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Isis | 6034 comments What would you like to do?

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Erm... You choose. I only have one requirement, that the roleplay not be a paranormal one. I just don't like vampires and stuff like that.

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Isis | 6034 comments Hahaha no worries there at all....and I don't wanna choose :P

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:D Anyhow, any requirements or anything? Do you like romance or dystopian? Sci-fi?

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Isis | 6034 comments I prefer a bit of romance but other than that I really don't care....and cutest kid ever.

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Okay. So, um, do you like a high school romance, a university one, a celebrity-average romance, a celebrity-celebrity romance, an athlete-average romance, or...?

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Isis | 6034 comments How about a university one, haven't done one in a long time.

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Alright. Doubles or...?

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Isis | 6034 comments Sure

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Okie. Um, boy and girl each or...?

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Isis | 6034 comments Whatever you want haha

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How about boy and girl then, I guess. Courses, I suppose can be your choice.

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Isis | 6034 comments Well they can each just have a major and courses can be added as we go along.

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Alright. You want to create the characters first?

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Isis | 6034 comments I'll let you

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Sorry for the reaaalllly late reply! Got sidetracked with a bunch of stuff and personal life got into the picture to so yeah...


Name: Terrance Wexler
Age: 21
Major: Astrophysics
Looks: Terrance has blond hair, an athletic build, and has blue eyes. His outfit is usually a pair of jeans with a collared shirt.
Personality: Terrance is a great guy to hang around. He's funny, smart, laid back, and athletic.
History: Terrance's mom died when his little brother was born, so he's grown up with a completely male family. His dad is an important business executive, and pressured Terrance into doing well at school. When Terrance turned 10, he and his father struck a deal: Terrance kept his grades to an A average, and his father would let him play Rep. hockey. When Terrence was 16, his brother was involved in a car crash and ended up paralyzed from the waste down. His "sweet sixteen" year didn't turn out so sweet as it was filled with hospital visits, tantrums, and everything a normal sixteen year old teen would have to battle through.
Family: Jake Wexler (Father)
Sadie Wexler (née Farthingham, Mother, Deceased)
Harry Wexler (Brother)
Other: Terrance loves the Maple Leafs and plays for the Marlies, which causes him to miss class a lot during the winter, but he manages to keep up his grades to a 86+.

Name: Alexandra Jones (Alex)
Age: 20
Major: Biomedical Engineering
Looks: Alex has dark brown hair with light brown eyes. She is rather skinny, due to 6 years previous, when bullying caused her to become an anorexic. Alex usually wears a pair of shorts and a T-shirt, with a hoodie on top.
Personality: Far from dumb, Alex is extremely intellectual, serious, and introverted.
History: Alex was bullied when she was 14. She was taunted and told she was fat. Hurt by those words, she began starving herself. When she was found throwing up in the washroom, she was sent to a rehabilitation centre.
Family: Samuel Jones (Father)
Mackenzie Jones (née Conrad, Mother)
Other: Alex plays badminton on the university team.

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Isis | 6034 comments It's alright, I had forgotten this existed...I'll make my characters asap.

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I forgot this existed too! Until I remembered that I had more than one role play in this group and them I was looking everywhere for another topic with my name. When I finally found it, my conscience was like,"She's probably forgotten it or there's a high chance she'll kill you. So you should go ahead and post to take your chances." So I posted.

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Isis | 6034 comments Hahahaha I forgot again so I'll create my characters right now. And don't worry, I'm not in the murdering mood right now.

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Isis | 6034 comments Name: Aili Reynolds
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Major: Biochemistry
Personality: She is a strange girl who most people tend to avoid based on her appearance and her personality. She has no idea how to keep her opinions down and she's impulsive.
History: Aili's parents died when she was ten years old. They were on a trip to Ohio and they were murdered along the way. The murderer was never found and she was thrown in the foster system. Since she has been a little odd but she knows how to stand up for herself, and she has a slight obsession with tattoos.
Family: Emily Reynolds-mother (diseased)
Daren Reynolds-father (diseased)
Other: She has a hairless cat named Mimo.

