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message 1: by Tony (new)

Tony | 4 comments I have read about people enhancing their book's exposure by giving it away, which actually increases sales. Based on this, I have decided to serialize my award winning action/adventure novel, The Samson Effect.

To read the announcement where the book will be serialized, visit the my Samson Effect Serial Site.

To read a post on my marketing tips for authors blog from a guest writer who blogged about doing this, read Edwin Crozier's 6 reasons to Blog Your Book.

message 2: by Rowena (new)

Rowena (rowenacherry) | 35 comments Tony,

Good for you. Let us know if your sales do increase. In the meantime, check with your publisher that you have the right to do this. You would need to have retained various publishing rights, electronic rights, and so forth.

You should also consider the effect on your copyright once you have "given" the book away on the internet. I've heard of authors whose free books from their sites have turned up on torrents, and also have been sold on E-Bay.

I'm sure you know of these minor annoyances and are on top of them.

Best wishes,
Rowena Cherry

join the copyrightalliance.org

message 3: by Tony (new)

Tony | 4 comments Excellent points, Rowena. I do hold the copyrights to the book. I tried to get the publisher to let me give away the PDF e-book that they created, but they said no. However, I can create my own PDF and in that case, I am free to give away my PDF creation. They only control the actual PFD and physical formats they create. I can recreate them myself, so long as I do not photocopy/scan in their work.

I know that people can steal/pirate my work. It a known risk that I am willing to take for this experiment. Who knows, maybe any pirated copies will increase my notoriety. Besides, there are a certain class of people that will steal. If they buy pirated copies, then they probably would not have bough the book from me anyway, so I will probably not be out as much money as it may look. Most people are honest and will pay legitimately for an author's work.

I learned in my other job where I had to deal with copyrighted material that I can spend too much time worrying about people stealing my work, or realize that some people are thieves and nothing I can do will change that. My time can be spent better focusing on the honest people that are out there.

Well, that's my two cents. But what you said is absolutely right and something that every author needs to consider when releasing his or her book like this. Thanks for the words of support and please pass on the message to the people you know about this serial release.

Have a wonderful week!


Rowena wrote: "Tony,

Good for you. Let us know if your sales do increase. In the meantime, check with your publisher that you have the right to do this. You would need to have retained various publishing rights,..."

message 4: by Author (new)

Author (killthemessengergemini) | 2 comments I keep finding my book on ebay. They are asking a lot for it so I know it won't sell. But that is what happens to the 50 books I gave away. I don't mind. Kill the Messenger Gemini A Small Novel by Johanna Nimley

message 5: by Rowena (new)

Rowena (rowenacherry) | 35 comments Dear Tony,

Congratulations on your research and savvy. (I mean that most sincerely) and thank you for your gracious response to my comment.

I am thrilled that you are a well informed author, and wish you every success with your experiment.

I hope that our pleasant and thoroughly professional conversation here will help our colleagues who may be following us.

All the best,
Rowena Cherry

message 6: by Rowena (new)

Rowena (rowenacherry) | 35 comments Johanna,
I was not talking about used print books on e-bay, or even new print books on e-bay.

I was referring to electronic copies of books that were posted on an author's website as a free gift to readers, and which have been snagged, republished, and sold for profit by someone who does not choose to tell readers that they could read the book for free somewhere else.

If you are talking about an e-book that you gave away... that is another matter, because it is not possible to sell an e-book online without creating a copy (or three). Technically that is publishing. If you are self published, and you don't mind, then no worries.

However, I see that your book is a paperback printed by Author House, so this is probably a moot point.

message 7: by Author (new)

Author (killthemessengergemini) | 2 comments Thanks Rowena. I was confused.

message 8: by Pat (new)

Pat Whitaker (whitakerbooks) | 54 comments I think the piracy issue is just something we have to live with.

In my case, I self-publish (print and e-book), and hold all the copyrights, plus I have serialised my books on a social networking site (Gather) which protects the copyright on all posted work.

So someone can still steal it - but it is just that, theft - you are not relinquishing any copyright.

message 9: by Rowena (new)

Rowena (rowenacherry) | 35 comments Pat,

I'm no expert, and you might be correct, but the President of EPIC (Brenna Lyons) gave a different impression in some recent discussions. EPIC membership costs about $40 a year, and is thoroughly worth it!

How does Gather protect you from theft? Is it just words or do they go after thieves? I haven't attempted to snag anything from Gather, but I'll bet it would be possible if I wanted to do so.

I believe that if you don't defend your copyright regularly, your rights can be diluted. Look what happened to J K Rowling over the concordance.

You should join thecopyrightalliance.org (free to join, free to belong.)

message 10: by M.L. (new)

M.L. Bushman | 144 comments Well, to my way of thinking, pirates are no different than any other kind of thief and until you stamp out thievery altogether, books will be stolen, too.

I'm giving away my sixteenth novel, Tornado Talon, in weekly chapters on my blog www.montanacrosswinds.blogspot.com mainly because I wanted to give something back to people, to brighten their day perhaps, give them a little free entertainment, if nothing else. Might put the book out as an eBook once it's all up, or maybe even print form, but this free version is going to remain free. If one person enjoys it or finds some small measure of escape, especially in these troubled times, then I've left the world better than I found it. And that good karma is priceless to me. To my way of thinking, that's my only mandate in this life, aside from learning all I can--to give, to leave the world better, one person, one smile at a time.


message 11: by Pat (new)

Pat Whitaker (whitakerbooks) | 54 comments Rowena, Gather does no more that state that copyright remains the exclusive property of the author. This does not stop someone pinching the book, but helps if anyone tries to claim the right to do so.

My own experience of e-book sales is that I sell so few piracy is hardly a major concern - more of an annoyance. Print piracy would be, but until I'm a best seller, it is hard to imagine anyone taking the chance.

That said, I'm of to look at what the copyright alliance as you suggest - thanks for that.


message 12: by Pat (last edited Apr 27, 2009 03:59PM) (new)

Pat Whitaker (whitakerbooks) | 54 comments Rowena,

I've had a quick look at The Copyright Alliance and it looks very worthwhile. I like to sit on things fro a day or to before I sign up - time for those 'other' questions to surface.

A couple of points, just for the record: the link you've provided doesn't seem to work (not a biggy. Secondly, membership is not free - it's US$17.00 for an writer (very reasonable, however) and finally, although this is really of no significance (particularly to me, as it is my interests in the States that are probably most at risk and most difficult to defend) but should be noted , it is very much an American orientated organisation.

message 13: by Rowena (new)

Rowena (rowenacherry) | 35 comments Pat,

I apologize on both counts.

I'm sure I saw an email recently saying that membership was going to be free. I must ask Lucinda Dugger why the website is still charging.

As for piracy, the various hosting sites are starting to take notice. If you do find your title on a torrent, go to the footer, find either "Copyright" or "DMCA", check out exactly what you have to do as an author to have a link removed, do that (it's a pain!),
and your book will be removed.

Best wishes,
Rowena Cherry

message 14: by Rowena (new)

Rowena (rowenacherry) | 35 comments Here's clarification from Lucinda herself:


Best wishes,

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