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message 1: by Bojana (new)

Bojana (bpop) Welcome fellow students. A few words about the structure of the discussion board: I have created a separate folder about each week's material. At the moment, only week 01 contains threads. I have created one that is spoiler free (for while you read), and one that can contain spoilers (for when you are done). Please play nice and mark your spoilers in the first one. Also feel free to create threads on any topic you find interesting (that is in some way connected to the material) in the corresponding folder. For everything else, there is a 'Misc' folder.
You can also add books to the group's bookshelf. At the moment, only the mandatory readings are added. Feel free to add any book you would like to recommend to the group, as well as (and especially) books that are recommended by the instructor.
Any suggestions on improving this group are very welcome.
Happy reading!

message 2: by Catherine (new)

Catherine (catjackson) Thank you, Bojana, for all your hard work putting this together. I appreciate you taking the time to create this space for discussion.

message 3: by April (new)

April (april_in_autumn) | 1 comments Thanks for putting this together. I love checking out what other books our classmates are reading!

message 4: by Lee (new)

Lee (leeshirk) Bojana thanks for the invite, I completely forgot about this course! I am signed up and ready to go.

message 5: by William (new)

William (wsitarz) | 1 comments Great job putting the group together - Thank you!

message 6: by Royce Roeswood (new)

Royce Roeswood Thanks so much for setting this up, Bojana!

message 7: by Iziur (new)

Iziur | 2 comments This is great! Just getting started with Grimm! This will definitely help with my reading goal for this year!

message 8: by Will (last edited Jun 03, 2013 05:16PM) (new)

Will (wcoles) | 8 comments I am very excited about this course. I am about 70 pages into the copy of Grimm's Household Tales that I have. It is a translation by Lucy Crane, but a different publisher from the listed eBook on the syllabus. My copy is published by Mediamorphosis, Vintage Books Restored, and is 316 pages. A quick cross-reference indicates these are the same stories.

message 9: by Iziur (new)

Iziur | 2 comments Hey! Just a quick note. I don't mean to be rude, but please let me get to know you guys (and let yourselves get to know me) before we start adding each other as friends over here. We might be terribly incompatible! ;P
Anyway, I'd like to know a bit about everyone here before adding people so that we make sure we'll like to read each other's reviews and comments on our feeds. Again, no disrespect meant! Have a great course!!

message 10: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Iozzio (hemlocktea) | 1 comments Anyone can add me as a friend if you'd like. I'm always up for expanding my interests. Thanks for setting everything up, Bojana.

message 11: by Charlie (new)

Charlie (demoncard) Anyone can add me as well. No worries here. I like everyone.

message 12: by Veleka (new)

Veleka Georgieva | 2 comments Hi! Anyone can add me as friends, so go ahead if you want to. I can see Iziur's poit, but I think that seeing what books one has read/is currently reading/wants to read is already a good way to get to know him, so it's all up to you - if you want to be my GR friend, just hit the 'send request' button and you can count on me accepting it :)

message 13: by Shanda (new)

Shanda Vance-markham | 5 comments Thank you Bojana for making this group! I look forward to getting to know all of you. As you can tell, I'm brand knew to Goodreads. I keep hearing about it, but have never checked it out. I guess now would be a great time! How is everyone getting along with their reading?

message 14: by Beatriz (new)

Beatriz (nebula61) | 1 comments Great idea to form this goodreads group! Thank you, Bojana!

message 15: by Katie (new)

Katie (helloecho) | 1 comments Hello everyone. I'm glad to see this goodreads group. I just finished Brothers Grimm, yay! I'm glad this class got me to read it in entirety.

You'll find that a ton of what I read is fantasy, so if you like the same kinds of books, feel free to add me and I'll add you back. Just mention where you found me!

message 16: by Louise (new)

Louise Taylor | 24 comments Hello class
Thank you Bojana for creating this group. I am looking forward to exchanging opinions with you all.

I have so far finished Grimm's, Dracula an Princess of Mars is at 89% on my Kindle, I am trying to get ahead with the reading. One of the weeks I will be on holiday.

It is lovely to read all these books again many years later and have a different perspective on the stories. My mum used to read me Grimm's when I was quite small.

message 17: by Will (new)

Will (wcoles) | 8 comments Don't forget, Hawthorne/Poe essays are due today!

message 18: by Anna (new)

Anna | 4 comments God forbid!
How many of us out there are still on board?

message 19: by Louise (new)

Louise Taylor | 24 comments Anna wrote: "God forbid!
How many of us out there are still on board?"

I'm still here. Got a 5.5 for my Poe essay and a recurring nightmare about ravens who say Nevermore.

message 20: by Will (new)

Will (wcoles) | 8 comments I'm still here as well. Staying in for the long haul!

message 21: by Louise (new)

Louise Taylor | 24 comments Are you still there?

Fed up about comments on my latest essay and I would like a second opinion.

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