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And now for a bit of shameless self promotion.

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message 1: by Joan (last edited Apr 24, 2009 10:47PM) (new)

Joan Szechtman | 401 comments about Richard III in the twenty-first century and it's finally going to be (self) published!
This Time (trade paperback)
ISBN-13: 978-0-9824493-0-1
release date: June 1, 2009

To preorder a copy for a 20% discount off the $19.95 list price contact Collected Stories Bookstore:
Phone: 1-203-874-0115
Additional discounts may apply for bulk purchases.

Go to my website at to see a thumbnail of the cover and read the first chapter (excerpt).

I'm sure this will come as no surprise to anyone here, but my portrayal of Richard is that of a good guy. I've tried to avoid making him too soft, but his character (or my interpretation of it) dictated where the story went and how he behaved.

Moderator, I hope it's okay to post this here, but I'll modify it should you feel it necessary.

message 2: by Misfit (new)

Misfit | 1139 comments Mod
Joan, no worries. Only authors who shamelessly self-promote with a fly-by-night post and never contribute to the discussion would get the boot :)

You should see them over at the HF boards at Amazon. All you have to do is ask for rec's on say books set in the US and every self published author in history comes out from under their rock. Try to call them on it and they're like "well you asked...." Geez.

message 3: by Ikonopeiston (new)

Ikonopeiston (Ikon) | 385 comments Joan, the except is tantalizing. I am eager to read more.

message 4: by Joan (new)

Joan Szechtman | 401 comments Thank you Ikonopeiston. I'm looking forward to your comments.

message 5: by Brian (new)

Brian (brianwainwright) | 149 comments Having read Joan's book, I'm keen to recommend it. It's hard to describe in conventional terms - not straight historical fiction, that's for sure, but not straight sci-fi either. There have been so many books written about Richard, but this is utterly different.

message 6: by Susan (new)

Susan (boswellbaxter) | 418 comments I've read some of it (not as much I would have liked to because of time pressures) and am enjoying it.

message 7: by Misfit (new)

Misfit | 1139 comments Mod
It does sound intriguing.

message 8: by Joan (last edited May 09, 2009 09:32AM) (new)

Joan Szechtman | 401 comments ***Update***

First, I want to thank everyone who has preordered* my book. [*No money or credit card information is exchanged for a preorder. It simply provides Basset Publishing with a contact to notify when the books are available. At that time you will receive a request to go to their secure site to actually place the order. Then the book(s) will be shipped to the specified address.:]

Basset Publishing has notified me that they may have missed some email. If you sent them a preorder request and haven't received a confirmation, please resend your request. You will not be charged until the actual order is placed. The preorder simply puts you on the list for the 20% discount.

Phone: 1-203-874-0115


message 9: by Joan (new)

Joan Szechtman | 401 comments This is for UK readers:

I am working with a friend who lives in the UK to distribute my book. We still haven't worked through all the details, but I thought maybe I could poll to see if there are any here who would be interested in ordering a book if I had a local distribution point for you as shipping from the US would increase the book's cost by about half the list price. Send me an email ( or a private message if you prefer that instead of replying to this post.


message 10: by Joan (new)

Joan Szechtman | 401 comments ***Update on book's release and a contact for UK readers.***

I've finally gotten through the approval hiccups and the book is now in production. The printer estimates the book will be available right around July 1 (only a month off from my starry-eyed estimate).

UK distribution: The affiliate who will be selling the books in the UK will not be open until mid-July. So, in the interim, I'm collecting contact information at that I'll forward to him.

This Time
ISBN-13: 978-0-9824493-0-1

message 11: by Joan (new)

Joan Szechtman | 401 comments Thanks to everyone who has purchased a copy of This Time. I hope you are enjoying the story--enough to want the sequel when it's out about a year from now.

The book is available and can be purchased on line from:

It can be preordered from

Residents of the UK please send enquiries to White Boar ( ).

This Time, ISBN-13: 978-0-9824493-0-1

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