Name: Dex Williamson
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Major: Aeronautical Engineering
Personality: He is a very smart man who is interested in machinery and being himself. He's a sweet man who understands people and generally knows how things work.
History: He was born to his a prostitute who he always resented. He never knew his father and he lost a lot of opportunities because of the life he and his mother had. His little sister was born when he was 17 years old and again there was no idea as to who the father was. His mother died soon after and he took it upon himself to take care of his sister. Unfortunately, he had to go to school though so his sister lives with his grandmother and he lives as close as possible so he can study and still see his baby sister.
Family: Rebecca Williamson-mother (diseased)
Nancy Williamson-grandmother
Molly Williamson-sister
Other: He plays guitar, but only for his sister

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Love the characters. So how are we going to start this off? Are we just going to have them meet or something?

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Isis | 6034 comments I have no can post first and then I can just throw mine in there somehow.

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Terrance jumped out of the van with his equipment bag with a chorus of "See you at practice, Wexler!" He turned and waved as the van pulled out of the university campus drive. He smiled shook his head good-naturedly as his linemate stuck out his head and yelled,"Don't score any goals without me!" Terrance watched as the van got smaller and smaller before he turned away and began heading towards the student area. He checked his watch. Right on time. Class would start in about 50 minutes, which gave Terrance enough time to drop his stuff off at his room, grab a bite, and get to class on time.

Alex was walking to the library by herself. Again. She sighed quietly. One day, she'd really have to take control of her shyness and kick it out the door, so to speak. Her shyness caused her a great many troubles, like in class today. A fellow classmate had asked her after class if she wanted to come with her and her friends to the shopping mall on the weekend. Alex had first tried to register what was going on, and then had stuttered out a "S-Sorry. I-I have p-plans." And had promptly dashed away towards the library. So here she was. With absolutely no friends, no acquaintances even, walking to the library like the self-professed "nerd" she was.

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Isis | 6034 comments "Nope, out of my way jock boy," Aili said and cut right in front of him, her own bag lugged over her shoulder. It was beaten up and there was a big hole in the top which had duct tape over it. It was the type of bag that no college kid would proudly hold, except Aili. She pranced off in the direction of her own dorm room. She didn't even look back at the man she had just cut off. She had things to do, like meet her roommate if she was there and steal the best bed if she wasn't. It would be the first time she had slept in a nice bed in a long time after all.

Dex hummed as he walked toward the library. He had to find the perfect book to do his research project on. There was very little time to do this, well he had about 4 months but it was never too early to start. He walked into the airplane section and started to hunt, completely lost in his own world as books passed through his hands and out of them. It was going to be a long night of searching.

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"Hey! Hold up! Aren't you even going to apologize for cutting me off right there?", Terrance said, placing a hand on shoulder of the girl who had just so rudely cut him off. He brought himself face-to-face with her. "What was that all about? 'Jock boy'? What kind of nickname is that? ", Terrance asked. He couldn't help feeling a little ashamed and embarrassed as he noticed her beat up bag compared to his pristine and utterly new Marlies equipment bag. His bag didn't have a single clod of dirt or a rip in it. Hers had a hole in it that had been duct taped. Terrance, for once, was embarrassed to be a Marlie and shifted his weight so that the bag was partially obscured by his body.

Truthfully, Alex had absolutely nothing to do. She'd already finished her rough copy of her thesis, and was just editing it now. Alex was done her homework, as well as next class's, and the class after that, and the class after that class. In fact, she was done all homework (that could possibly be finished, at least. She still had to listen to the class's lectures to completely finish the homework) for the next month. Ambling around for no apparent reason, she quickly found herself upon the airplane section, and out of complete boredom, she pulled out a random book and promptly sat down on the floor of the library, reading.

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Isis | 6034 comments Aili rolled her eyes then she threw his hand off his shoulder. "One, do not touch me ever again or I will cut of your hand. Two, it was a joke because you're obviously a jock and I find it funny. Three, no I will not apologize because I'm in a hurry and you may have cut ME off. We weren't going in the same direction. Goodbye," she smirked and started off. She repositioned her bag, pulling on the tattered strap...then it broke. She groaned and picked it up, carrying the heavy bag awkwardly now that there was no strap to hold. She still didn't look back at the boy.

