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Here we is again. :)

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L Lugo (taixene) | 15 comments Hai!

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Herro. :D

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L Lugo (taixene) | 15 comments Would you do the honors and start us off?

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Give me a little while. I'm doing the dishes for my mom.

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L Lugo (taixene) | 15 comments Okay, no problem.

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Vanessa stepped onto campus, glancing around warily. She spotted him and instantly relaxed, then turned and walked in the other direction. It was the beginning of the new year and she was ready for him this time. The agreement was he couldn't have her until she graduated, but she knew he was getting tired of waiting. If she could jsut hold out a little longer, her problems may or may not be solved. Her parents didn't know about her arrangement with the Vampire prince, who I am naming Adair cause thats a hot name, and said that if he did not court her into loving him before he graduated, then she would not have to marry him at all. She had been very happy when she had heard the news.
Having been lost in her own little world of life without Adair in it, she turned a corner and slammed into another body. She snarled angrily, her fangs bared at the boy before her. He smelled vampire, but also human. "Ugh," she muttered, retracting her fangs and fixing her hair. "Sorry," she muttered reluctantly. Despite the fact that she hated to admit it, she knew very well that that had been her fault. She shifted her things in her arms and started to walk around him. "Excuse me."

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L Lugo (taixene) | 15 comments After being harassed and bullied upon by the other Vampire boys at this school for the entire day Ian was hoping that he wouldn't be running into any more trouble.
"Just keep your head down and don't cause any trouble..." he muttered to himself, repeating the words of advise that his mother had given him before dumping him off at this school, "It's more like a prison then a school if you as me."
Right before reaching the corner, Ian found himself colliding with someone who had just turned the corner. He stumbled backwards slightly before regaining his balance.
"Where's the emergency?" he snidely remarked more so to himself rather then to the beautiful vampire girl that had just bumped into him.

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She glanced at him as she passed, unsure if he had been talking to her. She raised an eyebrow at him then turned away as she continued leaving. She smelled him before she could see him, but she heard him shoved that half vampire boy out of his way as he approached her. "Vanessa!" He barked, snagging her wrist and pulling him up tightly against him. "Where are you going beautiful," he asked.
Vanessa flinched and wrinkled her nose at him. "I'm going to class. Where are you going?"

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