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Good family read!

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Karmel Reading it with the family by the fire on Sunday nights. Great for this purpose! The story has brought up great conversation for our family

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Luke Dyess One of my favorite books!

James This is one of the books my dad read to us on Sunday afternoons

Eleanor One of my favourites - they were so ingenious - living like that is still one of my daydreams - not by necessity of course!!

Donna Davis Other great family reads: The Dark is Rising series; LOR w The Hobbit. (Fun to scream when the dragon screams!)

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Christine This book hold a special place in my heart. One of the favourite books of my childhood. We did not read this book as a family, I read the book in solitude but watching the Swiss Family Robinson tv series was a weekly ritual in our house. Recalling this brings back fond family memories.

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Great for discussion, and I learned a lot of cool facts from it.

I would recommend some Hans Christian Anderson and Charles Dickens short stories, but just to let you know some of the characters don't react in the best way and some aspects get pretty dark.

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Brad Lyerla My father read Swiss Family Robinson to us aloud when I was young. My mom, sisters and I would convene around the big couch and dad would read for 30 or 40 minutes an evening until we reached a logical stopping point for the night. He repeated that until we completed the book. I loved those times together.

A few years ago, I reread it Swiss Family Robinson, partly out of nostalgia. It is a very fast read. I wish now that I had read it to my kids before they grew up, like my dad did to us. Maybe I will have the chance to do it with grandkids.

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