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D.M. (dmhenry) | 17 comments Hi everyone! I just wanted to introduce myself to the group. My name is Donnica. I am/was (haven’t figured that one out yet) a practicing paralegal. I started writing my first novel at the end of 2006 and published it after beginning my sabbatical in 2011. I am currently revising my second novel, and maintain my own blog, FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and Linkedin pages. After reading so many blog and newspapers articles about social media and gaining practical experience, I would love to call myself an expert. However, I feel as if that is far from the truth. What I have realized is that social media outlets can be a maze and it’s evolving and expanding on a daily basis. So, I’m not only happy that I’ve put my fear aside and have taken Chris’ offer to become a moderator of this great group on, but I’m also looking forward to sharing what I’m doing and learning from all of you!

Want to connect with me outside of Goodreads? I’ll welcome you with open arms! Please drop a note when visiting so that I’ll know that you’re from the Social Media 101 group:

Blog (,FaceBook(http://o... and, Twitter(, Pinterest (, Google+(, Linkedin (

I’m looking forward to some great discussions!

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Welcome to the group Donnica! I hope you get something from this discussions that can help make your life a little easier :-)

Thanks for joining,


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D.M. (dmhenry) | 17 comments Thanks a lot, Chris! :-)

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