Dex's eyes wandered to a girl sitting on the floor and then they widened when he saw the books in her hands. "Um, miss," he said as he walked over to her and crouched down to her level "I'm really sorry, but can I see that book for a moment. It just may be the perfect book for my project. Um, I'm Dex." He added the last part rather awkwardly almost as and after thought.

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Terrance was turning away, deciding silently that there was no possible way to convince the girl that it was rather rude to cut in front of someone. He had just taken a couple of steps when he heard something heavy drop to the ground. Terrance turned back around to see that the girl's bag had dropped to the ground. He walked back to the girl and said to her,"Let me." And promptly began to carry it. Guessing she'd try to take it back, he carried it on his left side, the side of him that was farthest from her. "My name's Terrance Wexler. What's yours?", Terrance said.

Alex was startled to hear a guy's voice beside her. She turned and was furthermore surprised to see a guy beside her. She quickly registered what he was saying and replied,"Um, sure, Dex." Alex gave the book to him, wondering why a guy would be talking to her. Her, the much too skinny, weird, extremely introverted girl sitting in the aisle of the library. In fact, it was a miracle those three words had even come out of her mouth!

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Isis | 6034 comments "My name's none of your business," Aili said before stepping in front of him and put her hand against his chest. "Now give me my bag, Terrance Wexler. I can carry that all by myself. I know, I know, it's hard to believe, but I'm a big girl and I can take care of myself." She glared at him, staring him full in the face at this point. She was just not going to have this man, this stranger, walk her bag around like she couldn't handle it herself. She was a strong girl and she didn't like to take help unless she absolutely needed it.

Dex gave her a huge, bright smile. "Thank you... Um, what's your name? I would love to thank you properly. A girl as pretty as yourself deserves a proper thank you after all." He held his hand out to her so they could shake when she introduced herself. He wasn't lying either, she was a very pretty girl and he wanted to know her name, and not just to thank her.

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"Whoever said I didn't think you were a big girl? Here. Take it, Ms. Obstinate. I never knew it was a crime to talk to a girl when you tried to help her. Jeez, all I was trying to do was help," Terrance said, getting irritated at how this girl just got ticked off because of help. He dropped her bag and promptly began to walk away. As soon as he turned away, he smiled. Under his shirt was an article of clothing that was hers, a shirt. She'd figure out sooner or later that he'd taken it, probably sooner than later. Either way, she'd have to come to him. Walking away, he began making his way to his dorm. Terrance crossed the campus street and began making his way through a throng of people.

Words were stuck in Alex's throat. "Um... I... I need to go," she mumbled. And with that, she disappeared into the numerous shelves in the library. Unfortunately, the moment she hid among other shelves, she discovered she had left her phone and wallet in the aisle, having put them to the side before starting the book. Alex panicked. Her pills were in her wallet, hidden among her bills. There was no way, she could let Dex find out she had been anorexic and was still borderline dangerously skinny. But he was there, and she couldn't approach him. No way. Torn, she quietly moved to the shelf behind the aisle she been in mere seconds ago. She peered between the books, watching Dex.

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Isis | 6034 comments Aili rolled her eyes and made it the rest of the way to her dorm, finally. She sat her bag down on one of the beds and started to unpack. Immediately she noticed that one of her shirts, one of only three shirts, was missing. She gritted her teeth together and growled softly to herself. Great. Jock boy had stolen one of her shirts and now she would have to hunt him down to find it. At least she knew his name, Terrance Wexler. She quickly retreated from her room and went in the direction she had seen him going last. He was no where in sight. She started to ask around for him and it seemed everyone knew him but no one knew quite where he was. It was the ultimate irritation.

Dex picked up her things and went in search of her. He didn't look at them for fear of being impolite, her simply carried them until he found her in the next isle. "Sorry dear, I'm afraid you forgot your things when you left. Don't worry, you don't have to tell me your name or anything like that I just wanted to make sure you got them back. Some people would steal any wallet they came across." He held her things out to her and gave her a sweet smile, one that claimed he wasn't a threat to her.

