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message 1: by John (new) - added it

John Kelley | 4 comments I did just submit a request for this as well before realizing this community existed. Also, the book itself (The Fallen Snow, 2 editions) is fine. I am the author and I have accidentally broken the link between my author account and my book editions, as explained below. I apologize profusely. As soon as I saw what had happened, I realized the mistake but by then I was unable to correct the error as the broken link removed my ability to edit my book details.

At any rate, here is my issue:

My name is John J. Kelley. I am a goodreads author with one published book in the goodreads system - THE FALLEN SNOW (paperback - ISBN 0988414805 - & ebook editions - ISBN 0988414813).

I just made what I thought was a minor edit to my book but in doing so I inadvertently "broke" the link between my author account and my book. This is specifically what happened: I noticed that on the book two spaces existed between my middle initial and last name (i.e, it appeared as "John J. Kelley") so I removed the second space on the book profile (paperback edition) and saved the change.

Now THE FALLEN SNOW no longer appears on the list of books related to my author account, though the book itself remains in the system with a combined 51 ratings, 30 reviews and on hundreds of member's bookshelves.

So there is absolutely nothing amiss with the book profile. It simply is no longer connected to my author account. As such, I no longer have librarian rights to edit it. This means, of course, that I was I was unable to edit the book again to add the additional space back to the author name.

Can you please help me restore the link between my author account - John J Kelley and my book THE FALLEN SNOW?

Hindsight being 20/20, I believe the extra space between my middle initial and last name was intentional in order to distinguish me from another author by the name of John J. Kelley. I believe THE FALLEN SNOW is now tied to that author account. So if adding back the extra space and re-linking the book editions to me is the appropriate solution, please feel free to do so. I promise never to touch my author name field again!

I apologize that my actions caused this inadvertent issue. At the time it simply never occurred to me that what seemed a minor edit would wreak such havoc.

Please contact me directly if you need.

I greatly appreciate your assistance.

John J Kelley
Author, The Fallen Snow

message 2: by Deon (new)

Deon (deonva) | 3386 comments corrected, no problem

yes, the extra space was/is intentional.

message 3: by John (new) - added it

John Kelley | 4 comments Thanks, Deon. I felt like such a fool because it all "clicked" as soon as I saw the consequences. Have a great day!

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