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American Women Still Judging Each Other?

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Danny Cantrell When Pearl Decker Owens was murdered by a jealous wife for having an affair with her husband and the father of their children, rural women applauded the killer. Do you feel women today still judge each other over how they live their sexual lives? Do some women feel morally superior to others on the basis of how they conduct their relationships?

Everette I think the generation over 40 has values much closer to the values of the rural women in the book. From what I have noticed, the city and rural people in general have different values and morals and judge each other in part for where they live and where they are from. As far as the superiority by basis of how they conduct their relationships, city and rural both think their life styles are superior to the other.
If the case had been tried in the city, I think the outcome would have been much different. The jury having rural farmers in it made the deliberation much quicker than it would have been if they were city people. In the city where people have affairs out in the open the people are more apt to forgive Pearl Decker for having an affair with a married man. Mrs. Ina Simmons would have received a guilty verdict and at least got life in prison if not and sent to the electric chair.

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