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Weapon (if they have one)-

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Name- Pandora
Age- 15
Gender- female
Personality- Pandora is a kind a witty girl. She is a good fighter and loves to have fun.
History- She came to Narnia through a painting of a lamp-post
Weapon (if they have one)- A sword

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*Cori* wrote: "WHat's the plot?"

Thats what the what are you going to do thread is for. Have you read the books? Follow a basic out line of what your going to battle ( if you are ) and who your going with.

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based on the books, but a create your own story like other RPs

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Rue Fleur (mardigrasdemon) Name- Shasta
Age- 4 which makes her 28 in dog years
Gender- female
Personality- very playful but gets rough and wild, she is very protective too

History- She was raised by her pack and they chose to fight with Aslan when he rescued them from the wrath of the White Witch.
Weapon (if they have one)- She's a wolf

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Name- Violetta Weatherspoon
Age- 15
Gender- female
Personality- secretive, mysterious, intelligent, cunning, unfriendly, can be selfish. unpopular
Looks- dark red hair, deep blue eyes, pale skin, tall
History- parents died when she was a baby, so she grew up with her grandparents. ran away from home when she was 13 and lived on the streets for 2 years.
Weapon (if they have one)- anything she can get her hands on, though prefers knives

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great charries!!

Anna (Unquenchable Reads) (unquenchablereads) Name: Callie Hazel
Gender: female
Age: 16
Looks: dark brown hair, hazel eyes, slim body
History: Callie has always wanted to escape the harsh reality of life. Even though she is very pretty, she gets bullied for taking archery lessons.
Weapons: Bow and arrows

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Brought to you by Sarah

"Nianar si het stbe erev."
"Greetings, I am a friend and come in peace."

[ Full Name ] Aslan

{Titles:} Creator of Narnia
Portrayal of All things Good
The Great Lion
Son of the Emperor-over-the-sea
King of Beasts

[ Age ] Unknown, but most likely older than Narnia. Aslan was the founder and creator of Narnia, and therefore has many followers, which include vast numbers of Talking Beasts, Centaurs, Fauns, Dryads, Dwarfs, Satyrs, Naiads, Hamadryads, Mermaids, Silvans, Unicorns, and Winged Horses.

[ Nationality(ies)/Race ] He is a Narnian, one could say. His race is a Talking Beast, but a lion, making him the King of Beasts. He is also a Deity.

[ Gender ] Male. Only male lions have manes, so far as I'm concerned, lionesses don't.
[ Sexuality] Straight.

[ Physical Appearance ]

(view spoiler)

[ Personality] (Six sentences minimum)

Depiction of 'All things good'
Aslan is the ultimate 'good guy' of Narnia. He is modest, kind, loyal to his followers and Narnia, and a very good friend. He has a mysterious side, though, and acts as a guide for the human children that enter in and out of Narnia.

Aslan is not a tame lion. He may appear it because of his kind and loving nature, but he is not tame. When you get him worked up, or you're an enemy of his, there's no doubt that his claws will be at your throat or stomach within seconds.

Aslan is the eye of Narnia. He knows everything, sees practically everything, and has a rather good idea of knowing hat will happen. He speaks with a certain imposing tone, but also kind at the same time, but every word coming from his jaws rings with wisdom. Take advice from him.

"All good things come in good time."

Aslan is one of the bravest warriors on the Narnian battlefield. He fights without armour, and his weapons are his bare fangs and claws. Aslan is willing to give up anything for his fellow Narnians.

[ History] Aslan, the creator of Narnia- that's where it starts. Over the years, he picked up numerous travellers. Until 400 years ago- four siblings, sent away to live in a grand house with their uncle to escape from the war, discover a wardrobe in a desolate room in a far corner of the house. Well, rather, the youngest of the Pevensie children found it. Lucy.
So it was that human children began to come into the wardrobe and into Narnia, and since then Aslan has been leading out battles to fiht for the freedom and good of Narnia.

[ Relationship Status] Single and NOT open, but he's always open to befriending the children that come and visit Narnia.

[ Family:]
♔The Emperor-over-the-sea

[ Strengths:]
☞ Aslan's bravery is one of his many strengths. It helps him with his battle reflexes, keeping him alive. He isn't afraid of anything (most things). He is willing to travel far and wide, to run the length of Narnia to get revenge or to fight for the greater good.
☞ Aslan's wisdom helps him solve problems more easily that others can, and his knowledge of Narnia can be useful.
☞ Aslan's loyalty to the Narnians is one of his strengths. Although he is often regarded as the ruler of the Narnians, he views everyone as equals. This makes him easier to trust and once you gain his trust and he yours, it is guaranteed he will fight beside you in battle.

[ Weaknesses:]
☞ One of Aslan's weaknesses, and also a strength, is his kindness. Oftentimes he can become too kind and trust people he should not- his wisdom does not often help with these things. He has a good heart, which can get in his way.

[ Weapons:]
Claws and fangs.

[ Other:] None

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Jessica Mills | 32 comments Name: Aria Luke
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Personality: stubborn, hot tempered, caring, thoughtful
History: Aria lives with her aunt before running away and ending up in narnia. Her parents were killed by wolves under the order of the white witch, she aims to find out why.
Looks: she's an average 5'10", with black hair and hard facial features.
Weapons: sword, knives, and a bow.
Other: she has some mastery of the fire element.

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Avril of Themyscira | 3 comments Name: John Luke (Wolf name Kaifang)
"There are many surprises in Narnia. One could live to Aslan's age and not know all of them"

{Titles:} Outcast
The next King of Beasts
Advocate for the Rights of Creatures

Age: 4.5 years, or 31 in dog years, though he appears as a young man

Race: Key was born a wolf, and worked for the white witch with his pack as an omega during his reign. He helped the Pevensies at one point, and was turned into a human statue by the white witch. When her spell was undone, however, he was still a human, but could shift to a wolf form. Thus he is not the purest sense of the term werewolf, as he has control over when he changes, though he is more likely to change due to temper or emotion when the moon is full.

Gender: male

Sexuality:Straight, though he is treated as an outcast in both the human and wolf race, many only calling him by the name of half-breed.

Physical Appearance:
Wolf Form:[image error]

[ Personality] (Six sentences minimum)

View of Himself:
He views himself as a failure to both sides, having failed the white queen and never having supported Aslan. He walks alone as an outcast among the other neutrals and views himself as a failure.

He is laid back and a simple man, yet the way of the world is confusing to him. He goes through life with a simple temper, though people have worn it down with the constant jeers at him. Mention his failure to the queen, and he will do his best to maim you.

"There are werewolves in Narnia? What? Where?"

He has a good, fun-loving attitude and cares for those important to him. He has a hard to break, yet kind heart, but has yet to get someone to befriend him

History: He was born into the regal pack during the reign of the White Witch, and served her wholeheartedly. However, he pitied the children and purposely seperated the pack to give the kids a chance. When this was discovered by the alpha, the white witch transformed him into a boy statue. Once the spell wore off he was stuck transforming between both.

Relationship Status: Single and open, if anyone would befriend him

Claws and fangs.

Other: None

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