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Another new series?

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message 1: by Pauly (new)

Pauly Another new series start by Sanderson? Is this the third or fourth since the Mistborn Series? Come on Brandon, finish something. I suppose he managed to finish The Wheel of Time because he was under contract. He wrote an outstanding start to The Stormlight Archive in The Way of Kings, however, its been 3 years and several new serial starts later with no continuation. I don't think I'll read any more new starts from him.

Gianluca I don't see the problem. Sanderson publishes something like 3-4 books a year, which is an insanely high number for a Fantasy author, so why would I not look forward to another series?
Plus, I think an author should write something new whenever inspiration strikes. I'm not saying he should neglect his ongoing projects, but putting aside new ideas just because he has a sequel to complete isn't that productive either.

message 3: by Nermin (new) - added it

Nermin I don't really understand why people thnk that he didn't finish Mistborn series. The first trilogy is over and second trilogy doesn't really have much to do with the first one. In any case the alloy of law was supposed to be a standalone book. The warbreaker and Elantris were standalone novels. He has almost completed the second book SA and it will be out this year. What other ongoing series does he have? The Rithmatist? Well, it didn't end with a cliffhanger and it felt like a standalone book. I know there's going to be a sequel but it's still good on its own.

Anyway, it's not GRRM we're talking about, it's Branson Sanderson, the guy who releases a couple of books every year. So whenever BS starts a new book/series I'm happy rather than annoyed.

message 4: by Pauly (new)

Pauly I'm sorry. Did not make myself clear. I meant he's started these other series after he finished Mistborn. That is the only series he has finished if you don't count Wheel of Time, which felt like a rush finish to many people, including me.

Its just a personal preference. If I get involved with characters and a plot, I hate to be left hanging for years, then have to go back and reread the previous books to catch up. It happens with most series, but usually the authors aren't starting multiple series without finishing one. Or, if they do, each book tends to be a stand alone.

message 5: by Nermin (new) - added it

Nermin I don't understand, which series did have a rushed ending? Mistborn or WoT? I was quite pleased with the way Mistborn ended. As for WoT, I have never read that series, so I don't know but fans (at least the ones I know)seem to be happy with BS.

Anyway, what I was trying to say in my previous post was that BS is not really writing all that many series at the same time. He has Stormlight Archive, the Rithmatist and now Steelheart. is there any other ongoing BS series? And only 3 years have passed between the two SA books. Considering the books' length 3 years don't sound that long.

Gianluca Pauly wrote: "I'm sorry. Did not make myself clear. I meant he's started these other series after he finished Mistborn. That is the only series he has finished if you don't count Wheel of Time, which felt like..."

I'm not sure what you mean, but I was more than satisfied with both endings.
In any case, as far as I know, he has three on-going series right now:

- The Stormlight Archive (The Way of Kings published in 2010);
- The Rithmatist (Rithmatist #1 published a few weeks ago);
- Steelheart (Reckoners #1 not even out yet);

So I don't think he's dragging things out and leaving you hanging for years.

infael The way I see it, BS writes a book, then writes a different book instead of continuing the same series. I think this helps refresh BS's mind and keeps his energies fresh and going. Sometimes I wonder if authors get tired of writing in the same vein and that contributes to a lengthy period between books. Heck, writing for a different series may give BS ideas for another series he's writing.

Rick Eyre He's specifically said that his writing style is to mix in smaller books with a big Epic book roughly every year. This way he keeps himself inspired and fresh.

Frankly, BS is my favourite author because of this. Rather then waiting 1 - 3 years to get a new book from him we get, like, 3 per year. Almost no other authors write that quickly. And he does this on top of traveling to see all his fans.

The reason Stormlight Archive has taken so long for a second book was because he was finishing WoT and put that as a higher priority then his own projects because he's a boss. Get your facts straight man.

message 9: by Tom (new) - rated it 4 stars

Tom I think that the delays in finishing or continuing his ongoing series like, Alcatraz and Stormlight Archive is that he was insanely busy trying to finish wheel of time. He needed to write 3 massive books set in another writers world, with alot of restrictions and the need to try and imitate the feel of Jordan's writing. That's a tall order and its a testament to Sanderson's skill that he managed it in such a short time.

Sanderson is one of the most prolific Authors out there and now that he can fully return to his own work I'm sure he will get to finishing off the other series.

If you'd like to know the vague sort of order he plans to do the next few books he has planned go Here:

That outlines most of the stuff he has queued up at the moment.

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