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Did Will ever have feelings for Tristan?

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Jaci Mennenga I felt the same way! I think Will did have feelings for Tristan but he couldn't come to terms with them. And I think he said those things at the end so Tristan would be mad at him, and maybe forget about him since he was going to be shot. That didn't work out though because Tristan was so angry he joined the firing squad. I think the surprise and disappointment on Will's face when he took off his blindfold and saw Tristan in line says it all. Such a sad ending!

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Kaj Peters I'd like to think that he did, and that his sharp reaction towards Tristan was his final act of self-sacrifice out of love.

Nick Pageant I have to believe that Will felt something for Tristan, otherwise, this already tragic book would be just too much to bear. I think that Will was trying to push Tristan away to save him from grief. It didn't work, of course. Such a sad, wonderful book.

Richard I thought this was a terrible book, and in a certain way, I think your question illustrates why. Every book is a collaboration between the reader and the author. So in that sense, it's your call. But a better book would have not left you with such fundamental questions.

Terry Candee Will had feelings for Tristan but could not accept them. He could not accept his homosexuality. Between every tryst he treated him horribly. He was only nice when Tristan was in danger or sick and then he barely showed interest. He was a very mixed up guy and then the atrocities of war made him mentally unstable until he exploded into a physical attack on Tristan

Anya Artekis I think he did. It might not have been love because Will did not give himself enough time to explore them. Moreover, I think his last outburst had to do with the fact that he was scared and overwhelmed. Will was going to die and he channeled his fear into anger and took it out on Tristan.

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