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message 1: by Maria (new)

Maria (mariakelly) | 92 comments Mod
I've just read Peaches for Father Francis (Chocolat, #3) by Joanne Harris after previously reading Chocolat and The Lollipop Shoes and I really enjoyed it.
Has anyone else read these books? What did you think of them? Which of Joanne Harris' other books would you recommend?

message 2: by Ava Catherine (new)

Ava Catherine Maria, I have not read this book, but I do love Joanne Harris, so I am going to order this book today. I'll check back with you after I have finished it.

message 3: by Maria (new)

Maria (mariakelly) | 92 comments Mod
Thanks Connie, I've read Blackberry Wine, Coastliners and now the three Chocolat books. I really want to read Five Quarters Of The Orange next. Have you read it, and if so what did you think.

message 4: by Bookisshhh (new)

Bookisshhh | 1 comments I have read the entire trilogy, "Chocolat", "The Girl With No Shadow" and "Peaches for Father Frances". Harris covers it all, food, religion, family, personal evolution and tension during social change. I'd love to interview her! Read them as a triad, read them together, read them.

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