title but they didn't want the requirements or the responsibility that went with it. Dagger would do what was necessary to keep the pack, no his family, safe.

After the deaths of his parents, his little brother Spencer and the pack was all that he had. Lucas' family had taken them in, but it just wasn't the same. It was easier to move on from a death if it wasn't directly connected to you. "You make the best pancakes...even better than Amy from the diner, but I'll deny I ever said if you tell her." He was only half way joking, Amy had been know to cook for him when he was out on late night patrol. He didn't want to insult her or her culinary skills in any way. Everyone knew she did it because she had a thing for him, and Dagger felt bad but he always made sure that she knew nothing would happen between them.

It wasn't that Amy wasn't pretty, she was, even more than pretty really. But she wasn't his mate, and Dagger didn't have the time nor the will for a causal relationship. Maybe that was wrong of him but he didn't see the sense in starting something you knew you would never finish. "I don't like it, the casters still blame us for the attack on her. While it was something horrible that never should have happened, a lot of lives have been lost because of the actions of one rogue. On both sides..." Dagger was rather bias on the subject, as casters were responsible for the deaths of his parents.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay As she made the pancakes she paused and looked up, looking at Dagger's face trying to read him for a moment. She knew of his past. Of the fact that his parents had been killed by casters, that after that all he had left was Spencer and the pack. She knew what it was like trying to overcome a death like that. The loss of one's parents. Yeah she knew that. Sighing under her breath she went back to cooking the pancakes and listening to his compliment.

"Don't worry, your secret's safe with me." Smirking she flipped a few pancakes on three different plates. Pointing at the plates she labeled each of them, "Blueberry, M&M, and Strawberry." She didn't care which ones he ate, whatever he didn't eat she could put in the fridge and some other wolf would come along and eat it at some point in the day. Thinking of Amy though she knew of the fact that Amy held a torch for Dagger, it was part of the reason the girl always took the late night shift at the diner. It was just another curiosity of Dagger, why he didn't have any sort of relationships. Katherine figured it was because he didn't want to waste time when he knew it wouldn't go anywhere.

That was a difference. Katherine had had her fair share of boyfriends. They were always humans and they always broke up with her before she broke up with them, but in Katherine's mind there was no harm in dating before she found her mate. If she found her mate. Finding one's mate was hard, and she wasn't patient enough to wait around. At his talk about the casters though she nodded, "yeah that was terrible though. And you know it would've been the same....if Lucas had a sister and she'd been attacked like that by a caster? War would've started then to." Sighing she nodded and bit her lip, "But maybe....maybe this is an end to the war. Stop the deaths and all that. So no one else has to die anymore...." Trailing off she shrugged and bit her lip, taking a sip of her root beer. Katherine had never liked the war, and maybe now they could stop it.

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Antonia (adf7793) Dagger felt her eyes on him and he glanced up at her, the way she looked at him sometimes made him feel like he could read him like an open book. He knew about her parents, he wished that he could have been there for her the way that Lucas had been. No one would have understood how she felt more than he would've but it had been so close to the anniversary of his own parents' death that he couldn't. Dagger wasn't as strong as he portrayed himself to be sometimes and that time was one of them.

"I know I can trust you, Katherine." He used her full name to left her know that he was serious. Normally he just called her Kat, mainly because he found it humorous that a werewolf was closely related to a dog. "Amy is a great girl, and any guy would be lucky to have her as a mate...but she's not mine. And quite frankly I just don't have the time. If Lucas did fins his mate, he's going to be going through the honeymoon phase and that means even more work for me." He sighed, this was going to be great, with the territory breaches this was just what they needed. He was all about pack safety, in fact he probably took the rules a little too serious. That's just how he was, Dagger couldn't change that about himself.

