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Is The Hunger Games book or film better?
thethousanderclub thethousanderclub Jun 03, 2013 05:58PM
I enjoyed The Hunger Games book. In fact, I gave it an honorable mention in my Best Books of 2011 blog post. I also enjoyed The Hunger Games film quite a bit, and I consider it an excellent example of how to adapt a book into a film instead of trying to put a book on film.

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I found the first movie really hard to follow. The cameras where moving so much and it was annoying to watch.... I liked the book MUCH better!! Catching Fire was a little better to watch and Mockingjay.

The Hunger Games: Way better than the movie
Catching Fire: Pretty much even
Mockingjay: The Mockingjay Part 1 was way better than the book.

The movies were amazing. I read the book before watching the movie and I do agree with most people, usually the book is better than movie. In this case, I'm kinda on the fence. I liked the first book, The Hunger Games, a lot better than the movie (even though I enjoyed the movie). I liked Catching Fire movie wayyyy better than the book (the book was meh to me). Maybe it was the acting or he new director or the aren but the movie was better. As for Mockingjay, I hated the book but the movie was really good.

Hi guys, I’m interested in reading the books but how badly does Katniss treat peeta in the books? Is it worse then how she treated him in the movies? Thank you :)

I saw the movie first, then went to read the second book to 'prepare' for the second movie...*ugh* far I`m more a movie fan than a book fan, simply because I would get up and walk away from the book for weeks on end, start reading other books, then realized I haven`t finished it, then came back to it and forced myself to finish it. But , yes there`s a but. Hunger Games actually has a point where it gets good. And when it gets good, it really really gets good!..I`m on the third book now. Writing projects has pulled me away from it, but I`m looking forward to when it gets good, because I know I`ll be eating it up, screaming like a mad woman and force people who haven`t read it yet, to read it *grin*

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Colter Here’s a tip-the book is always better than the movie!
Feb 13, 2019 07:39AM

the film is so amazing! but the book just explains everything so much better and I understood more of what was going on when watching the film because of the book!

The book was better

I hated the movie. I actually couldn't get through it without laughing hysterically. I was at the theater when I saw it. They didn't capture the books at all and it was just a cheap Hollywood imitation in an attempt to make money.

I absolutely hated the movie! The visualization sucked, the casting sucked (Except for JL) and so many other things just sucked! i ADORED the book. While watching I was like 'Meh' at first and when the movie ended I was like, 'Kick the director!!'

The movie was cheesy and had awful actors. Loved the book!

I think the Movie Actors Are Playin' Their Parts pretty well :)

I actually think that the film was better because the book was actually kind of confusing. the film was able to show more of the emotions of the characters. the movie actually gives you a visual of the story and helps you understand what the author meant. even though their was a lot missing in the film, I still think that the book is way better. the film actually makes you feel like if you are actually in the games.

In my opinion, the book was better.

I like the book better because it contained more details about the events that happens and the characters more. I enjoyed the movie though. It was very interesting and very enjoyable. I can't wait until the other two movies to come out.

I enjoyed the book and the movie. The movie had some good action scenes that I imagined to be like in the book. The book was very descriptive and even though the movie left out some parts, it was still a good solid movie. I'd recommend the book to anyone and i recommend the movie to anyone as well. I'm excited to see the next movie .

I never try to say one is better than the other, if both are good, because books allow you to see into a character's mind and even if you have a narrator films are still about actions. There were several things left out of the movie that I didn't know were missing until I read the books. Most notably for me was the Muttations and the meaning of the Mocking Jay. But the movie was good, there were some casting issues but nothing too terribly bad. But the storyline and pacing were solid. I actually like Katniss better when I can't see inside her head. I can't wait until they put the other two on screen, there are some key elements that I'd love to see explored on film. I love both the movie and the book and that's a really good thing.

the movie was quite good, but i think the book, was bit better, cause there is some things that in the book, then the movie.

Defianetely the book. Personaly i thought that the movie was horrible. to me it didnt really make much sense and didnt explain anything.

I personally preferred the book over the movie. All those that recommended the Hunger Games to me, told me to read the book before I seeing the movie. I finished the Hungers Games book over a month ago and am currently working the complete Mockingjay. Last week was the first time that I viewed the movie and I was highly disappointed by it. I feel the movie took away from what the book built up.

