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cecilia It's Red Robin. An average restaurant.

✥Toяia✥ Їт dоё₴ иот dо то dшёll ои dяёaм$ aпd fояgєт то lїvё. (Tori7841) | 339 comments Capote and Iliria linked arms and entered the restaurant, Capote talked to the waiter and got them a table. Iliria sat down and he joined her, they talked for a while and than he ordered both their foods and Iliria felt like she was melting like chocolate in the sun. She laughed at everything he said and not to soon they were clasped together over the table in a deep embrace.

✥Toяia✥ Їт dоё₴ иот dо то dшёll ои dяёaм$ aпd fояgєт то lїvё. (Tori7841) | 339 comments Iliria: "Look, I need to tell you something...." she had been meaning to tell him that she was a student at the school he taught but she was cut off, though she was grateful for it because she had been dreading the moment when the time would come to let the truth out.
Capote: "Shhh, don't worry," he put a finger to his lips and Iliria immediately silenced herself. He looked into her big blue eyes and gave her one last kiss before standing up on from the table. He looked down at her phone number which she had scribbled into a napkin.
Iliria: "When can I see you again?" he asked with hopeful eyes.
"Sooner than you expect...." Iliria said and than as an after thought, literally. But she smiled all the same and bid him goodbye knowing that she was also saying goodbye to the chance of a future of them together. Capote left the restaurant murmuring something about a school dance which he had to supervise and Iliria was left not alone in the restaurant but she had never felt so lonely and cold. And then she remembered, Right, of course. The school dance!" and she hurried out of the restaurant, into a cab and to King's Boarding School For the Gifted.

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