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Jack Durrance

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I've just finished this book and enjoyed it very much. However, I think all the descriptions I've read are somewhat off the mark. It's hardly about Harry Feversham at all; it's mostly about Jack Durrance. He was my favorite character, and the most developed one in the whole book, in my opinion. Who was your favorite character? Also, what did you think of the ending? I thought (view spoiler).

Linda Ethne and Harry are both conflicted and rather self absorbed, Harry's perceived cowardice and Etne's sense of duty and self inflicted "martyrdom".The adventure and mystery is how they resolve their conflicts.

Durrance is the favorite as he is honest, brave and true blue loyal and lends a hopeful note in his decision to go off and "see" the place that made him most happy in many ways, so many years ago . He moves on, Harry is self satisfied with his actions -his debts paid, and Etne is reconciled with her first love. (Thanks to Durrance clearing her conscience!)

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