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News about the BBC adaptation.

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Tehanu I didn't even know that there was going to be a BBC adaptation of this book. It's going to be awesome!
Here are some casting news and other info:
What do you think of the cast so far? I think it looks perfect! Specially Vanessa Redgrave!

Annika Looks pretty good... but those two don't look too alike. And it might get really confusing. I mean, my head spun from reading, watching will be terrifying.

Kara R I am so excited too!! Loved this book!
Sansa from Game of Thrones will be in it too!

Tarcy I'm so excited too!!! One of my favorite books.

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This is very good news,especially because the BBC will produce it! Can hardly wait. The book was excellent.

Stepheny Oh awesome!!

Janie Moseley Fantastic! I loved the book. When will it begin?

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Kim I just finished this book and loved it.. While I was reading it I couldn't help wishing it where a film.. Looking forward to seeing it..

Katherine OMG! Loved this book and love the BBC! I wonder how producers will adapt the intentional grammatical "mistakes" (read: clues) in the novel, which paints an unreliable narrator...Should be fun to watch, though!

Andrea Tomé Oh, what a good piece of news !
The actresses don't look at all the way I've imagined the twins, but I guess the BBC will do it great. I love its series.

Cee Marie This book would make an excellent film! I'm so excited and I rather like the casting as well.

Cee Marie will this be a movie or a mini series?

Cee Marie will this be a movie or a mini series?

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ZOEY i hope it'll be available online...i desperately want to see it <3

Amanda Very good book! Hope the movie is as good!

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Miki Oh I really hope the movie turns out good and stays true to the book.

Simone YEAHHHHHH!!!! Great news! Thanks!!!

Penny I just read about this yesterday, I can't wait.

Kathryn I thought it was coming out on Christmas day, but it looks like it will be 30 Jan.

Clare OMG how did I not know about this! So excited

Lynne Can't wait as this is one of my favourite books ever. Just hope it stays true to the book.

Removed Removed I'm confused...Those two girls look nothing alike. These were twins were they not? The book reads as though people could not tell one from the other. Curious how this will be handled in the movie.

Removed Removed Have to add that while I liked the book, I'm also curious to see how they handle the authors choice to not give any reference to time period with this piece.

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Liz Cowgill Love Sophie Turner!

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Vani Kumar It is one my favourite book, I can't wait wait for the adaptation also hope it is available online.

Readingmom I don't want to get too excited, and raise my hopes too high, because I really like this book.

But if any company can produce a good TV adaptation, it's BBC.

Also, now I want to read The Thirteenth Tale again.

Removed Removed Does anyone know if this will be shown in Canada/US?

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ZOEY i hope it will be available online- beacuse i don't think it'll be shown in Pakistan... =(

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ZOEY i've been waiting for it since they announced filming it...

Removed Removed doesn't look as though it is going to show in Canada either, at least not at the moment...making the trailers a very unfair tease.

Kathryn It just finished. Is anyone else disappointed? No wonder they buried it on a Monday night instead of showing it on christmas.

Removed Removed couldn't see it here...No spoilers please!! :)

Removed Removed woot! watching now

Simone Itunes?

Removed Removed Was good, but I think I enjoyed the book more. Margaret did not really fit with what I expected, and a few other things that made me go 'meh'. But thought Vanessa R. was fantastic as Vida Winter.

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ZOEY cant find an online link.... ugh... =( *ps: although i havent seen it yet, i know the book will be faAar more better than the movie(or shortfilm-watever...)*

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ZOEY beacause technically you cant really portray the entire essence of a book well enough on tv...

Tehanu Margaret was TOTALLY different from what I pictured (I guess I imagined someone like Diane Setterfield). Besides, in my mind I've setted her story in the 70s or so...
I'm guessing the story was difficult to follow to someone who hasn't read the book.

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Zoe I loved this book and was really pleased to hear that the BBC were adapting it, especially which two such wonderful actresses. However, they really should have pushed the boat out for two episodes and kept more of the original story. So many of the things I enjoyed were mercilessly cut-out (they basically trimmed both the start and end) leaving the story actually quite bland and two dimensional. As an avid reader I totally identified with Margaret's love of books which was so warmly portrayed in the novel. This, along with so many other fine touches, was left on the cutting room floor and the programme was much the poorer for it.

Removed Removed Did anyone else feel that if you hadn't read the book prior to seeing the movie, that you might skip it as a read based on the movie?

Tamara You can already find the downloading/streaming links. That was quick, thank you Internet fairies :)

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Adam Evans I really enjoyed the book can't wait to see this

Removed Removed I watched on the BBC2 site. It gets a little dicey convincing them you are in the know you like a book

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Kate I was disappointed much of the start was left out, the relationship between Charlie and Isabelle was hardly touched on and this is such a crucial part of the whole story! I wish they had made it in 2 parts so it didn't have to be squeezed into an hour and a half.

Zouagie movie wasn't so bad, but still disappointed because much was omitted out. :(

Candy Sparks I am so excited for this. I love this book so much!

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I loved this book. I am looking forward to reading her new book, although it doesn't look like my usual genre.

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Penny John wrote: "I loved this book. I am looking forward to reading her new book, although it doesn't look like my usual genre."

I read her next book BELLMAN & BLACK a couple of months ago and loved it.

Emily To tell the truth, I was a bit disappointed with the BBC adaptation. It wasn't what I expected, and I certainly didn't picture Olivia Coleman as reminiscent of Margaret. As an actress, I cannot get on with her and so this irritated me throughout watching the drama. I was disappointed with the beginning, because they excluded any of her father's antiquarian bookshop, and her love of books. She only seemed like a biographer wanting to get her story, as if she didn't enjoy it. She was so serious all the time, and how they included her watching at the window constantly really irritated my nature. I kept watching however because I wanted to see that they did the book justice. It was generally a good watch, but if I hadn't read the book I definitely would not have carried on watching. Some of you are welcome to strike me down as being far too critical; but these are just my feelings and opinion towards the adaptation. It doesn't deflect my affection for the book, and I hope people will be eager to read The Thirteenth Tale after watching it on BBC1 because there is so much good in it, and so much detail and fantastic writing that is surely is a book to read at least once in every reader's lifetime.

Kathryn I totally agree, except that I typically love Olivia Coleman

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