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message 1: by Bobby (last edited Jun 03, 2013 06:20AM) (new)

Bobby Nelson | 5 comments Hello.
Having just joined recently, I have a few questions concerning distribution.

I understand the textnovel.com website exhibits writers' stories and holds contests.

But what if you intend for your cell phone novel to be made available by the traditional avenues like amazon.com, kindle.....

I mean, I know you'd just upload them like any other work...what I really mean is, what is your opinion on that? Do you think cell phone novels would be successful if authors marketed them like any other books....in e-form and print on demand?

Or would people respond negatively and go "i'm supposed to be able to follow these for free on those web sites, that's what this movement is all about, who does this Bobby fellow think he is?" :-)

message 2: by Takatsu (new)

Takatsu Takatsu | 24 comments Mod
Welcome to Textnovel!

Well first of all some history, many Textnovel stories (non-cell phone novels) have gone on from Textnovel to become published work. Whether it was through the former Textnovel contest / literary agency or self-publishing etc, we have quite a number of published authors on Textnovel. Absolutely nothing wrong with going those routes. Many many many authors, online writing site or not, self-publish, especially ebooks. No one will ask, who does this person think he is? This is a very natural and normal thing. Textnovel is a place for people to start writing and gathering fan bases etc.

Also, there are tons of competition, billions and billions of books. Just like Youtube, one video out there isn't going to change anything, nor will it be noticed unless marketed right or shared etc.

It is in the plans to get cell phone novels themselves into the publishing industry. We aim to of course have them on e-book and printed form when stories are complete. Issue is that we need things complete in order to move towards that but we are getting close. We also have something going on like our short story CPN compilation publication. We will have gathered around 20-25 short stories written in CPN form by August and will move to get this published, with introductory info about cell phone novels.

The origins of cell phone novels come from Japan. In Japan, popular cell phone novels gather millions and millions of readers online and then when complete publishers pick them up. If you haven't please watch the documentary on the main group page or on textnovel.com's article on cell phone novels. The top 10 best selling published books in Japan actually have a lot of cell phone novels. They move on to become drama, movies, anime and so on. Eventually this is our aim.

Basically, what cell phone novels do is build a fanbase who absolutely love the story and has watched it grown and progress, and have been involved in it, leaving feedback comments etc, very much feeling a sense of belonging and like they've helped the author's child grow. When the story is finished and ready to be published, the publication for most readers who have already read it really is much like a keep sake. People in japan who followed the story would buy copies of it just to collect or share with friends and give away as gifts. Drama/anime and so on of course drives it beyond and really makes you feel proud of this work. It is a different sense of publication. Publicatio also opens the door then to new audiences who've nver read the book online. That is the relation of cell phone novels and publishing.

Cell phone novels have a ton of potential. I believe we can't just jump into the Western industry guns blazing though. Because this is still something relatively new that people aren't educated about. Many have misconceptions if given the term cell phone novels, and would think of texting SMS language or just meaning ebooks read on cell phones. But in reality it is a new form of literature much like narrative poetry and verse novels but with the blend of technology and youth culture. So I think if introduced into the market correctly, it will catch on. But it will be a lot of work. Even in the formatting alone, when you bring a cell phone novel format into ebook, often, people will have to edit it into full prose fiction format, word wraps on ebooks and printing efficiency etc. But we'd like to keep the cpn format if possible. That sitll needs a lot of experimentation and learning.

I've been trying to move this movement onwards for four years, it's been slow but more things are coming together now. For CPN to catch on, I think it is essential to have the right strategy to go about this and work together.

Second thing for cell phone novels, is although some textnovelists have gone on to self publish, we are working on something to bring us together and put things out together. Still alot of planning to be done. So, i think we should have a good option to consider which is to publish things together rather than being a lone wolf and having a tough time wandering through the market alone. The movement will be much stronger that way.

But back to the original question, cell phone novels are meant to be published eventually. It will be what drives home the efforts and hopes of committed readers and the author's aspirations and it will be what will make this movement catch on, because people don't know about it and the industry doesn't know about it. We need to make our mark out there.

It is definitely a win win and I can guarantee no one would respond negatively. If possible however, I really intend to have whoever is publishing the work to understand the roots of this movement, this style and its history, and leave the original manuscript written on textnovel available to read for free online. That's the way it is in Japan as well. There's nothing wrong with that, because customers come from textnovel and the free reading of it. The finished version will also be more refined and edited as well and worth the buy.

message 3: by Bobby (new)

Bobby Nelson | 5 comments Big thank you for the thorough reply.
I feel much better informed.

I look forward to discussing this more in the future.
Congrats on your success with Secondhand Memories as well as your activism in the movement to bring cell phone novels to the western world.

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