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Terrance was leaving the dorms, having already claimed a bed and unpacked his stuff. His roommate wasn't there yet, so he left a note for him, with the words,Came and you weren't here. Grabbed the bed on the left. If you want to switch, talk to me after, Terrance. Attaching it to the study desk beside his bed, he had left, with no clue his roommate would be. He had the girl's shirt, for some reason unwilling to let it go. Which was silly. Why would he, Terrance Wexler, want to carry around some rude girl's clothing? Nevertheless, he began heading to class.

Alex backed away. "Why are you talking to me?", she whispered. Her back against the wall, her eyes wide, Alexandra quite resembled a scared and panicky girl. Dex had called her "dear". What was that supposed to mean? Was she supposed to be expressing gratitude to some strange guy who approached her for no apparent reason? Unable to determine a definite answer for either of those questions, she simply asked,"Are you a bully?" The moment the words were out of her mouth, she regretted them. What kind of person asked that?

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Isis | 6034 comments Aili saw him and started in his direction. It was somehow amazing to her that she had even recognized him especially from so far away. It was likely something about his face, shapely and rather handsome. Unfortunately, she hadn't hunted him down to mentally compliment him. He was holding one of her only shirts in his hands and she wasn't going to let him get away with that. When she got to him she grabbed his arm and pulled him toward her. "Hey. You stole my shirt! I need that back. Understood? I only have three shirts and you're holding one in your hand, so give it to me. Right. Now."

Dex's face faltered and he shook his head "No. No, I'm not a bully. At least, I don't think so. I'm not meaning you any harm. I just wanted you to get your things back before somebody stole them. I didn't mean to scare you and I sincerely apologize." He bent down and set her items down at her feet. "Sorry." He turned and quickly started away from her. He really hadn't meant to hurt her or anything but he didn't want to scare her any more than he obviously already had.

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The words spilled out of his mouth so fast, Terrance didn't even know he said them. "Only if you kiss me right here and now, and agree to go out on a date with me. Tonight," he said. Terrance flushed, embarrassed and completely perplexed as to why he said that. He had just asked her out. Her, the rude obstinate girl who got mad at him for just wanting to help her. Her, the girl who had the tattered bag. The girl who had been so headstrong. What was wrong with him?

Alex said softly,"Wait. Stop. Why'd you want to help me? Why did you talk to me? I'm not pretty, I'm an unhealthily skinny person who was bullied into becoming an anorexic, a person who is so introverted and shy that I have no clue why I'm talking to you, a person who has a really low self-esteem, and someone who is really insecure. I'm considered too intellectual for my age, a "nerd", as they put it. Of all people in this room, on this campus, you decide to talk to me? Someone who could easily get a girl on this campus to be in a relationship is talking to me? I think my fear of you is completely valid, since the last time a person who was like you talked to me, he and his friends landed me in a rehabilitation centre and unnaturally skinny." They spilled from her mind, everything she'd ever wanted to say to anyone who'd ever hurt her, they were coming out in a torrent.

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Isis | 6034 comments Aili stared at him in complete and utter shock. "Are you kidding me? Did you hear a single word I just said? You stole one of my only shirts for no reason and...and I don't like you! I just want my shirt back. You're getting it dirty." She crossed her arms and her stare turned into a glare. He couldn't be serious. He obviously hated her. Of course, kissing him would make him mad, so she might as well. She uncrossed her arms, stood on her toes, put one hand behind his head, and kissing him harder than she had ever kissed another.

The story she told was so incredibly sad, and yet, he couldn't help by smile. He walked back toward her and took one of her hands into his own. "I think you're beautiful. And I also think nerd girls are incredibly sexy, in fact, I may have talked to you because you were reading and incredibly nerdy engineering book. I like that, probably because I'm a nerd too. But, I am very sorry to hear that you were bullied. No one has the right to bully another, especially when it causes them physical and mental harm. Sure, you could use a little meat on your bones but that's not all that important as long as you're healthy. I have a feeling you'd be beautiful no matter your weight. Some girls just are. And you shouldn't be so's cute when you talk."