"Maybe, but I think that it could have been handled differently. We had no control over the rogue or his action, and I truly have no idea why Lucas hasn't told the casters that we killed him. We don't fault their pet vampires for the actions of their rogues, plenty of good people have been slaughtered because of rogue vampires." Maybe Dagger was over thinking the issue at hand, he just didn't like that the casters had blamed their whole species for the actions of one. "I have to admit that I would be glad if it stopped the war, but I don't know if I could ever trust them." He rubbed the back of his neck before walking over to pile a plate high with pancakes. Food would make him feel better, it always did especially if Kat made it. The girl was a culinary genius, he had no clue how she was so gifted at cooking but he never questioned it. He was just thankful anytime she made him food. Yes, it was that good.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay There was a bit of shocker, the use of her full name was enough to draw her eyes up to his in surprise. Hardly anyone called her Katherine. It was always Kat. People found it humorous. A were named Kat? C'mon how could that not be funny. So yeah the use of her full name was a bit surprising. Usually people only used it when they were mad at her or really wanted her attention. Although the use of it was shocking, it wasn't completely uncomfortable coming from Dagger. She supposed that was just because he was Dagger though, he was the beta and she'd always been comfortable hanging around him.

"With all the work you do for Lucas, you'll never find your mate. She's not going to be under a stack of paperwork." She smirked slightly and started to clean up the mess from making the pancakes. "Amy is great...." It was the truth. Amy was wonderful, nice, pretty, smart. Any wolf would be happy to have her as their mate. "You have to have some fun Dagger, life isn't all about duty. I'm sure that the pack is strong enough to survive a couple of hours during a day while you take a break and do something fun."

Shrugging she leaned against the counter with the sink, her back pressing into the counter-top as she looked over at Dagger, her eyes meeting his as she spoke. "They don't know how we work. They don't know the tight bonds of being in a pack, it's not the same as being in a coven or whatever. They don't realize what it's like and Lucas....well maybe he doesn't want to tell them because he knows it won't fix the situation. If Lynx becomes the Alpha Female, we won't have much choice but to learn to like and trust her and her coven members." It wasn't a great truth to face, but it was true. "I don't expect it to end overnight, but working towards an end and an understanding with them......starting to think about it now, might not be such a bad idea." She shrugged again and fell silent, knowing it really wasn't her place to be telling off her opinions of what the pack should do. She was just a protector, not of any rank to have authority in the pack as to what it should do in terms of the war.

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Antonia (adf7793) Dagger saw the shock on her face after he used her full name and he couldn't help but to chuckle. It was true, not very many people used her full name. It stuck him as odd how he didn't. He called everyone by their full name, everyone...except for her. He hadn't realized that until just now. Maybe it was because he was closer to her than others. But that didn't really make sense because he called Lucas his full name instead of Luke, and he said Spencer instead of Spence. He did feel more at ease with Kat though, he didn't have to prove anything to her...or be anything other than himself. He wasn't her big brother, or her second in command...well not that she cared anyways. To Kat he was just Dagger, a packmate, he had always liked that about her.

He threw his head back in laughter as she teased him about finding his mate, "Please if I didn't do the work it would never get done, Lucas is hopeless when it comes to paperwork." He shook his head and walked over to help her clean up the kitchen, it was something that his father had always done for his mother and it just stuck with Dagger. "Amy is great, but she's not my mate, Kat. I can't start something I know I'll never be able to finish...it's wrong." His father had done that. Started a relationship with a girl that he had grown up with, they dated for over three years. Then one day his father found his mate...Dagger's mother. Like in most cases it was love at first sight and his girlfriend wasn't happy about that. Not that he blamed her for being unhappy it was understandable, but when his father attempted to break it off with her...she killed herself. Dagger couldn't do that to someone that he was supposed to love, so he stayed away from dating until he found his mate.

If he ever found his mate that was, if not...well he had more than enough work to keep him busy just like Kat said. "It might not fix the situation, but it would help. If I am forced to be in an alliance with them I will be, I am loyal to my pack and I will be until my last breath," Dagger rubbed the back on his neck before continuing, "My trust is earned...not freely given. I can't just blindly trust someone who has been our enemies for years, just because one of them is our alpha's mate." The will of one may not be the will of others, her family has hated werewolves and shifters from the moment she left FallenVale. Hate like that isn't erase over night...hate like that was next to impossible to get over.

