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Here is how you play:

You give one of the books +1 point and -1 point on one other. The rest of them you leave the same.

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Harry Potter 1: 10

Harry Potter 2: 10

Harry Potter 3: 11

Harry Potter 4: 10

Harry Potter 5: 10
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Harry Potter 6: 9

Harry Potter 7: 10

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Hannah (Hrcisme) | 122 comments 1:10

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(after re-reading the series AGAIN, my new favorite one is #5 and least favorite one is #3)

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Hannah (Hrcisme) | 122 comments I've never been a big fan of number 5 it's too dark and depressing and I used to not like three very much but when I reread them and watched the movies again well I watch them all the time but I watched them in order I really liked three alot better than I thought I did

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Yeah. My dad says that 3 sucks but none of them suck! I really don't know why I like 5 best. Here is a realllllly hard question, if u had to take out one book in the series which would it be? I would say 2 because 1 introduces all the characters, 3 develops a lot of plot, 4 voldemort comes back, 5 has th ministry of magic thing, 6 does the whole horcrux (did I spell that right?) thing and Ginny, 7 is the end. But 2 is so cool! I thought that was a really hard question. :/

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Hannah (Hrcisme) | 122 comments I agree two is the least important plot wise

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