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Beautiful Cheese (Celine) (zeelazybum) | 127 comments hey hey hey!

message 2: by Dan (new)

Dan  | 2898 comments Do you have any ideas?

Beautiful Cheese (Celine) (zeelazybum) | 127 comments not particularly, do you?

message 4: by Dan (new)

Dan  | 2898 comments No. I prefer realistic roleplays though.

Beautiful Cheese (Celine) (zeelazybum) | 127 comments Any ideas you particularly like?

message 6: by Dan (new)

Dan  | 2898 comments Some type of forbidden romance.

Beautiful Cheese (Celine) (zeelazybum) | 127 comments I will try and think of something.

message 8: by Dan (last edited Jun 06, 2013 01:39PM) (new)

Dan  | 2898 comments Teacher/teacher? Executive of a modeling company and one of his models? Office romance?

message 9: by Dan (new)

Dan  | 2898 comments ?

Beautiful Cheese (Celine) (zeelazybum) | 127 comments What about the model owner one?

message 11: by Dan (new)

Dan  | 2898 comments Can I be the executive?

message 13: by Dan (new)

Dan  | 2898 comments Can you use a pic for your girl?

Name: Kyle Williams
Age: 24
Looks: Tall blonde hair blue eyes

Beautiful Cheese (Celine) (zeelazybum) | 127 comments As long as you use a picture for your guy.

Name: Valerie "Val" Cartwright

age: 19

Appearance: Tallish(for a lady) high cheekbones, green eyes, long straight black hair.

message 17: by Dan (new)

Dan  | 2898 comments Can you start?

Beautiful Cheese (Celine) (zeelazybum) | 127 comments Ok.

Val walked Into the building nervously, "Is this the William's Modeling Agency?" She asked the receptionist in a timid, quiet voice. The lady smiled at her, "Yes, what's your name?" "Valerie Cartwright." "Oh yes, you have an appointment." Val nodded, and the lady continued, "You can just sit down over there, you should be called back soon."

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Dan  | 2898 comments Kyle walked into the studio and noticed a model checking in who he assumed was Valerie. He went back to his office, turned on his computer, checked his email and walked back out to the lobby. Kyle walked up behind the girl, thinking she was pretty. "Are you Valerie?" he asked her.

Beautiful Cheese (Celine) (zeelazybum) | 127 comments Valerie gasped and whirled around, startled at the sound of her name. "Y-Yes." She said, blushing in embarrassment for her slight over reaction, especially since the person who had addressed her was extremely cute. "Uh, um, who are you?"

message 21: by Dan (new)

Dan  | 2898 comments "I am Kyle," he said, extending his hand and looking into her beautiful and mesmerizing eyes. "I own this agency," he said, thinking she was extremely beautiful. She looked better than she had in her application.

Beautiful Cheese (Celine) (zeelazybum) | 127 comments "Oh, hello" Val replied, wiping her sweating palm on her pants before shaking his hand. "Nice to meet you." She said , blushing even more, if it was possible, at not knowing who he was. She looked down, smiling, he was cute, nice and definitely staring at her, this job may turn out to be good.

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Dan  | 2898 comments Kyle bit his lip as he saw her wipe her palm on her hand. She seemed nervous and that would not be good when she did her shoot. Maybe she likes me? he thought. "Follow me to your dressing room," he said, looking at her and thinking she was beautiful once again.

Beautiful Cheese (Celine) (zeelazybum) | 127 comments Valerie nodded, following behind him. Calm down., She thought, everything will work out. You can model. Val was still nervous, first day, new job, cute boss, big change from last job.

message 25: by Dan (new)

Dan  | 2898 comments Kyle opened the door and waited for her reaction. The things she needed to model were already there. He knew she would look amazing in them.

((You can choose the things she models.))

Beautiful Cheese (Celine) (zeelazybum) | 127 comments Val walked over to the rack. On her application she had said that she could model anything, and so, they apparently decided to try and get her to model everything. Everything from swimsuits to pantsuits and lingerie to ball gowns were on the rack. She smiled slightly, choosing a nice ball gown to get herself started.

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Dan  | 2898 comments Kyle watched as she picked out the ball gown and waited for her to change. He had wanted her to model the bikinis but guessed she would go with the nice modest dress since this was her first shoot. Once she changed he led her to the set.

Beautiful Cheese (Celine) (zeelazybum) | 127 comments She smiled sweetly at him as she went onto the set, and got to work. They changed the setting so that she was in some sort of porch looking place, and the cameras started clicking.

message 29: by Dan (new)

Dan  | 2898 comments Kyle smiled as he watched the shoot. She looked good, but not the kind he wanted. She looked elegant, not sexy. Maybe he was thinking unrealistically. He probably wouldn't get to see her in bikinis today. Although, she may surprise him and model one or two.

