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Ihilani (laughforever) | 4 comments Mod
Love them both but Christian! Man hes just to amazing to put into words :)

Maria | 2 comments I loved Tucker, he is such a sweetheart and my dream guy. I liked Tucker and Christian both but Tucker won my heart in the first book with the line "Carrots", I want a tucker of my own :)

Fellynny | 3 comments I love them both! However I don't love them both for Clara though. I prefer Tucker to be Clara's love. I love him because they met and fall in love with each other without interference from anyone or anything. With Christian I love him but just not for him to "be together" with Clara. I think she needs him in her life but just not like that because he gets her and they work so well together. God gave her to him and him to her. Who said they will have to get married and have angel babies together? Why couldn't they just be in each others lives as friends? They get each other and that's why I love him. But Tucker I just perfect and still gets her without being an angel and will do anything for her. They love each other so dearly and like Clara's mother said their love binds each other.

Alex | 1 comments totally tucker!!!

Naraystia | 1 comments Tuckerrrr.
that's why i nearly flipped when i thought Cynthia Hand killed Tucker. i was yelling, "whyyyy" but calmed down when he lived . i was like, "oh."

Pamela (pamelaloperena) | 1 comments They're both cute. At first I was really fond of Tucker, but now I'm leaning way more toward Christian. Tucker is still awesome though and an adorable love interest for Clara. I can't complain with a love triangle so brilliantly created like that. ;) The whole trilogy is MIND-BLOWING!

Haley My favorite is Tucker, he is a gentleman and he is so sweet

Ashley | 1 comments I really do like them both so it is kind of a hard decision but Tucker and Clara are obviously the better couple. I wish the author would consider doing a spinoff series about Christian because I really do like his character and would like to see what happened to him after Clara and Tucker got together.

Ihilani (laughforever) | 4 comments Mod
Right! I need my fix of Christian *sigh*

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Ash (evermorefan) Definately Christian!! ♥

Haley I think she should make a series about Tucker and Clara about there life and the same thing for Christen. I am glad Tucker and Clara got together.

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