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message 1: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (scolombo) What are you reading this month? Would you recommend it to us? What do you like and not like about it?

message 2: by S (new)

S (s1234) | 9 comments How to Do Systems Analysis by John E. Gibson
How to do Systems Analysis by John E. Gibson (et. al.).

Gibson was the dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at UoV. What he sought to do in this book (published posthumously) was to furnish the wet-eared engineering student with practical methodologies for assessing and designing Large Scale Systems. Gibson (and his editors) pepper the book with wry commentary on the foibles of Large Scale Failures in the past. I'm reading the book as a sort of as a guide for higher level, further-reaching problem solving techniques. If you're into efficiency, and are curious about the thinking style of the people responsible for your local infrastructure, then this one might be of interest.

message 3: by Jd (new)

Jd | 4 comments I am reading War and Peace by Tolstoy. I tried reading this book like 15 years ago or so and at the time was very troubled by its length. Now I find the book readable and enjoyable (I am only on page 60 so I should probably hold out on the hard core positivity until I finish it.) Only about 1200 pages more to go!!!!

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