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((Is it okay I made this, Jess?))

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Kassi was taken into the ER, holding Rosa's hand.

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Kassi nodded. She was about to pass out from blood loss. They took her in to get staples in her head, and she was out cold.

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A doctor looked at Rosa. "It was a pretty hard hit. There might be some serious damage. Maybe amnesia. Do hou know what happened?"

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"We can't be sure. There is a mojor concussion and that could lead to temporary or permanent amnesia. " the doctor said. "She may just forget recent events. Or everything she ever said or did." He shrugged. "We've seen all of it." he nodded.
Kassi opened her eyes with sharp pain in her head. Where was she? What was going on? Why did her head hurt so bad? She felt herself lift into a sitting position, but it hurt her head.
"I'll give you two some alone time." The doctor said, and stepped out.
Kassi turned her head. The pain was practically unbearable. "Rosa? Is that you? It's been years! " A smile grew on Kassi's face. "What have you been up to? "

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Kassi hugged Rosa, pain already shooting through her. "OW! Do you know what happened to me?"

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"No...that can't be. The last time I saw you was, like, fourth grade. No way I was with you two hours ago." Kassi looked up at Rosa's beautiful face. She smiled. "Well," Kassi mumbled tiredly. "Whoever was hanging out with you better have said 'I love you.' Because I do."
Kassi's eyes drifted closed and she fell asleep.

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Kassi was tired, but she felt Rosa's lips, and she kissed her back. She sat up, and kissed her. She pulled away for a sec. "I love you. Just thought you should know." And kissed her again.

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Kassi smiled against Rosa's lips.

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Kassi moaned quietly with pleasure, and she ran her hands down Rosa's body, resting them on the soft part of her waist.

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Kassi pulled away slowly. "Why don't we continue this later? I can hear a doctor coming, and I prefer to be 'asleep' when they come around. I love you, and that was amazing." She leaned forward and kissed Rosa one more time. Then she fell back on the bed, with her eyes closed.

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Kassi kept her hand on top of Rosa's. "I love you." She mumbled. Right before the doctor walked in.

"Ahh, she fell back asleep. When she was awake, did she seem to be having any pain, or symptoms? Amnesia?"

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The doctor nodded. "Well there is serious damage on the back of her skull, but it should heal in a few weeks if she takes good care of it. I will prescribe her some pills. They will help with the pain and the healing."

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Kassi flinched. "Ah!" She squealed in pain. "That hurts."

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"It's fine." Kassi took a deep breath.

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Kassi smiled. "I love you, Rosa."

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"Don't be so sure about that."

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"Because I am madly in love with you. Always have been." She pulled Rosa close to her. "You are beautiful. Creative. Amazing. Unique." She whispered.
Kassi grinned and pressed her mouth to Rosa's.

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Kassi smiled on Rosa's lips. She ran her fingers through her hair.

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Kassi smiled, and leaned back onto the hospital bed.

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"Because. I was afraid. Afraid of what might happen. To our friendship. To what everyone else thought of me."

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"I know. I'm glad. I hope you know that I love you." Kassi yawns and falls asleep in Rosa's arms.

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((Whose house do we go to?))

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