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( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay "Well you don't have to date, but you should do something fun. Everytime I see you, you're doing business, about to go do business, or you're just getting back from doing pack business. I don't know how you manage to even sleep with all the work you're doing." Shaking her head in disapproval and disbelief at how he managed it, Katherine shrugged as she put the dishes in the sink to be washed later. "You don't have to help me clean, Dagger. I like to clean up, it gives me something to do." That was the truth too, Katherine always liked to have something to do with her hands or something, she wasn't one for just sitting there. Even when watching a movie she usually was fiddling with something. It helped her relax.

"You need to get out there. Go roller-skating or something." At the mental image of Dagger roller-skating though, Kat couldn't help but crack a smile. She couldn't imagine Dagger skating about at a roller-rink or even just down the street. "Well maybe not roller-skating." She amended and then shrugged her shoulders as he talked about the possibility of an alliance. Sighing she leaned back against the counter, biting her lip, shoulders slumping slightly. Dagger was different in the way he trusted, for him it was earned. For Katherine? Well she gave everyone a chance, no matter who they were they had a chance with her trust. If they broke it though, then they had no chance at redemption. "She's not just one of them Dagger, she's basically the coven queen or whatever. It definitely puts Lucas in a tough bind." Chewing on her lip slightly she wished that it was that simple. That the hate between the two could just be erased.

Letting out a sigh she forced a slight smile and then shrugged, "Guess we'll just have to see how things play out, right? Hopefully you won't have a ton of paperwork to deal with about it." Laughing slightly she turned on the sink to start washing off the dishes to be put in the dishwasher, hoping that Dagger would just go sit and eat rather than head off to do paperwork or something. After opening the dishwasher and putting the dishes inside she straightened and then turned to him with a smile, "I've decided. I'm going to make you have fun. Whether you like it or not."

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Antonia (adf7793) Dagger simply rolled his eyes as she tried to get him to go sit down, he was going to help whether she wanted him to or not. That's just the way that he was, he couldn't help it. He stopped what he was doing at the mention of rollerblading, his eyes cut to her with disbelief. Him. Rollerblading? Yeah...no, that had disaster written all over it, in giant neon letters. "I do get out and do things. Like...like..." Dagger started to defend himself but honestly he couldn't think of anything that he did besides work. But that was fun for him...wasn't it? He didn't mind it. "I work out, that's fun for me!" He said quickly as the thought popped into his mind, that was one thing that he always had time for.

"Okay so besides that, I don't much." He admitted reluctantly, who knew he was such a boring person? Certainly not him, but then no one ever really saw the flaws in themselves until it was pointed out to them by someone else. "So what do you do for fun?" Dagger wondered out loud, he never really seen Kat unless she was at the pact house. That wasn't saying much though, he was rarely here as it was.

He snorted when Kat called the caster the coven queen, "I suppose, though I wonder how they are going to feel about her just popping back up after all this time?" She might be the strongest of her coven, save her twin sister, but that didn't mean that loyalty couldn't have wavered after all this time. Kat was right when she said that covens didn't work the way that packs did. Packs where family, period. Loyal to the end. He didn't know how it worked with the casters, but he doubted it was the same.

He narrowed his eyes at her as she playfully threatened him, "Oh yeah, and just how do you think you're going to manage that...little one?" He hadn't used that nickname for her in a long time, not since they were much younger. Kat had always been little, she still was, more so compared to him.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay "Working out is not fun. It's healthy. Fun would be like bungee jumping or motorcycle riding. That is fun. Swinging on a swing is fun. Exercise is......not." Wrinkling her nose at the idea she shook her head, as though she couldn't believe that he considered that to be fun. "You're deprived of fun, and it's going to be up to me to help you see the light of the fun side. I do fun things all the time.....but maybe we shouldn't do motorcycling, I don't really know how to do that. That was just because Gary gave me a ride."

Pausing a moment to straighten the hand towel on the counter she turned to him at his question of what she did for fun. "I do a lot of things for fun. So long as it doesn't involve water, I'm willing to do it. You'd be amazed at what I've done. I've gone para-sailing." Smiling a bit triumphantly she took a drink of her root beer, listening to him talk about the coven loyalties.

