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Here we are!
So, you like theatre, I'm guessing? :)

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yep! XD

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Sorry if that sounded creepy, but I am quite the theatre geek myself :D
What kind of plays/musicals do you like?
Oh and I should probably go ahead and ask about what roleplays you like to do, too...? XD

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xD good idea. It wasnt creepy!
My favourites would be POTO and les miserables oh and i love faust and west side story haha. Umm
i love love love medieval/renaissance rps


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XD Good, I hate when I accidently scare people away with my strangeness...
Ugh! I love Phantom and Les Mis and Faust and West Side! We are going to get along well, ma'am... :D
And I love medieval roleplays. I'm actually going to a renaissance faire this coming up weekend! So, did you have a plot in mind? :)

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YOU LUCKY NFBDEUSD sorry xD im really really weird sooo

um yeah! Do you mind if I played the girl?

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XD Haha! And no, you're fine! Weirdness is uniqueness and uniqueness is grand! :D
Actually, I'd prefer to do doubles, where we both play a girl and a guy. Plus, it gives us more characters to work with if we wanted to go on a quest or have a bigger plot :)

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True, true. I'm really not that good with guys but I can try :)
Sorry for my typing im on my phone and its hard to type xD so yeah!
Do you have any plot ideas?

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Haha! I'm sure you're fine! :)
And that's alright! Lol :D
Um...fantasy or no?

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Sure! Spice it up xD

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Well, we could have two different kingdoms struggling for power over this realm. One is made of humans, the other made of magic users (wizards and such). The rest of the world is populated by the other types of creatures that exists. Then a new rival comes in, threatening both kingdoms and making them form an aliance. One pairing could be a royal and a royal from the other kingdom. The other could be a peasant and and the evil guys daughter/son. How about that?

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Perfect! Could I be the peasant? Unless you wanted to. . .?

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Sure! So I would be an evil guy and a princess? Quite a contrast there XD
So, how old should we make them? Perhaps late teens or early twenties?

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Late teens sounds good to me!~

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Alright! I'll work on my charries!
But how much do you put on your template? Name, age, appearance? Or a little personality and history too?

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I can never stick with a personality and i make history up on the spot xD so yeah! Just age name app

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Prince Micah Bayar: 19 :
His long dark hair, pale skin and entrancing blue eyes are more than enough to attract any girl and he knows this..

Margaret: 18 : her soft warm brown eyes, wide, open face and long unusually silky golden brown hair all make her a very kind looking person, which she is.

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Name: Princes Isabel Rozette
Age: 18
Appearance: Her hair is a reddish-blonde color that looks golden and her big eyes are a dark blue. She has a delicate looking and usually stands tall and proud.

Name: Prince Tylon Quinn
Age: 19
Appearance: He has dark brown hair that is shaggy and usually pulled back in a ponytail, giving him quite the rugged look. His eyes are dark, appearing black to most. He is quite lean.

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Would you like to start?

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Sure! How should we start, though? Perhaps there is some ball at one of the castles, sort of a moment of peace between the two kingdoms where the leaders must be friendly, as if they are not at war, and try to negotiate. Micah and Isabel could have to dance, as a symbol of peace between the nations, even though Isabel is already promised to someone else.

And for the other one, perhaps Margaret is working at the castle. The evil warlock or whatever he is could appear and kidnap her, just grabbing someone for ransom so that the kings and queens know he means business. He could take her back to their dark palace where she can meet Tylon.

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Alright! Sounds great!~

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Isabel stood at her father's side as he sat at his throne, overlooking the guests arriving at his castle. She bit her lip, not enjoying the crowded atmosphere. She enjoed being alone in her courters, not lavish parties. Isabel would much rather be shooting her bow or out in the village than dressed up like this. Her dress was a midnight blue, decorating with silver, and a silver tiara was placed on her head, symbolizing her rank.

