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message 1: by Roland (new)

Roland Nuñez | 7 comments As many have done before me, I created a book trailer for my new book series. In addition to having it on my website and several blogs, I put it on my goodreads pages. The thing is, it places the video near the bottom and out of the way, where it would be hard for people to see.

Here's my book's page:

If you'll notice, the video is all the way at the bottom. I'm guessing the positioning can't be changed?

I did notice, though, that putting the video on your author page shows up much higher, so there's that at least:

As far as videos on your page, have they been helpful in garnering interest for your book? I find that it's helped me get reviewers interested in reviewing my book, but don't see any evidence yet in regards to sales.

message 2: by K.A. (new)

K.A. Krisko (kakrisko) I don't think it's helped my sales, but I don't really know. Can't hurt, and they sure are fun to create!

message 3: by Roland (new)

Roland Nuñez | 7 comments Agreed, if nothing else, I feel like it makes for a good hobby!

message 4: by Fritz (new)

Fritz Nordengren Great idea...really like this...may give it a try. Thanks for the inspiration.

message 5: by Cathryn (new)

Cathryn How did you decide how long to make the trailer? And do you think it helped sales?

message 6: by Roland (new)

Roland Nuñez | 7 comments Cathryn J. wrote: "How did you decide how long to make the trailer? And do you think it helped sales?"

I tried my best to keep it under 2 minutes. I feel like anything longer would lose people's interest.

I'm not sure how much it's done as far as sales, as I haven't noticed any surges since it released. I do know, however, of at least one person who bought my book as a result of the trailer.

Moreso, the trailer has been helpful in getting bloggers and reviewers interested. Typically it's easier to pitch my book for a read when I offer them a visual that they can put on their blog/website to help promote it.

message 7: by K.A. (new)

K.A. Krisko (kakrisko) The general rule, as Roland said, is to keep it under 2:00 minutes. You'll need a graphic change every 5 seconds or so, some of which can be splash pages and title/credits pages, so budget for the number of pictures you'll need. If you're using photos, you can go for the smaller versions in places like BigStockPhotos - you don't need the larger ones for a Youtube-sized trailer. Make sure you adjust all you graphics so they are the same size & shape for easy flow. And for background music - there are a number of sites, like, where you can donate a few bucks and use original music for your trailer, without worrying about copyrights.

I personally write out a script in advance. Then just string everything together in a program like Windows Live Movie Maker, experiment with fade-ins and pans, and voila! A trailer for under $50...

Oh - I also discovered animated gifs when I was doing mine. Both a pain in the butt and a huge amount of fun to make!

message 8: by Crystal (new)

Crystal Cierlak (crystalcierlak) For music I would absolutely recommend checking out SoundCloud. Most of the music falls under the Creative Commons License so you can use them for free (but give credit where credit is due!). If at all possible I would absolutely stay away from Windows Movie Maker. It not only is cheap to use, but looks cheap. If you have a friend with a Mac I would recommend asking to use their iMovie, which can produce moderately nice looking videos without being tacky.

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