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rescued a book but there are still errors...

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message 1: by Gene (new)

Gene Lee | 1 comments I rescued a book which, but the cover photo, is a copy of uncorrected proofs of The Robert Ludlum Companion by Martin Greenberg. This has the same ISBN number as the later published book by the same name, but this cover photo is the cover of the Uncorrected Proofs book. The publish date for the Uncorrected Proofs book is May 17, 1993, and it was published by Bantam Books. The information on your page shows it with a publication in January and with a publisher of Harper Collins. When I tried to enter this data it got kicked back because this ISBN is the same as that of the final version of the book, which has a picture of Mr. Ludlum in a trench coat. I know these facts to be true because I have copies of both books sitting in front of me as I type this comment to you. Again, there are two books with one ISBN number. One is named "The Robert Ludlum Companion Uncorrected Proofs" Trade Paperback Publication Date: May 17, 1993 ISBN 0-553-35196-6 and "The Robert Ludlum Companion" ISBN 0-553-35196-6 Publication date June, 1993. Perhaps because they have the same ISBN number is why the library is having a problem with them. However, the picture of the cover is definitely that of the Uncorrected Proofs version that I own. Thought that might help. And I don't show Harper Collins as publisher for either of these, rather Bantam Books for both. I also have two copies of The Robert Ludlum Companion. In addition, if you have other questions regarding Ludlum books, I have an entire collection of his books and other books and some articles written about him. Good day.

message 2: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 23771 comments Bantam Books is an imprint of Harper Collins. So either is correct, though we prefer to use the imprint where known.

It is not unusual for there to be books with the same ISBN. Accepted practice is first in gets the ISBN and the second book is added to the database without an ISBN.

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