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Terrance was surprised she actually kissed him. Not missing a beat, he kissed her back, and was surprised that he actually was quite enjoying the kiss, which was another stupid thing he was doing today. Privately, he wondered if he was falling for this girl. This girl who was so... intriguing and stubborn. Could that be why he had just asked her out? Asked her to kiss him? Frankly, Terrance was amazed. The last relationship he'd been in, or rather, the only relationship he'd been in, had lasted a mere 2 weeks, before she had broken it off in search of someone else who was willing to have sexual intercourse with her, someone that was not Terrance. After that, Terrance just did not find a girl who had caused him to have feelings for. Of course, there had been girls he'd been on dates with, but it was usually just one date, no more.

Alex shook her head. "Don't. Don't say that. Please. Don't lie. I've been through conversations like this before when people compliment like that. Please don't. Besides, I'd never believe you. Why would you, that interest in me when there are so many other girls that are so much prettier than me? I mean, have you looked in the mirror lately? Your muscles are so... attractive and your body build is so... I don't know, appealing! Any girl on campus would be open to being in a relationship with you. And you think I'm sexy and beautiful? Have you taken a look around campus? If you did a 360 outside, I'd bet you'd see at least 5 girls a lot sexier and beautiful than me," she said. Was this guy telling the truth? Did he really think she was beautiful? Pfft. Alex found that really hard to believe.

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Isis | 6034 comments Aili was surprised by the fact that this boy was actually kissing her back. She had assumed he was joking and he was going to play a nasty joke on her, though it wasn't exactly too late for that. He was extremely out of her league and probably not above ruining her reputation for her little incident with him. He was an obvious jock, one who could easily kiss any woman he wanted and that would not include her. She was nothing, someone that a man like him would step on and scrape off without noticing. She had no idea why she was continuing this kiss. She pulled back and wiped her hand across her lips. "My shirt," she held out her hand.

Dex shook his head and frowned deeply. "I'm sorry but you are incredibly mistaken. I wouldn't lie to you. I don't lie, especially to strangers because I don't believe in it. I also don't believe in lying to people to make them feel better, it's demeaning. And, I don't a woman's beauty is based entirely on her outward appearance. I do not find mindless bimbos to be attractive because, quite simply, they're not. But, I must be honest, you would be far sexier if you understood that you were sexy to begin with. Now, stop putting yourself down and please accept my compliments as I will accept yours. Thank you, by the way."

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Terrance gazed at her for a moment. Then he said,"So the date is on?" There was no way he was going to be able to back out now, not that he really wanted to, mind you. He was amazed at how... into her he was, when really, she was rude and obstinate, not exactly his "type", so to speak. In fact, her rudeness was quite evident when she wiped her lips. Subconsciously, Terrance moved his tongue around his mouth, wondering if he was really that bad in kissing. "So what do you say? 6:30? I'll even let you choose where to go," he offered. Gods, he sounded desperate.

Her voice fragile like glass, Alex whispered,"It's hard not to assume someone like you who's so... hot is lying when you compliment me. No one like you has ever paid me any attention before..." She was still, her back against the wall, as she wondered, if really, this boy could really be into her as much as he hinted he was. There could be no way it would ever work though. He, the hot guy, her, the skinny "nerdy" girl. It seemed so surreal... But... "No. I'm sorry. I just... It could never work, okay? Look, you're really hot and you seem like a nice guy... But, it'd never work. I've never seen or been in a relationship so vastly different," Alex said.

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Isis | 6034 comments "I don't want to choose where to go. I'm not going to let you take me somewhere so you can make a fool of me. I just want my shirt back so I never have to see you again. I know how this works and I'm not letting you do this to me. Got it? Now, give me back my shirt and stop making fun of me. I really only have the three shirts and I need that back. Ok?" She reached for the shirt, trying to get around him and not touch him at all in the process. She was done playing games.

