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yay so what kind of rp do you want ? naughty ? or clean ?

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okies I dont mind that so you have ideas ?

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something about a mental asylum? perhaps some 'odd' ways of helping
love triangle? arranged marriage ? um and incest ? or um um um Friends getting hot but not dating ? um teacher student ? or i have few more

I can elaborate the theme once you chose if you want :D

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i have these and a few more

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any is cool they all rock :P

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hehe okies sure

Age :23
Looks : my profile pic
he is the doc there

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hehe ll ikr <3

cool so lets make it like he treats her and is helping her through but then she falls in love with her and when he said no she starts getting sick again so he said yes and they did somethings u know but thn he realized he loved her ?

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um ok

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Denis was on round examining every patient carefully note their improvements and problems soothing them that they will soon be fine

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the nurse took Cassie to her room room #8 it was the best room they had and smiled "this is your room now " said the nurse "the doc will be here anytime ok " she asked in a soft voice

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The nurse left and Denis walked in smiling "hey so you Cassie right " he asked in a friendly way

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"I am Matt your doc from now on " he introduced him self and and his torch out to check her eye reflexes

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"dont be afraid it wont hurt its just the light thats it " he said in a soothing tone

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"ok hold my hand ok it wont hurt and if it does squeeze my hand and i will stop " he suggests with a smile

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he smiled and checked the eye reflexes with his there hand they were just fine and wanted to check he heart beat and blood pressure now

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"ok this is done now I need to check your pulse and BP " he said looking at he

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he was had a smile on his face as he examined her
she was all good externally and a good bp and pulse reflexes of the body were good hats when he saw her CT scan

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he knew what was wrong with her and that it cant be cured

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he was a lil sad at reading the reports but he looked at her with a smile "so what do you wanna do today " he asked as he asked every other patients

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"well thats on you we have movie theater cafes etc in here for our patients as no one like staying in a room or long right " he tells

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"sure Kaleena will take you there " he said as Kaleena walked in

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he waved at her with a smile and had a dont worry look

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(next day ??)

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(um make her attack him or something ))

Denis was on the night shift today and was helping two patients sleep as they counldnt

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When he saw Casie he walked to her "hey you all right " he asked

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"what whats wrong " he asked worried now

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he took a step forward and asked again "how are you feeling i might be help to you "

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he almost lost his balance and a nurse roped Cassie's hands "wait no hanna go she is my patient not your " he said angry at the hanna (nurse)

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((its ok :P))

"leave her alone " he growled as he made the nurse leave

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he walked to her and sat next to her but at a distance "please talk it will help you "

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"a nightmare was it wanna talk about it " he asked looking at her resting his head on the wall

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"ALex who is that " he asked crossing his legs "want me to scold him" he asked worried for her now

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"well dont worry now he is not here and if he come he first have to deal with me " he said with a soothing smile looking at her

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"Any time and you can call me MAtt " he said with a smile
((aww no please >??)

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((aww okies :") ))

"come on up now its getting cold outside " he said and helped her up

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he took her to her room "call me if you need anything a am right outside ok " he asked in a friendly tone and he covered her with her blanket

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he looked at her and actualy saw how scared she was "ok if you want m to " he said and pulled a chair beside her bed ad sat there reading few reports

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he had a smile on his face she was recovering he thought looking at the reports of just one day

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he watched her sleep peacefully

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he was still awake and reading a novel when she woke up dark circles under his eyes "morning " he said with a smile when she got up

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he shock his head " its ok i am used to it " he said with a grin "how are you feeling now "

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he smiled at that touch she wasnt bad by heart just had some issues that can be solved he thought "no i have some pending work to do " he said with a smile

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he chuckled " no you need to take rest right now maybe later " he suggested

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"or we can play a game " he suggests

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"um hid and seek maybe " he asked looking in her eyes

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"col " he said keeping his book aside

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he chuckled and catches her as she was about to fall "careful dear " he said

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((sry was away))

he let her go with a smile he din know why he said her dear that came natural

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"so um " he said with a lil blush but was back to normal again

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