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Day Camp in Hawaii: A complete program guide for summer camps, day camps and summer school programs.
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message 1: by Paula (new)

Paula Hrbacek (phrbacek) | 5 comments If you're looking for camp crafts and activities to use in a recreational program, summer school, or summer camp, here is a great resource. Day Camp in Hawaii has 132 pages of ideas including sports, crafts, art, Hawaiian lore, geology, and more. It uses a lot of recycled materials to help cut the cost of a program. It can be used by a number of youth groups including Cub Scouts, Junior Girl Scouts, YMCA and Campfire. Just adapt and choose to make it fit your situation. Yes, it's my book. I also write a newspaper column about arts and crafts for The Examiner.

message 2: by Foxtower (new)

Foxtower | 427 comments Wow, you must have a zillion ideas for cones and sticks... great!

message 3: by Paula (new)

Paula Hrbacek (phrbacek) | 5 comments And sea shells, plastic bags, wire coat hangers and all kinds of stuff. I have 15 years in scouts, 4 years doing after school care and 2 years of teaching art. I'm known for being thrifty. Here's the url for my newspaper column, if you're looking for group crafts that are cheap and easy to do.

message 4: by Paula (new)

Paula Hrbacek (phrbacek) | 5 comments I'm looking for reviews of this book. I've sent out at least a dozen copies to camping professionals, but one of them told me he can't write a review because of his contract. I'm wondering if all of these people have a clause that says they can't sell something using the company name. So, now I'd like to ask if you'd be willing to write a review. I'm looking for someone who has some experience working with youth groups, recreational programs, after school care, that sort of thing. I'm willing to send you a Kindle or Nook. Sorry, but my spam filter won't let me email a pdf. Send me a direct message, and I'll get back to you. thanks.

message 5: by Jim (new)

Jim (jimmaclachlan) | 1387 comments Day Camp in Hawaii by Paula Knoderer Hrbacek is for grades 1 - 6 according to the title page. I disagree. It's not just for day camp, Hawaii, or those ages. With very little imagination, it gives any parent a lot of fun ideas of things to do with kids singly or in groups cheaply, whether you're on a trip, have a rainy vacation day, or a birthday party. Baby sitters should read it, too.

My 5 star review is here:

message 6: by Paula (new)

Paula Hrbacek (phrbacek) | 5 comments For those of you looking for camp crafts and ideas that pertain to the Girl Scout/4H/Heritage Girl religious emblem, I Am Living My Faith, I have a free ebook you can download. It contains games, activities and service project ideas, and tips on how to run the emblem during a campout or retreat.

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