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message 1: by Warneke (new)

Warneke Reading (Warneke_Reading) | 11 comments If you would be so kind, please give me your definitions, descriptions, and expectations of the following positions:






And is there such a thing as post-production tech, like someone who formats a book for e-publishing in different formats? If so, please describe.

Thanks so much for your help!

message 2: by Marcus (new)

Marcus Bird (marcusbird) | 4 comments Some of these positions can blur (Editor, Proofreader and Copywriter for example) depending on how multifaceted the person you are working with it.

For me, I think its also relative to how you write and how strong your writing is.

An editor for some people helps to set the tone and shape the book. They aren't just reading for grammatical errors, they are reading to see if you character motivations make sense, if there is some fat that needs to be trimmed etc. Again for me, this really relates to how strong of a writer you are. Some people need guidance with each book to shape it, some people simply need a gently guiding hand but an editor at the very least should be able to spot grammar issues and punctuation problems while having a focused eye on where you are trying to go with the book.

As I said an editor is technically a proofreader as well, but if you want an answer a proofreader reads ONLY for errors. They aren't trying to help you shape anything, they are just trying to spot commas in the wrong place, misspelt words, etc. (A copywriter can do the same thing)

Beta-Reader i'm assuming is who starts reading the project first. I'd say for these people get someone whose opinion you value that will speak honestly about what you write without insulting you. Sometimes your writing might be weak, or your story is weak, and its better to hear that earlier than later. Your story might also be amazing and you need to hear that too. Ensure this is a person as invested in your project as you are.

I don't think I need to explain what a reviewer is. If they are interested in books in your genre, then that's what they do, read it and give their thoughts.

hope that helps

message 3: by Warneke (new)

Warneke Reading (Warneke_Reading) | 11 comments Marcus, fantastic! After doing enough research I would whole-heartedly agree with your assessment. It's interesting how many people are not really sure of these roles or get them mixed up. I was one of those people! But thanks to everyone here, I'm finally understanding all of this. :)

message 4: by Angelfox (new)

Angelfox | 13 comments Marcus wrote: "Some of these positions can blur (Editor, Proofreader and Copywriter for example) depending on how multifaceted the person you are working with it.

For me, I think its also relative to how you wr..."

Hello! and THANK YOU!
Finally someone who really understands the difference and knows how to explain it. I am an editor (mainly german!) and have to explain it very often so I am relly glad to read your comment. Warneke is right, people do mix it up. Especially, because in the german language we have only one category subsuming all these. So it is even more annoying. Maybe I quote you...Would that be ok?
Have fun!

message 5: by Marcus (new)

Marcus Bird (marcusbird) | 4 comments Sure you can quote me no problem.

message 6: by Warneke (new)

Warneke Reading (Warneke_Reading) | 11 comments Angelfox :)

message 7: by Darius (new)

Darius Jones Here's how I would break it down:

This is the person who can do/suggest everything from a major rework of plot, to characters changes to a light polish.

This person checks my book for ERRORS. Spelling, punctuation mostly.

This person sees the first draft of my piece. They are the first people in the world to read it. I take feedback and can change the story based on it.

This person reviews a published story, novel, etc. in a third party blog, magazine or website.

This person writes copy for a living. It can be ads, press releases, whatever.

I use a cover designer and an e-book designer post-production. I'm sure someone doing a printed book would have even more people involved.

Hope that helps,

Darius Jones

message 8: by Angelfox (new)

Angelfox | 13 comments Darius- very good summary. Warneke I have 1 question: why do you have to ask this while you are/have a proofreading company? I mean you should know or did you just start the company?
Anyway I always appreciate People who are asking if they have a question and are honest and smart, knowing when they need support. So- ??? Habe Fun!

message 9: by Warneke (new)

Warneke Reading (Warneke_Reading) | 11 comments Darius, thank you. Excellent definitions.

Angelfox, we are relatively new to this industry of independent writing & publishing. I understand what the roles mean to me, but I was curious to see what they meant to others. I have heard many definitions from independent authors and their expectations can vary widely. The comments here have really helped me to understand the different roles and customer expectations. This industry has a bit of a learning curve and these questions have been my way of confirming/denying my knowledge. The comments in these threads have been incredibly helpful to me wrapping my head around an industry which is not always defined in the same way by every person.

message 10: by Angelfox (new)

Angelfox | 13 comments Warneke as I said I appreciate people who know when it is time to ask something. Good luck for your business.

message 11: by Warneke (new)

Warneke Reading (Warneke_Reading) | 11 comments Thank you Angelfox!

message 12: by M.T. (new)

M.T. McGuire (mtmcguire) | 47 comments To add my twopennorth I'd say that the editing function described here is what I'd call a copy editor.

Editing would be looking at clarity, continuity and sense without altering the actual plot.

Proof reading is grammar and spelling.

Beta readers - I use these at the beginning and end of the process.

I absolutely get that you're seeking to know what others think and i think its a very smart move. I fell foul of that once. I published a 4,000 word short story and got complaints that it was too short from people expecting a 20,000 novella.

I hope my definitions help. Good luck.



message 13: by Warneke (new)

Warneke Reading (Warneke_Reading) | 11 comments MT - Thanks! And yes, your definitions do help and confirm my notions as well.

message 14: by M.T. (new)

M.T. McGuire (mtmcguire) | 47 comments Hello again. Thanks for the friend/fan/follow ;-)



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