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message 1: by Elly (new)

Elly Helcl (ellymae) | 118 comments Mod it goes...and just bear with me on this one.

So, my first series is a Fantasy Romance of sorts...

The reviews have been interesting...apparently, it is undisputed that it is a fantasy but no one knows where to classify my included...

About my book...

1. Has romance
2. Is definitely a fantasy
3. Has non-con, torture-rape scene, forced abortion
4. It is the first book in a trilogy and book one does NOT have an HEA...but there is romance...
5. Has a self-pleasure scene...
6. War scenes

How would you classify this book? I have been told everything from Dark Fantasy to YA for adults only.

At this point, the book has been out for a year and I am just confused on how classify this book...

Also, I am leaving town for a week in a few days...So, I may only be able to get back to this thread sporadically.

message 2: by Rick (new)

Rick Gualtieri (rickgualtieri) Hmmm, sounds like Dark Fantasy to me. That being said, Amazon has recently expanded their Fantasy and Sci-fi categories. Take a look and see if it maybe fits into one of the sub genres a bit more.

message 3: by Armada (new)

Armada Volya | 130 comments Sounds like some kind of subgenre of fantasy.
I'd say experiment with categories and see where it sells best.

message 4: by Kerry Kerr (new)

Kerry Kerr (bkmcavoy) Ok, I am revealing my ignorance, but what does HEA refer to?

message 5: by Purr More (new)

Purr More (m222) Happy Ever After = HEA
Happy For Now = HFN

message 6: by Kerry Kerr (new)

Kerry Kerr (bkmcavoy) Good to know, thanks!

Nenia ✨ I yeet my books back and forth ✨ Campbell (neniacampbell) | 177 comments Mod
Dark, Dark Fantasy, Horror-Romance, Dark Erotica.

message 8: by Elly (new)

Elly Helcl (ellymae) | 118 comments Mod
Nenia wrote: "Dark, Dark Fantasy, Horror-Romance, Dark Erotica."

Horror? I don't know that is my thing :) It really is a very YA book that has some "difficult" scenes that jump out and smack you in the face :) At least that is what a few of my readers have said.

If anyone in this group wants to take a look, send me a PM and I will contact you when I get back...

I would ask that if you choose to take a look at my book, please do NOT write a review...Just keep it between us...

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