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Someone Please Tell Me It All Works Out!!!

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Makayla Okay, so I just finished reading City of Bones and it was amazing. I loved the entire basis of the plot and Clary and Jace had such great chemistry. That being said I was extremely frustrated when the incest plot twist came into play. I wanted them to be together so bad. I just need someone to tell me that by the end of the series I'll be satisfied and not completely heartbroken. No spoilers please, just tell me it works out in the end.

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anilee At the end of City of Glass, yes. Since City of Heavenly Fire won't be out for a while, it's hard to say if you'll be satisfied at the complete end of the series.

Gabby But Keep reading and then see what you say...

Ashley I felt the same way you did. I googled it, my advice is not to spoil it for yourself. I would of been more surprised when things happened and it would have been nicer.

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