Beautiful Cheese (Celine) (zeelazybum) | 127 comments The photographers waved her off after they got enough shots for that outfit, and needed to changed again. So back to the dressing room she went and came back out a few minutes later in a bikini. The set was changed into a beach type and the show was back on the road.

message 31: by Dan (new)

Dan  | 2898 comments Kyle smiled as he saw her in the bikini. She looked great. He thought she was a great hire and he actually wanted to go out with her since he was single. He watched her pose and smiled as he saw the pictures.

((What color is it?))

Beautiful Cheese (Celine) (zeelazybum) | 127 comments Valerie grinned at the cameras. The black bikini she wore perfectly accented her pale skin. It didn't make her seem vampiric, it just went perfectly with her skin tone, and with the darker makeup she wore.

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Dan  | 2898 comments Ben smiled when the shoot was done. "You did great?" he said as she walked over to him. After looking at he pictures he led her back to her dressing room.

Beautiful Cheese (Celine) (zeelazybum) | 127 comments "Thank you." Val said, smiling shyly at the floor, finding it easier to look at the floor then to look at her new and immensely cute boss. "Is that it for the day?" She asked, used to way longer photo shoots than what she had just been through.

message 35: by Dan (new)

Dan  | 2898 comments "No," he said, looking at her and wondering why she was staring at the floor "You have two more shoots left to go." Ben bit his lip, wondering if he should ask why she was staring at the floor. After a few seconds he asked "Is something wrong?"

Beautiful Cheese (Celine) (zeelazybum) | 127 comments Valerie looked up and shook her head. "Im fine, everything is fine, the world is fine, nothing's the matter. The floor is just interesting." She ended sarcastically.

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Dan  | 2898 comments "You're afraid to look at me aren't you?" he asked, taking her hand and leading her back to her dressing room. "Why are you afraid of me?"

Beautiful Cheese (Celine) (zeelazybum) | 127 comments Valerie shook her head again, "I-I'm not afraid of you." She stuttered, blushing, and glancing at him then back at the ground, "Why?" She asked

message 39: by Dan (new)

Dan  | 2898 comments "You keep looking at the ground," he said, looking at her "Why won't you look at me. Do you-like me?"

Beautiful Cheese (Celine) (zeelazybum) | 127 comments "I have to change." She replied, avoiding his question and stepping into the dressing room. She closed the door and leaned against it, letting out a breath, before heading back to the rack to pick out another outfit for the next shoot.

message 41: by Dan (new)

Dan  | 2898 comments Ben knew what she was doing and guessed that she did. He did not want to rush it so he decided to drop the topic and waited for her to change into her next outfit, wondering which one she would choose.

Beautiful Cheese (Celine) (zeelazybum) | 127 comments Valerie pulled out the first thing she put her hand on. A elegant yet sexy dress and quickly changed into it without thinking and headed out the door, accidently running into Ben.

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Dan  | 2898 comments Ben stumbled back when she bumped into him and held onto her to keep from falling. "Sorry," he said, looking at her dress and blushing because they were so close.

Beautiful Cheese (Celine) (zeelazybum) | 127 comments "It's fine." she said quickly, "It was my fault anyway." She smiled and laughed softly, "And no one was hurt, everythings fine, on to my next shoot?"

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Dan  | 2898 comments "Yes," he said, leading her to her next shoot. Ben couldn't help but blush since they had been so close.

((Can you describe her dress?))

Beautiful Cheese (Celine) (zeelazybum) | 127 comments Val giggled, trying to loosen but. The dress she wore was long, with a deep open back and low cut front. It was deep red, and hugged her body, and flared out at the bottom.

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Dan  | 2898 comments Ben smiled when they got to the shoot and waited for the shoot to begin.

Beautiful Cheese (Celine) (zeelazybum) | 127 comments Valerie breezed through this shoot as she had with the other two, although she was a little bit more tense then before, but she didn't show it. Her stomach was tied into a knot. And when she glanced at Ben, it flipped. But she smiled and acted natural, doing what she was hired to do.

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Dan  | 2898 comments Ben wondered why Valerie seemed tense during the shoot. He could see it in her face. She still did amazingly well during the shoot. After the shoot, he pulled her aside and asked "Why do you look so tense? Especially when you look at me?"

message 50: by Beautiful Cheese (Celine) (last edited Jun 21, 2013 06:41PM) (new)

Beautiful Cheese (Celine) (zeelazybum) | 127 comments "Why have you been staring at me?" She replied pointedly, trying to determine what his intentions were, and staring intently at his eyes as if she was trying to read his thoughts. "Do you do this to every model who comes through those doors?!"

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