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message 1: by Cassandra (new)

Cassandra Giovanni | 174 comments This is from a seller of ISBN's, so I don't count it to be too useful because it seems they are just trying to get your money. It would be ridiculous to have an ISBN for each format, and extremely expensive. My thought on this is simple--if there is NO such thing as an ISBN, and ISBN is an identifier of a book, then why would you need different ISBN for the e-book and the paperback? I don't use a different ISBN, and I haven't had any issues as of yet.

message 3: by Martinomot (new)

Martinomot | 1 comments This is not a sound advice IMHO. It is an industry standard to assign ISBN number to each version of a title to properly identify them from one another. Every new edition of a book should have a new ISBN number for archiving purposes and the same goes for different electronic versions.

You can see here for more:

message 4: by Marissa (new)

Marissa Doyle | 11 comments Most self-publishing authors I know--those that use ISBNs, that is--use three per book: one for print, one for ebook (all formats) and one for audio. I suppose if one were doing hardcover as well as paperback, a fourth one would be needed.

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