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Team Peeta or Team Gale
Jess Jess Jun 03, 2013 05:24PM
Some people like Peeta because he is so truly in love with Katniss. The sad part is that Katniss does not truly love him back, its just an act. On the other hand, Gale obviously has feelings for Katniss and Katniss is able to be her real self around him.


Team Peeta because he's hot and he saved her from starvation by throwing bread at her instead of to his pigs. Peeta has liked Katniss for a long time and it seems that Gale only started showing his true feelings for her when she and Peeta had a "thing" together.

I dunno, I think she'd be good with both, but I think Gale feels as though he has a claim on Katniss, which I don't like...I don't know if anyone else got that feeling? Peeta and Katniss went through hell and back together, how do you not form a strong connection when you've experienced that together? Both guys are good friends and both have been there for her when she needs it, but I think I prefer Peeta, he full on devotes himself to her and shows her what it's like to care for other yeah.

Olivia that is true. Gale was there for her from time to time, but petta was there almost everytime that she need him to be.
Jun 30, 2013 08:16PM

While I have only read the first book, neither appears to have much of a chance. Kattniss will need to maintain the charade with Peeta because their lives and the lives of those they love depend on it. Gale, however, will never leave the back of her mind. Neither wins, they all lose, but by their sacrifice, perhaps they can improve the fate of those around them.

i am team peeta because i don't know. he just liked katniss from the beginning when he saw her perform that song in her class. and when they are in the actual game, katniss and peeta have a nice connection. gale does like katniss a lot and they are good friends but peeta is just better. when peeta is injured , katniss risks her life to help him and go get the medicine from the capricornia. she obviously cares about him and winning with him. #teampeeta <3

Team Gale

Team Peeta or Team Hot Guy? (I mean Gale)

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Team Peeta!

team gale He was sooo cute in the movie

TEAM PEETA!! Gale thought he loved her because other people wanted her!

definitely gale


definitely peeta

peeta i guess....

Olivia maybe about both.
Jun 30, 2013 08:17PM

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