Tylon swung his sword around, getting ready for a fight. They were planning to get into the castle ball, him and the other dark knights. They would look like innocent party goers, dancing and chatting. But when they recieved the signal from Tylon's father, they would strike and The Dark Lord had a special suprise in store. Tylon smiled to himself as he sheathed his sword, stepping into the ballroom. Tonight, they would announce themselves as a threat to both kingdoms....

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Micah sat opposite them, next to his father. . .and a flock of girls. Jealous fighty things, no individuality or anything to make them interesting. His deep blue eyes scanned the area, a lazy smile on his pale lips.

A small servant girl entered with a tray held aloft by her pale slender arms showcased decently by the plain black and white dress all the staff was given so as to be presentable. She looked around offering wine to those with empyting glasses, smiling all the while.

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Isabel's father bent his head towards her to whisper something in her ear. His words made Isabel bite her lip for a moment, but other than that her appearance stayed reserved and proper. The King stood up, making his own little speech to welcome all the ghests and announce the ceremonial dance of peace between each kingdoms heir.

Tylon moved around, looking for someone who might be a good target for them. He spotted a servant girl passing out wine. He put on a charismatic smile, full of deceit, and made his way towards her. Tylon took a glass, sipping on it as he spoke. "Hello, milady. How are you this lovely evening? Surely, someone as beautiful as you is more than a meer palace servant..." He said, a charming look in his eyes.

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The prince stood up slowly shooing away the girls and regally, slowly walked towards the center his arm outstretched to the side. "mi'lady" he murmured softly, his voice like honey.

Margaret looked up at him, wide-eyed, "No sir" she said quickly then remembering her position lowered her eyes and bent to a curtesy.

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Isabel nodded, taking his arm and letting him lead her out to the floor. She didn't make eye contact, focusing on the things around her instead. "I'm Isabel." She introduced herself. She hadn't met him in person, considering they had never had a ball like this before.

Tylon grinned mischieviously. "Surely you aren't shy...No, it's more than that. You think you actually have to obey your position in society. Well, darling, there is no need to act like that now. Promise I won't tell..." He said. Getting people to rebel would be step one. "What is your name?"

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He flashed another one of his heartwrenching smiles but frowned lightly when he saw that she was not looking. His hold on her tightened a little as the music began then he led her about in the dance a moment later introducing himself, "Micah"

"m-margaret" she whispered looking around cautiously and biting her lip. This stranger certainly was different and she wasn't sure quite how she felt about it

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Isabel nodded, seemingly distracted as her eyes scanned the ballroom, as if looking for someone. Finally, she realized that he had spoken to her, and blinked back to reality. "Oh gosh, I'm so sorry. It's a pleasure to meet you, your highness." Isabel offered him a polite, sheepish smile.

Tylon's grin only widened. "Ah, a lovely name suited to such a lovely maiden." He responded, being his charming self...and with his usual disregard for any rules. He glanced around once himself, although lazy instead of frantic in his movements. "Surely you could out down your duties long enough for one dance, milady."

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he pouted softly, not liking her lack of attention. He cleared his throat and when she looked back smiled elegantly once more. "lovely"

"m-maybe one. . ." she murmured quietly. She'd always wanted to dance with a boy. She looked around cautiously and then back up at him with a small girlish smile.

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Isabel bit her lip, eyes curious as she watched Micah. She wondered about him, for Isabel didn't know many others who were in the same situation as her...but he was an enemy. There would be no time for real questioning. "What's lovely?" She asked, not understanding what he had meant. Isabel twirled gracefully on the ballroom floor.

That smile made Tylon sure he'd found an easy target. She would be perfect, just innocent and foolish enough. Plus, she was a servant. So, either the rooyals would try to save her and start a war, or they wouldn't and there would be an uprising. Perfect. He held out his hand, a wolfish smile on his face. "Shall we?"