"Well, I wasn't exactly asking for a relationship, but now I think I prove you wrong. Relationships don't work because of a certain type of people, they work because of two people working hard to make it work. Race, religion, and even personality, have nothing to do with why a relationship can or cannot work. You can't let a few bad experiences change the way you look at the entire world, my dear. So, go out with me. Let me take you on a nice date and prove you completely wrong. I won't disappoint you, I promise." He gave her a nice bright smile.

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Terrance was confused. "You think I'm just asking you out to make fun of you in public? What kind of jerk would do that? I'd never do that. Look, I'm just asking for 1 hour of your time. Please. Just 1 hour. I swear, I'm not going to bring a bottle of wine and make you drunk or anything. I won't even touch you if you want. Not at all. Please. I'll-I'll even let you leave in the middle if you do," Terrance said. This is ridiculous, his brain thought. Shut up, his instincts said. Terrance was literally bargaining to get a date with this girl now. The one question he kept asking himself was Why? His heart answered that. Because of love

Alex slowly nodded. Why not? It wasn't as if she really had anything to do. Besides, it was nice to be complimented like that and not be treated like an abnormal freak. Spontaneously, she moved forward stood on her tiptoes and hugged him tightly. "I want you to promise me something though. And you need to think about your answer carefully, because the guy in A Walk to Remember said his answer rashly and he ended up breaking his promise. And before you question it, I need you to know that I'm not comfortable with have intercourse before I'm married, okay?", she whispered in his ear as she leaned against him.

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Isis | 6034 comments Aili actually looked like she was going to cry for a few seconds before she snapped out of that nonsense. "I will kill you if you're lying to me," she told him seriously "And you have to give my shirt back after one hour, you got that? I need it back. I'll meet you at that diner down the street at six and I'm paying for my own food." She knew she couldn't afford that, but she was not going to allow this stranger to pay for a meal. It would be demeaning, at least as far as she was concerned.

"I wouldn't dream of pressuring you into having sex with me before you were ready. It's just a little date. Don't be so nervous about this, alright? I promise I won't pressure you and I promise we'll never have sex if you don't want it. Is that what you needed me to promise? Because, I'm not like that. I'm not asking you out just so I can get you in bed, just so that you know," he replied back to her before he lightly hugged her back. This was all very strange, but he loved that simple hug.

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"Fine. Could I have your name? Please?", Terrance asked, relieved that she had agreed to go out on a date with him. He found himself unclenching his fingers, which had been clutching her shirt as if it was a lifeline. Embarrassed, he forced his fingers open and smoothed the shirt. The diner down the street. At 6. That wasn't exactly he had wanted, but Terrance was willing to make that sacrifice. Just being able to go out with this girl showed that he must at least be getting somewhere.

Alex smiled faintly. "No, that's not what I want you to promise. I want you to promise to not fall in love with me, Dex. It sounds weird, but... I... My life is important to me, and I just can't imagine myself with a guy in that life," Alex whispered in his ear. She hugged him tighter in that moment and then relaxed. It was true. In the weird first minutes they had met and talked(though sparse and uncomfortable), Alex had already grown to love this boy. This hot, kind guy who really seemed to genuinely think she was sexy and beautiful. But Alexandra knew deep down, that he'd be able to stand her, the real her.

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Isis | 6034 comments "No, no you cannot have my name," Aili replied to him because it is none of your business. We're not friends I'm just paying the ransom for my shirt. Got it? I don't care about your name and you should not care about mine, because you will not get it. We're just going to get food and then you're going to give me my shirt and we will never speak again. I'll meet you at the diner at 6 and I will murder you if you don't show up with my shirt." She rolled her eyes before turning around and walking away toward her dorm to get ready. She was going to make him sorry that he had ever messed with her.

"I...can't promise something like that, not to you and not to anyone else. I don't have a choice whom I fall in love with and I can't say it won't be you. But, I think I will have to call off the date. I don't want you to go out with me because you feel bad for me or something, or bad for yourself, just so you can never talk to me again. If you don't want a man in your life then I will stay out of it completely. I won't risk getting attached to you." He pulled back from the hug and looked at her one last time, finding he was actually kind of hurt by her request. "Nice...meeting you I guess."

