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hey, it's layne.

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Gordon and Adriane entered the diner, his eyes flickering back to her face every now and then. She truly was beautiful, he thought. He led her over to a booth table, sitting on the comfy seats. The diner was a little run down, but the food was greasy and delicious; just the way he liked it. "I'm starving. What are you going to order?" He asked her, pulling out his wallet. There was no way he was going to let a beautiful girl like Adriane pay for her own lunch.

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Adriane looked around and sighed slightly, she had always liked it here. Even if it was run down, once you came most people remembered your name (Hahahahaha it rhymes. Ok Sorry back to the point) Plus she liked the atmosphere. Warm and cozy, heading back towards one of the booths she can feel Gordons eyes on her every once in a while and her lips turned up in a teasing manner. "Will you stop looking at me? People are going to think I'm some blind person or that you kidnapped me." She mused before shaking her head and sliding into the booth.

After grabbing a menu she thumbed through it before shrugging. "I don't know, probably a burger or something." She answered glancing but before frowning as he pulled out his wallet. "You don't need to do that," she said firmly motioning to his hand and shook her head. "I asked you to come with me. I'll pay," she assured him before flicking her gaze over the menu and then closing it turning her attention back to him.

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((Lolz, you're a funny gal Sydney xD In a good way))

"Maybe it's simply because you are so beautiful, no man could keep their eyes off you," Gordon responded flirtatiously, a little sincerity hidden in his words. He meant what he said, but as a girl, Adriane wouldn't believe him. He ran his hands through his hair habitually, something he did when he was quiet and focused.

"The burgers are pretty amazing." He grinned, pulling out the menu. Flicking through the pages, his eyes darted up to meet Adriane's gaze. "Adriane, I am a guy having lunch with a beautiful girl. I will most definitely pay." He said stubbornly, no room in his voice for doubt. Even if she was from a richer family, he wasn't going to let her pay for a lunch spent with him. That would just be rude.

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Blushing Adriane shook her head before rolling her eyes. "Haha very funny," she mused before dropping the subject. It was obviously by his voice that he wasn't going to say anything less than a nice compliment so instead she smiled and shrugged. "You're not terribly looking yourself." She shot back only half teasing his compliment. Adriane took a sip of the water the waiter had brought them before sitting back in her seat. "So does Gordon play any other sports?" She asked curiously before smiling slightly.

"Well I'm glad the food is good here. I most certainly will get a burger then." Adriane murmured returning his smile. "So what if you're a guy? Doesn't mean I don't want to pay." She argued back and raised an eyebrow. "How about you can pay for the meal and I'll pay for dessert?" She asked firmly.

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