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Dawn: A dwarven story of creation
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Ryan Toxopeus | 15 comments "In the beginning was Nothing."

The dwarven holy book recounts the story of creation, not just for the world of Illuma, but for the universe. Interspersed through the first four chapters of the holy book are four related short stories from Illuma's tumultuous history. These four stories are wildly different in nature, giving readers a wide variety of ideas to enjoy.

"A great battle brought two heavenly brothers into our existence."

The universe was created through conflicting forces of light and dark, and so it continues. War has ravaged Illuma throughout its history, and this collection of short stories gives readers a sneak peek at four pivotal moments.

The first short story is completely free, if you view the sample.

If you enjoy the fast paced style, fantastic settings, and broad scope of these stories, look up my first novel in the Empire's Foundation trilogy, A Noble's Quest. It is also available online in e-book format from the same site you found this anthology.

The sequel, A Wizard's Gambit, will (hopefully) be available at the end of 2013.

To purchase Dawn, visit the following link:

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Ryan Toxopeus | 15 comments Thanks Charles! I wasn't sure where to put it.

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