"Yeah, but her twin will not just shun her sister. So she'll still be in coven authority. I mean....if they are mates....well," To be honest, Katherine didn't know much about the mate process. She knew what it was like for the spark feeling and she knew what it was like for wolves, but did it feel the same for those of other species? "I mean....would she feel the same way? That.....extreme loyalty? Especially with Luke being a wolf? I mean she might harbor resentment.....what if she rejects him?" With this new horror in mind she frowned, brows furrowing in concern at this new horrifying idea.

She was brought back from worrying too much though, surely Lucas' mate wouldn't reject him. Right? At the use of her old nickname she frowned slightly, in a more sarcastic pouting way rather than in actual irritation. "Hey, that's hardly fair, it's not like I chose my height. You're just giant." Smirking slightly she shrugged, "I can't tell you how I'd make you hang out with me and have fun. If I did that I'd be like a Bond Villain and you'd just figure out how to avoid me." She already figured she could get him to spend at least an afternoon with her through bribery of food, and if that didn't work, well.... she could always pester him until he eventually relented. She'd figure out some sort of way to get him to loosen up and relax even if it killed her.

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Antonia (adf7793) "Working out is fun, it releases endorphins which make you happy. When you're happy you have fun." Dagger crossed his arms and smirked down at her, it was a weak point, but a point nonetheless. "Besides, some of us can be as lucky as you with your high metabolism." Of course that was a joke, all werewolves had a high metabolism, but with Kat it was unnatural how she could manage to eat the way that she did and not gain an ounce. Most girls...hell, all girls would kill for that ability. "Gary...?" Dagger had never heard of this Gary, he could swear that there wasn't anyone by that name in there pack. Could it be a human? Kat was known to date humans. Why? Dagger wasn't sure, and he had never asked. They were too fragile for his tastes though.

"I didn't mean her twin, I meant her coven." He couldn't see the twin refusing her sister, everyone knew the girl...Legion was loyal to a fault. It was the rest of the casters that he was worried about. He didn't know how it worked with those who were more human than beast like them, but if someone who was supposed to be alpha ran off then came back out of the blue. Well it wouldn't be pretty. Packs didn't work like that, you had to earn your place here it wasn't just given to you by birth. But then again, maybe Dagger didn't know what he was talking about. Perhaps the coven queen, as Kat had called her, did in fact earn her place. He didn't know, and unless he supposed to he didn't care about it.

"I don't know...it's different for people who aren't a werewolf or a shifter. They are more human than you or I, so it's easier for them to resist the pull of the mating bond. To us it's a need, something that we have to do...to them, it's a suggestion." That's why it was causing Dagger to worry so much. If Lynx rejected Lucas she would barely feel a thing, but he would be damaged beyond repair. Rejection wasn't something that one got over, it would ruin their alpha and in turn it could ruin their pack.

"I am a giant...but I didn't choose my height either little one." Dagger grinned down at her, "Trust me, if I wanted to avoid you I could, I'm the beta for a reason." He was teasing her, he could think of worse things than spending time with her.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Katherine smiled at him and shrugged her shoulders and wrinkled her nose, "Well exercise isn't what majority of people would consider fun, even if it does release endorphins. So it doesn't count." Turning to him she stuck out her tongue at him before smirking triumphantly at him as if she had won a challenge rather than just discerning that most people didn't think exercise was fun. Kat did exercise, although most people didn't know it, she didn't do anything else other than running though. "Gary. Gary Talbot, he's a hunter for the pack." Smirking at him she laughed a bit, figuring he just didn't spend enough time with the pack to know all of their names by heart.

"Yeah, I know, but if her twin accepts her, and her twin is still leader of the coven, most of the coven would accept her too. I mean...Lynx didn't leave her coven completely on it's own. Her sister was there to take care of the coven." Shrugging, she knew it was different with a pack. If Lucas just took off, well it wouldn't turn out good, but that was because there wasn't another Alpha in the pack. It was just Lucas. Even with Dagger the pack would be thrown into complete chaos.

It was different. "Do you think...." She didn't have to finish her sentence to know what she was asking. Did Dagger think Lucas would be rejected. "I mean....he's a wolf....and with her past....." Biting her lip she frowned not liking the idea. If Lynx rejected Lucas.....it would destroy their pack. Just what the casters would want in the war. Furrowing her brow in worry about what would happen she shook her head. "She can't just do that though....right? Maybe that's why he's been MIA, he's trying to woo her. Get her to like him and accept their mate bond."