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Terrance found himself watching her as she walked away. He smiled. He was going on a date. With her. As he walked to class, he felt like he was on a high, able to do anything. Anything she wanted, he'd do. He met his professor and got caught up on the homework. "Hey! How was the game?", his friend asked as he sat next to him. "Fine, fine," Terrance replied, distracted. "You alright man?", his friend asked. "You look... weird. Like you just met a girl! That's it! You've fallen for her, haven't you? Ask her out? Did she say yes? Who is she?", his friend continually pestering him. "I don't know who she is. All I know is that she's... Different. A lot different from other girls," Terrance replied with a slow smile.

Alex gazed into his eyes. Impulse took over her and she pushed him into the wall she had been cowering against just minutes ago. Then she kissed him, she didn't know why, she just did. Kissed him as long as her air lasted and then she pulled away slightly and was surprised to feel tears running down her face. "It's not that I don't want you. I'm just scared, Dex. I'm scared of how I'll have to live up to your expectations. I'm scared that I'll destroy the relationship and it'll be all my fault. I'm scared... I'll never be able to show anyone the real me. Because if you walk away from me, I'm scared I'll spend the rest of my life looking for someone else who compliments me the way you do, someone who is so nice to me, someone who really gets me," she said.

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Isis | 6034 comments Aili made his way back to her dorm room where she collapsed on her bed and sighed up to the ceiling. It had started out as a simple first day of school, and it had taken the worst of turns. One snarky little remark, not unusual for her, turned into a series of unfortunate events. She had only wanted her shirt back and instead she had left with a date. A date with a jock. She had only picked the diner so as to try and avoid all of his rich friends and actually afford the meal.

"Crying won't help you," Dex replied and gently wiped her tears away with the pad of his thumb. "You worry too much. You need to relax a little bit and stop over analyzing everything. I can't promise I won't fall for you and I can't promise any of this will work out perfectly, but who cares if it doesn't? Everything happens for a reason you know. Even if we start a relationship it doesn't mean it will work it, it doesn't mean it will be perfect, and it doesn't mean you will be the one to mess it up. I could mess it up. We could both mess it up. one could mess it up and it could be amazing for both of us. You have to take a chance..."

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Terrance was on a high for the rest of class. He bid his friends goodbye and headed back to his dorm. Her shirt was still with him. His roommate had arrived, but he wasn't there, so Terrance held the shirt in his hands as he sat on his bed. He found himself smelling it, trying to find a perfume, anything that would be possible to get to shape an identity of this girl who was so intriguing and interesting. He sat back. "The diner down the street. Why would she choose that?", he wondered aloud. Terrance rarely at there, preferring to eat with his friends. She must have known he was well-off. That's why she had wanted to pay for her own dinner. And that's why she'd chosen that certain diner. Terrance sat back up suddenly. I only have three shirts, she had said. He glanced at the shirt. It was worn out, like the bag she'd been carrying. Terrance smiled slowly. He had one little piece, just a small one, but it was a start.

Alex sniffled quietly. "I can't help it. I just think that if I don't analyze the outcome of a certain thing I'll say, I might get it wrong and it'll offend someone. I care if I mess it up, because then I'll know for the rest of my life that the one boy who ever called me beautiful thinks I'm a total jerk. And I couldn't stand that. I couldn't," she murmured. She wiped her tears, suddenly embarrassed that she was crying. What if he didn't like crying?

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Isis | 6034 comments Aili looked through her ripped up bag for something to wear. She didn't own a dress but she had a skirt. It was a short black one that hugged her hips, but it looked nice on her. It was a little worn with one tiny hole toward the top of it, but it would do the trick. She paired the skirt with her nicest blouse, a simple light blue number that fit perfect around her every curve. She didn't have much, but she definitely knew how to wear what she did have. Next came the make up, the one thing she tended to spend a little more money on. She did her eyes and her lips in the usual way. It wasn't to dress up her face per say, but to enhance it and make it sharper. She liked to intimidate. Next her hair, which she brushed. Last was the perfume. It was practically scentless and wore off quickly but it was better than nothing. She was ready, and she looked good, though she had no intention of letting him enjoy it.