I did not like how the movie left out components that I felt were essential the book, as most of these components get built onto in the later books in the series. For instance, the origin of the Mockingjay pin, in the book the pin is given to Katniss by Madge and the pin is given greater meaning in the second book, while the movie portrays the pin as something that Katniss bought and gave to Prim as a sort of protection in the Reaping. My question is are they going to build more onto that component in the second movie. I also don't like how they left out the fact that after the Reaping, there was little faith in Peeta coming back from the Games alive, shown in the book by Peeta's father visiting Katniss before she leaves for the Games, at which time he gives her cookies and promises to make sure Prim is taken care of.

My other major problem with the movie is that it somewhat takes away from Katniss's cleverness. I understand that the book is told in first person and making the movie in the same point of view would be hard for the audience to follow, but I don't like how it takes away from Katniss's character. I noticed in the movie that they would compensate for the audience not being able to hear Katniss's thoughts by having another character explain what was happening, such as in the fire scene where the Gamemakers say they are trying to push the tributes together, or as in the case with the "gifts" where Haymitch attached notes to explain what each gift meant.

Overall I believe that both the movie and the book have their own place, but personally the book appeals to me more. I usually prefer reading the book prior to seeing the movie, as it gives what the original intent of the author was. I believe this is the reason I usually prefer the book over the movie. I feel, in the case of "The Hunger Games", they could have included components from the book that I found important but I understand that the movie could not include everything as it would have made the movie longer time wise and could have cost the production company some of their audience.

Olivia quite agree there
Nov 18, 2013 04:09AM

In general i prefer watch a movie than to read a book. But in this case i think the movie was better than the book. It made more sense of everything that was going on. However in the book and movie there were parts that were changed. I think its interesting how they are able to transform a book with so much creativity and imagination into a movie.

Although they were both amazing, the book was better.

For me, the book will always be better than the movie. I think this is simply because I have read the book before I saw the movie. I personally believe that books leave lots of room for you to imagine what you think the character's life will be like and any other specific details. I must say, when i read the book, I had a whole other vision of what Hunger Games would look like, what Katniss and the other characters looked like and how they acted. Honestly, I thought the director of Hunger Games did a wonderful job of portraying the book into his own imagination although I thought they lacked some details as it was only a 2 hour film.

I agree overall with your comment...they strayed from so many important aspects of the book, that it really felt like a different story. The connection between Katniss and Peeta seems fake and made for TV...The experience in the arena did not invoke the same dire situation as the book and really felt very rushed. I think the movie should really have decided to have a voiceover of Katniss' thoughts as most of the book is in her perspective...without that we lose so much of the story...several movies have done this with success i.e..Fight CLub

I think the movie wasn't as good as the book. It was good, but nothing compared to the book. Personally I think they could have picked different actors. The books are much better.

The movie was great but it was nothing like the book, I felt that it missed some details that the viewer should have known. Also you get to know the characters in the book better than the movie, which was just quick to the point rather than taking its time.

I enjoyed reading the book of The Hunger Games, but I preferred the movie. The reason I preferred the movie is because although the book does a good job of describing what is happening in the movie you can see it with your own eyes. I was able to feel more emotion when Rue died in the movie than when it happened in the book. The movie also was only about 2 hours long while the book took me about a week to read

The movies were ok, but the director took to many liberties. the books were way better.

the book was a lot better

If you have read the book and are planning to watch the movie, i suggest not to because ever time i read a book i love, the movie ends up pissing me off. the hunger games movie was really good but i wish they didn't cut out some scenes the way they did. just my opinion.


I enjoyed the book more even though the movie was great as well. I thought that the book was more detailed and I learn much more about the characters than in the movie. The movie also missed out some parts from the book. I really enjoyed both though and I'm excited to go see Catching Fire in November.

I think the book was rather better than the movie. Just because in books you get every detail and you feel what the characters feel it's like an experience. The book left out simple details that made the book so great or left out the details that people personally love. I love movies and reading but, movies can't make you feel what the characters are feeling like the books can.

The movie sucked and they had bad actors. The book was really good though.


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