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Here we go!!!!! c:

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Okay so are we going to make the characters?

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Sure give me a minute to get it up

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Name Daisy Marrero

Age 17


Personality Can be quick to anger if she is annoyed, but has a sweet side under that stubborn shell of hers. She loves music which is why she came to this school. Daisy lives off of first impressions, so make a good one or look out!!!

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Name: Kendall Grover

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((How detailed would you like me to be, and who has cancer and who's the cross-dresser?))

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((be detailed as much as possible. I have the cancer, are you okay being a cross dresser?))

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((No problem!!! Can you start?))

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((OK :]))

Kendall Carter was used to the stares around him. He was totally prepared for it since all his life, he was scrutinized as a bad boy and sometimes a bastard. Really though it wasn't harming him as he pulled out a cigarette from his suit that would probably cost all of them a fortune but with him it's no sweat.

He was about to turn when he caught the eye of one of the stranger staring at him like he was an abomination which he totally was but this kind of stare made him smile at the stranger who was obviously wearing a wig too black for her skin color so he went to him and he innocently stepped on his foot, "Oops," he whispered as he dropped his cigarette on the said foot he just stepped on.

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"Ow!" She squealed, then Daisy deepens her voice, "Look out next time." She said in a deep voice. Daisy groaned and looked at the paper in her hand for her form number. She was glad to get away from home to focus on her talent, which is why she didnt mind pretending to be a guy. They ran out of girl dorms and this was the only dorm with one bed left.

Daisy dragged her suit case to the room and opened it with the key she had in her back pocket. When she opened the door there was a big window with a view of the courtyard. She set her stuff on the bed closest to the window and walked around the room. It was bigger than she thought it would be. Daisy walked into the bathroom and noticed how awful her wig looked. She sighed and tried adjusting it so it looked better and made it half decent. She walked out of the bathroom and flopped on the bed.

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((I can be more detailed and or less detailed if you would like, just let me know! :3))

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((it's fine :]))

Kendall sighed as the others kept on watching like he was a bug under a microscope. He gave them all the finger, even the teacher who was one of them as he entered the room he was assigned. He was rich but he didn't mind sharing the room since he could order his roommate to clean their room like a maid and it's free.

He kicked in the door that was slightly open and he greeted, "Hi! Roomie!" in a bored voice which was ironic with what he said and he saw the wig guy on one of the beds as he dumped his suitcase of clothes on the bed, "'re my roommate, Wiggy."

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((Sorry it won't let me post!!!))

Daisy sat up, Not you again. she thought to herself, "Hey! Don't hate the wig! It's not my fault my parents planned for me to go to military school!" She lied, ignoring the itch of the wig.

She tried to speak in a deeper tone than her own and make it sound normal but it wasnt as well as she had hoped. She fiddled with her shoelace and looked up at him, scanning his suit, "Only 4 bags? Where are the other 7?" Daisy smirked a little when she said that then looked at her two bags.

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((it's okay :] but this is my last post for the night :[))

Kendall laughed as he jumped on his bed and he sighed as he did so. "Yeah, yeah. Like I'd believe you," he said to him as he crossed his arms over his chest, crinkling his Armani suit.

He noticed how he was speaking in a higher pitch like the girls but he just shrugged since he was like that when he was in puberty. "Are you 12 or something? Because you sound like a sissy," he told him in a monotone.

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Daisy felt her stomach knot up, "Uh- scratchy throat..." She lied again. She started to sound so stupid she didnt even believe her own lies. Daisy stood and got a glass of water. She cleared her throat and remembered the fake name she used to apply, "Davis, I'm Davis." She said walking back towards her bed.

Daisy looked out in the courtyard, full of flowers in full bloom, "What's your name? Mr. I've got it all?" She smirked and turned to look at him trying to keep her voice steady.

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Kendall snorted at him, "You don't know?!" he asked in a dramatic tone as he held a hand to his heart. "That hurts," he said to Davis as he sat up. When Davis looked at him in an irritated glare he snorted again.

"Grover. Kendall Grover," in a James Bond greeting as he smiled at his new maid. "And you're going to clean and wash my clothes since you have the privilege of being my roomy."

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She chuckled at his response, "So over dramatic!" She said in her deep voice. "Maid? Excuse me sit but I won't be cleaning anything of yours!" Daisy said rolling her eyes, And now he's going to make a big scene! she thought to herself.

Daisy slid off her bed and stood, "Is that what you do to every one you end up bunking with? You get some dirt on them and make them clean or you spill the beans?" She said walking around her bed towards him, trying to keep her voice deep.

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Kendall guffawed this time as he answered him, "Do I look like I threaten them? No. They say their secrets to all of the world because I have the money and status to do it." He took a magazine from his bag and whistled as he saw the pictures in them.

"That's hot," he said as he appreciated the figure before him. He turned the magazine vertically to fully appreciate it and he ignored Davis while doing it.

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Daisy rolled her eyes, "Of course..." She muttered rolling her eyes. She stood and kicked a suitcase under her bed, that held everything girl related that she brought. Daisy leaned her guitar in the corner of the room.

4:57 is what the clock said. "I'm going to orientation. Don't mess with my stuff!" She said in a deep voice grabbing her phone and headphones. She headed to the door, "I mean it! Don't touch my stuff!" She warned and left, shutting the door behind her.

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((gtg :())

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((Kk, see u later... :c))

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((what?! Why?))

Kendall shrugged as he put down the magazine of violins. Really though he was just appreciating the fact that the Viola300 was at the stores now and he didn't want anybody to know that he has a talent of playing violas.

He stood up and stretched. He was about to follow Davis out when he saw something that caught his attention. He went to Davis' bed as he saw a strap. He went carefully to it and "Ooooh, Davis has a girlfriend," he whispered under his breath as he picked up the green neon bra before him.

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