"Alex," Dex said "Breathe. Take a big long breath and calm down those nerves. You have no reason to be upset right now, ok? I don't think you're a jerk and you only offended me a little bit. I'll admit I don't like being asked to promise I won't fall for you...or being told you don't want a man in your life. After all, I am a man and I'm sort of in your life already. It's like saying you want me to go away. But, oh well, we've passed that already. You just have to calm down now."

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Tristan glanced at his watch. Almost 6. He should get ready. He took out an ironed white dress shirt, and paired it with a loose blue tie. Then he grabbed a pair of jeans. His wallet and phone slid into his pocket and he was ready. Remembering her shirt, he grabbed her shirt and left the dorm. Walking, he wondered what she would be wearing. I only have three shirts was bouncing around his head. Had she been serious? Tristan was trying to wrap his head around that thought. Growing up in a well to-do family, he'd never had just three shirts. Mind you, they'd mostly been hockey jerseys and dress shirts, but still, only three?

Alex sniffled softly. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you. I was just... I'm not sure if I'm ready for it. I've never… actually been on a date before. Or been in a relationship for that matter. Boys always think I'm too… weird. All those things I said about you, being… attractive and everything is true though. You're really hot. And I'm just… a plain person with serious self-esteem problems," she said. She bit her lip, something she did quite often when she was nervous.

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Isis | 6034 comments Another reason she had chosen the diner was because it was close. She didn't have a car and she preferred not to walk a million miles just to waste money on food she also could not afford. Plus, her sneakers had less than a mile of walking left in them before they fell apart. In fact, as she laced them up to head out one of the laces broke clean in half. She groaned before stealing one of the laces from her room mate's shoes and leaving an IOU letter. After lacing the new lace through she headed out the door and was to the diner in no time.

"Well you do have some self esteem issues, but we can work on that. You just need to realize how much potential you have and how beautiful you really are. Now lets stop being so serious for a few minutes and just give this a try. Alright? I'll take you to dinner and we'll eat some food and then maybe we'll go for a walk. It'll be fun." He gave her a big bright smile.

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Terrance arrived at the diner. He spotted the girl and walked over to her. "Wow, you look…" Terrance trailed off. He was stunned, honestly. This girl had only three shirts yet she was… breathtaking. He was silent, in awe. Nervous and a bit intimidated by her ability to dress with so little resources, Terrance adjusted his tie nervously and shoved his hands in his pockets and stared at the ground finding a particularly ordinary pebble quite interesting.

Alex smiled faintly. "Okay… um… Where are we going for dinner?", she asked. She bit her lip, what would she wear? Alex had clothes, but not clothes she thought suitable for a date. She hadn't expected to be thought sexy and beautiful, so her wardrobe was mostly preppy, the way she'd mostly dressed her entire life. And her hair! Alex usually put it into a ponytail or left it down, barely taking time to brush it. That thought made her think of this morning, when she'd rushed out the door to get to the library, and had barely touched her hair. Rather self-conscious now, she ran a hand through her hair, trying to smooth it down.

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Isis | 6034 comments "Well I'm sorry my looks don't live up to your expectations," Aili growled at him rather fiercely. "I told you I only have three shirts and now you've seen them all, so if you don't like them just give me that one back so I can go. I'm not here to impress you. I don't want to be here at all. I just want my shirt back. Save us both the pain of going through this, don't say another word, and let me leave with a shred of my dignity. I have to go buy shoelaces and I'm not in the mood for you..." She assumed his silence and inability to finish his sentence was him making fun of her, or telling her she looked awful.

Dex chuckled softly and put his hand over hers. "Your hair looks lovely already," he told her gently "Don't be so self conscious." He gave her another of his bright smiles. "As for where we shall go, it's up to you. What's your favorite restaurant? Cost is not object. I'm paying of course. I can drive too if you'd like. You just be yourself, alright? I think that'd be perfect."

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