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Sophia Roberts | 1324 comments What did the wolf-boy reveal to a crowd of townspeople (including Grainier) who thought they had seen it all?

Lily (joy1) | 2462 comments Just re-looked at this chapter. I was intrigued by the sequence of its three stories -- the longer one of recognition and struggles with vital life forces tamped into quiescence, followed by the story leading to death, then stepping back to an earlier trivial, carnivalistic event where the themes of the two preceding stories are echoed -- the animalistic assimilation and expression of the sounds of life and then, darkness. Cruel. Terrible. Poignant. Sad.

Sophia Roberts | 1324 comments Do you think the end of the book feels rushed?

Lily (joy1) | 2462 comments Sophia wrote: "Do you think the end of the book feels rushed?"

I did originally. As I re-read, I'm okay with it. Haven't dug deep enough to articulate why the change in attitude.

Sophia Roberts | 1324 comments I know what you mean. Once I really understood the sort of text I was dealing with - and I re-read it - I was able to engage with it in new ways.

How has re-reading it - and engaging with this discussion - changed your views?

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