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The Importance of Reviews

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Beth | 216 comments Mod
Hi everyone,
How important are reviews, either professional or amateur, in making your book reading selections? I address that subject in my blog at Inkspot, the blog for Midnight Ink authors, today at:

Both professional and amateur reviews play a role in my own reading selections, so as an author I view them as being VERY important, especially ones from respected professional review publications like the Big Four. I was very, very pleased to receive a complimentary review for FATAL DESCENT on June 1st from Library Journal, which joins those the book has already received from Publishers Weekly and Kirkus Reviews. FATAL DESCENT even merited its own sub-heading, "River Tales," and who could complain about being compared to Nevada Barr!?

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Magpie67 | 27 comments Very important! I get an overall view from the lows to the highs and then make a judgement if I will read the title. Subject matter then plays into the thought process of the star ratings.

Gabby Funny you mentioned Nevada Barr - I tried to read one of those and just couldn't get into it. Didn't like it at all - but your books intrigue me, keep me interested and I want more! Which all goes to prove the point that reviews are VERY important, but not always in the ways we think. I would have stayed away from a reference to NB, and I'd have missed an enjoyable reading experience with you. I read reviews constantly (can there be avid review readers?) and I often buy based on what the contents of the review are. I don't care so much WHO wrote it so much as the info I get about whether this is something that would interest me. All that said, my best source of reviews is at Good Reads and Library Thing. That's where I can read reviews by readers who sometimes are more aware of the genre they are critiquing than the big time paid people. So, if I see a review in EW or Bookmarks or any of the bazillion places I seek out books, I check it out with my trusty peeps at GR or Amazon or LT. Works for me. I seldom make a huge mistake in what I buy thanks to the review network.

Beth | 216 comments Mod
Thanks, Magpie and Gabby, for your thoughtful replies! Nice to know that you consider the trusty peeps at Goodreads to be your go-to source for trustworthy book reviews, Gabby. I do, too!

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