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The castle is known for it's magnificent gardens.


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Stephanie | 193 comments (sweet!)

Katie walked over and saw her mother. "Hey Mother!" She said with a smile as she walked over to her

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Aerlia turned when she heard Katie call. "Oh, dearest Katie, what brings you here?" Dalaya was flying around the garden.

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Stephanie | 193 comments Katie shrugged. "Asria said you might like some company." She said, and looked at a flower

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"And she was right." She smiled at Katie and held her arms out motioning for Katie to come into her motherly embrace.

Aerila had a pink rose gently tucked into her long, silky hair. She love the outdoors, and all the creatures that belonged there. But most of all she love her beautiful, intelligent daughters. She was what you could say is the perfect mother.

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Stephanie | 193 comments Katie smiled and hugged her mother. "Do you know anything about the rouge male?" She asked. She forgot his name again

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Aerlia had one arm around Katie's shoulder, they were looking out towards the depths of the garden. "I know of many rouge males. Of which one do you speak?" Aerlia stroked her daughter's hair.

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Stephanie | 193 comments "The one that has the long blonde hair. And he wears black."

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"The one in Bodar?" She wondered why her daughter would want to know about him. She could look into her mind, but she only did that to criminals, and occasionally people she did business with.

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Stephanie | 193 comments "I think so." Katie said

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"Yes, I know of him. Of what reason do you ask?"

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Stephanie | 193 comments "Just curious Mother." Katie said

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"So, what have you been doing today?"

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Stephanie | 193 comments "Just in the forest with Ace."

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"Who is Ace?"

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Stephanie | 193 comments "One of the castle guarrds."

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"Do you like this guard?" Aerlia loved teasing her daughters

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Stephanie | 193 comments "He likes Asria mother. Well, he acts like utter." Kate hood she wouldn't tease her.

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"I see." Aerlia had a twinkle in her eye. "And does Rai hold a mutual feeling?"

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Stephanie | 193 comments (stupid spellcheek I meant it)

Kate shrugged. "I don't know."

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(lol I know the feels)

"Hmmm..maybe we should find out?" She let out a giggle. Aerlia was very playful with her daughters, she was like their best friend, as well at their mom.

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Stephanie | 193 comments Kate smiled. "she might kill us..unless we hide in the trees."

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"Aha you may be right." Aerlia winked at Katie
"I heard that Asrai took in a new Court Member. Do you know anything about this?"

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Stephanie | 193 comments Katie looked at her mother, surprised. "No! I haven't heard a thing about this. Oh, and Mother, if you think i have a crush on Ace, he is three years older than me so please don't think that."

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"Your father is much older than me...what is wrong with three years?" She stroked Katie's hair, "I think you should go get acquainted Rowena, the new court member, and help her feel at home. Imagine how you would feel if you came to this big place for the first time and didn't know anybody...poor thing."

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Stephanie | 193 comments Katie rolled her eyes. "Well he's in love with Asria."

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"That may be the case, but if you DO like him, don't let that stop you!" She laughed and patted Katie's bum, "Now get going."

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Stephanie | 193 comments Katie looked at her and playfully shoved her. "Stop doing that! You shouldn't do it everyday! It's unhealthy! And i will let it stop me because the guard likes my older sister! Not me!" She said as she walked away

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Aerlia let out a loud chuckle....'She does like him' she thought.

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Aerlia whipped around,"Oh Alex, hello. Where have you been?" She walked over to Alex and wrapped him in a hug.

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"Is it wrong for a mother to show affection to her son? Where were you walking? You didn't notify anyone of your absence."

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"You sound like a brat, Alex. It is time you start acting like a prince, or else you will never have the throne.." She threatened Alex knowing it was the only way to.make him behave without using magic.

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"Alex...you know I don't want to do anything to make you upset...but you need to straighten up. I really do not want to use magic on you! Please don't me." She had a hand on each of his shoulders, she looked into.his eyes with a hurt expressio .

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((I am on my phone I will fix.my mistakes later!!))

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"Now go find your sisters or something." Aerlia shooed him away.

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"I think Asrai is at the stream..I do not know where Katie is though."

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"Go ahead." She said smiling gently

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