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he looked down at her and raised an eyebrow then smoothly said, "your unbeatable skill in dancing of course m'lady" he murmured softly as he gracefully lead her.
She laughed softly and put her small soft porcelin hand in his with a small curtesy. "Yes." she smiled timidly, her cheeks a soft pink

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Isabel blushed softly, cheeks turning to a rosey shade. "Thank you, your highness. You aren't so bad on your feet yourself." She added, tone a little too formal sounding. Isabel herself was quite stiff, feeling her father's eyes on her. She felt odd about the whole thing, even though she knew what to expect when she came here.

Tylon wore a wolfish grin as he spun her around the floor. "Now, dear Margaret, what would you say if I could take you away from this lifestyle, hm?" He asked smoothly, bringing out that hypnotic, Cassanova charm. "What if you never had to work or clean floors or serve these people again?" He whispered, eyes locked on hers.

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He smiled gently and laughed, "relax." but said nothing else as he continued to spin her delicately. He looked over her hair, smooth and beautiful and her face stopping at her wonderful eyes.
She blinked, "Alas, its not possible for me" she whispered and looked down.

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Isabel met his eyes, biting her lip. She looked away quickly, eyes scanning the room once more. "Oh, um..." She faltered, looking for words. She didn't realize her unease was so apparent. "I guess it's hard to relax with so much tension in the room."

Tylon shook his head, making a tsk sound. "No, dearie..." He pulled her alittle closer, leaning his face towards hers as he whispered. "I can take you away from it all. I know how to make it possible, Margaret. Do you trust me?" Of course, anyone should trust someone when they didn't even know their name...

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He nodded, "perfectly understandable." he muttered looking around also. "hrmph." he said nothing more a little upset with her lack of attention.
"I-I barely know you!" she gasped a little surprised at how quickly all this was coming at her. "and why me anyways?"

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Isabel looked nack at the prince. "Something wrong?" She asked, raising an eyebrow. And then, Isabel heard something, a teeny tiny scratch, like nails on a chalk board. It was very faint but it seemed out of place. Isabel frowned.

Tylon chuckled. "M'lady, it's nothing personal, really." He said, trying to calm her down. "Listen, something big is happening. Something know one knows about. You were just in the right place at the right time, Margaret....and now there is nothing that can be done to change that." He said cryptically. Anytime now...

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He shook his head, "No no I'm sorry I was just. . .thinking" he muttered and looked back over at her, he did not notice the sound.

Margaret looked up at him biting her lip, it was intensly appealing of course but she didn't think she had the nerve to agree to whatever this was. It sounded dangerous and mysterious and "Yes" she said before she could even realize she's spoken.

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Isabel nodded, biting her lip. The song was almost over and she didn't hear the sound anymore. So, she just shrugged it off. "You're different than I expected, your highness." She commented, which was true. She expected to fight an enemy, reaking of pure evil like her father described.

Tylon stared deeply into her eyes. This was too easy. And here father thought it would be difficult and Tylon wouldn't be able to accomplish the task. But, Tylon did it: he found a victim. "M'lady. Something is about to take place, within moments. You cannot leave my side, understand?"

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He raised an eyebrow wondering if she meant this is a good way or not but said nothing letting go of her, his arms to his sides as the song died.

She tilted her head gently to the side, "what do you mean?" she murmured looking around cautiously.

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Isabel curtsied once after the song ended. She offered one last polite smile before she turned, ready to go to her father's side again. But then she heard it again, that same ear splitting sound. It was louder, and many of the other guests looked around, wondering what it was. Isabel froze.

Tylon just snickered but didn't respond. He didn't need to. The sound came again, louder than ever and it didn't stop. It enveloped the whol ballroom, getting louder and louder, making the guests hold their ears and take cover, as if something was going to blow. And then the sound burst, stopping suddenly. A puff of dark purple smoke spread across the room. Tylon got out his sword, ready for the fight.

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Celeste The Stargazer wrote: "Isabel curtsied once after the song ended. She offered one last polite smile before she turned, ready to go to her father's side again. But then she heard it again, that same ear splitting sound. I..."

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