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Needed Beta Reader for YD romance

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message 1: by Jana (new)

Jana | 7 comments Preface for Home:
His head cocked to the side as he watched her. She danced down the center of Main Street. She was beautiful. The bright shinning glow that came off of her blasted thru him.
“Choose me?” she whispered, motioning both of her hands for him.
He reached out for her. “I can’t,” he said.
He wanted to touch her. He never wanted anything more, but his feet were planted firmly in place. She swayed just out of his grasp.
“Silly boy, of course you can.”
She almost sung as she waltzed around him, coming within inches of caressing his arm. She slammed into his back and laugh. Slowly turning he came eye to eye, not with the girl of his dream, but her. Emily glared at him.
“You will never have her. I own you.” Emily said in a conceited tone.

Trucker Castleman bounced out of bed and kicked the bedside table. Two weeks early, his parents had drug him up to Promise Land, Tennessee. A small quaint town that had a church on every corner and more cows than people. He detested the idea of that idyllic town that he was forced, now, to call home. That was till he saw her, Julie Emison coming out of the bank. No one has ever affected him the way this one seemly simple girl did. When she smiled; the glow that suddenly appeared blinded him. Something in him stirred, and he felt a spark he hadn’t felt in years. ‘How can I miss someone, I’ve never been with,’ he thought. He shouldn’t miss her, but she had devoured every thought he has had since she first drifted in his life. He wanted to choose her and feel her delicate body draped closely to his towering six and half foot frame. He ran his hand along the side of the bed as they tingled at the thought of running his fingers through her tight, blonde curls. He didn’t have a choice in the matter. His life had been planned out from conception to death. How was he to know that she would change his life forever and open it up to a possibility of choices.

Looking for willing beta readers to read and give me any and all feedback. Please leave message below and I will get in touch asap. Thank you in advance.

message 2: by Rachael (new)

Rachael Orman (rachaelorman) Oooh Ooh Me Me! I want to read it! I won't be able to start it til tonight though :(

message 3: by Jana (new)

Jana | 7 comments Thanks Rachael, send me a email at I look forward to your thoughts.

message 4: by Rachael (new)

Rachael Orman (rachaelorman) email sent!

message 5: by Dani (new)

Dani B | 19 comments I can read it. just finished one and completing another. send message to me and I will give you my email.

message 6: by Lani (new)

Lani Ayers (laniayers) | 13 comments This sounds great! I would love to read it for you!
thanks, Lani

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