"And you may not have chosen your height, but you're so muscular it only makes you look more like a giant." At his comment about avoiding her she smirked and shook her head, "Don't think so, Lucas tried that often enough when we were kids and he could never shake me off." She shrugged and then finishing her root beer crossed the kitchen to throw it out.

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Antonia (adf7793) "Well I consider working out to be fun, you lazy bum." Dagger returned her smile bumping her side slightly with his, "So I think it should count." He crossed his arms and arched an attractive brow at her, turning to sit back down on the bar stool next to the counter. Gary Talbot? A hunter for the pack...it wasn't exactly odd that Dagger didn't know him, as Beta he worked more closely with the sentinels than any other rank within the pack. The hunters trained under the lead hunter, and she was good at her job so he never had to interfere. However, that did mean that he needed to spend more time with the lower ranking wolves, as Beta he should know every member of the pack.

"From what I've heard about Legion she's not going to push her sister away, but that doesn't mean that the rest of her coven will welcome her back so easily. I mean if an Alpha left and then came back..." Dagger didn't finish the sentence, they both knew if an alpha left and tried to comeback he would probably be killed. That's generally how things worked within a pack, thankfully it seemed that it didn't work that way with covens. "You're probably right Kat, I'm just reading too much into this...I'm sure everything will be fine.

"I don't know if she will...but I hope for Lucas' sake and for the sake of the pack that she doesn't." Dagger frowned with the caster's past there was a chance that she could reject him. "I'm sure it is the reason why Lynx is the very proud owner of her own personal werewolf army. He's had some of our best trailing...making sure she was alright for the past week." Dagger chuckled softly and shook his head Lucas was putting a lot of effort in to his possible future relationship with the female caster.

"Well, I hardly hear people complain about me being muscular." Dagger gave her a cocky smirk as he teased her about his physique. "Lucas doesn't have the skills that I do, darling." He winked at her and watched as she walked over to the trash can, "I have some free time today, so if you had anything in mind I'm available."

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Wrinkling her nose slightly she stuck out her tongue in Dagger's general direction, before smirking and shrugging her shoulders. "Well that's just because you're weird. All those hours spent on paperwork? I'd be shocked if you weren't a bit fuzzy up there." Twirling her finger around the side of her head and indicating that he was crazy she smiled, teasing him and his passion for working out and spending all his time devoted to the pack. Truthfully she admired the dedication he had to the pack, but she'd tease him relentlessly on it rather than admit that.

"If I had a sister, let alone a twin, I know I wouldn't be able to push her away. I certainly as hell wouldn't be able to do it to Lucas." She shrugged and then bit her lip, knowing that statement to be true. Even if he had left and then came back, she wouldn't be able to harm him. Chances are that she would've tried to protect him in some way. She was weak in that way. She'd never be able to hurt another pack member, unless they had done something completely despicable like murder children or something like that. No need to share that information though.

"It'd be near impossible for her to reject him.” Katherine smiled and shrugged her shoulders, “I mean, Lucas is attractive, plus we all know he can be pretty damn charming if he wanted to be. She’d have to be something a little less than normal to downright reject him, especially if he’s doing all he can to woo her.” Not that Katherine had ever thought of Lucas in that kind of light, but she knew what other wolves thought about him or even other shifters and humans. Lucas was a great guy and any girl would be lucky to have a guy like him. Smiling she couldn’t keep the teasing tone out of her voice as she spoke, “Well, to be truthful, werewolves are just darned near perfect.” Winking she smirked, obviously teasing in that direction. Although most werewolves were pretty attractive, it wasn’t just because of the werewolf gene.

At Dagger’s swagger filled smirk she rolled her eyes, a slight smile still on her lips. “Well, I wasn’t necessarily complaining, I was just saying you’re entirely gigantic compared to me.” Sticking out her tongue for a moment she listened to him boast about his skills before nodding, “Oh? I’m sure it’s very hard to hold onto those lovely paperwork skills you possess.” The smirk on her lips stretched into a smile as she revealed that his afternoon was free. “Alright. Great. How do you feel about sky diving?” She smiled wanting to gauge his reaction.

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