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message 1: by Aumee (last edited Jan 24, 2008 04:58AM) (new)

Aumee | 39 comments Hi guys! amake russell bhai matobbori korar shujog dise ekhon ami ichcha moton matobbori kortesi....hehehe!!
Anyways, ei board e ami shobai ke encourage korbo book review korte. Any book that you have read and liked/hated, give your account of boi ta kemon.
Be careful not to disclose plots or ending of books.
start by giving the name of the book, the authors name and then briefly evaluate the book.....for example apnar kaase boi ta kemon ki tik moton present korte parse.....charectorisation ki strong get the idea.
Have fun!!

message 2: by Aumee (new)

Aumee | 39 comments Bridge to Terabithia
By Katherine Paterson

I just read this book last night. I bumped it up to my favorite top ten books list the second I finished.
Many of you may have heard about this book, because they are making a movie on it. I don't know what the movie is going to be like.....but the book is a must read.
I originally bought this book for my younger sister, but I got to reading it first.
"Bridge to Terabithia" is a compelling and moving story about a society that goes overlooked in todays modern society. Katherine Paterson takes her readers into the lives of underprivilaged young people in the heart of America, into a world that many cannot even begin to comprehend.
"Bridge to Terabithia" is an excellent book that showcases childhood imagination and the unexpected lessons life decides to teach us. If you get the chance, read it.....its a great book for older readers.

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