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After the Third Book

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Wannabe Hobbit So what does everyone think about Seeds of Rebellion now that the third book has been out for a while?
What kinds of predictions did you have at the end of this book that did or didn't happen the way you thought they would?
Are there any parts in Seeds of Rebellion that you like or dislike more now that you know how the series ended?

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I hated the ending for this book SO MUCH!!!!! Otherwise, a very good series. This was how the plot of the books were (not exactly but you'll get my point0:

That wasn't the exact plot but that was basically all that happened in the books (just saying)

Catherine I really enjoyed this series! It took a while for me to get into the first book, but once I was into it, I really loved the rest of the series.
I admit the ending was a little more open than I would have expected for the completion of the trilogy. My husband seems to think that Brandon Mull may revisit the series in the future in some way (i.e. continuing Jason's story or telling the story of Jason's daughter or the story of Rachel's return?). There are certainly many possibilities for revisiting the characters from this series.

Harley Bennett I agree with Eleanor. The first two could have been condensed down into one book. Trying to get through the second book was tedious. The constant cycle of getting into a tight spot, getting out of tight spot, getting into tight spot, etc. became annoying after a while.

Rochelle I usually don't get into relationships as much, but Rachel should have been with Jason!

Ellen Rochelle wrote: "I usually don't get into relationships as much, but Rachel should have been with Jason!"

Definitely. That is one thing that I thought would be different.
I also like how he left it open a little, but I don't see much hope for another series, or even a short story involving Jason's daughter--does anyone else here remember reading Fablehaven, and feeling reassured with the thought that he left it open enough to revisit it? Judging by his pattern of leaving series so far (and his having another series going already) I doubt that said revisitation will happen. :(
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Kendraseth I really enjoyed the first book! It was so orginial and Jason's sense of humor was hilarious. The second was good but not as exciting. At some points I felt like it was just prepping the story for the third one, which it was. I enjoyed it but not as much as the first and third.

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